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For this time around, let me give you some head ups.. I mean updates! So then, here are some summaries and rundowns on what’s gonna happen next.

As you have noticed, I had wrote an Episode Review posts for Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End, which was aired and streamed on Fall 2023 last year. It is still now ongoing, and I am currently watching it every week when it comes out. However, for its latest Episode, I haven’t written a new Episode Review post just yet. But then, I am just waiting for a couple of Episodes to watch before considering it for an Episode Review. Let’s say… I have to finish watching the story arc first, perhaps? Or then… I need to watch at least two or three Episodes in order to fully understand what’s going on. It is really pointless for me to write a review in an Episode without getting enough insights. For this Anime, Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End, just let me watch a couple of more Episodes, to repeat, in order for me to get enough insights and observation.

Also, I am watching at least two (2) or more Anime shows in my line up, which would include Solo Leveling and Delicious in Dungeon. Their respective Series Info pages were now published online in my web blog. Or you can look up on the TV Anime (Active) navbar on the top of this page to see what I am watching now! And for their Episode Reviews, they are indeed coming soon, too.

For the other segments that are currently on-hold, I had no other plans to continue them by any means. It is due to the fact that I am later be resuming my part-time work soon enough. For the Weekly Backtrack Thursday (#IDS_BacktrackThursday), to give you some heads up, it is finally heading towards its “final destination”. This segment has lasted for at least two years, and it’s still ongoing. And to heads up you again, the Backtrack Thursday segment on the Facebook Page shall be ending on around March 2024. I would be making that announcement soon on a separate post.

In the past couple of weeks, I had removed my X account from my web blog’s integration system (embed). This is due to the fact that it would just never show my account’s timeline contents anymore (You are indeed required to login first in order to see them). So then, it is really pointless to embed something that you can’t even see without even logging in to your X account.

Currently, I am converting my X account (InoriDONZ) into something different. From just being an account that shares permalinks from my web blog, I am going to convert it into something else… Yeah, you know what I like, right? Yep, and that account of mine has really changed, and it has, at least, gained some followers.

Hmm… I had been trying that since last year. But then, I discontinued it a long time ago. But then, somehow, I am having motivation to post them again!

Majority of those screencaps and mugshots are coming from the LoveLive! Series. I usually post them with their associating or corresponding emojis. So then, did I really make a new content this time around? Who knows that I might post more of them in the future? Just follow on my Facebook Page!

And that’s it for the updates! So then, these are the things to expect! Thank you very much for reading!

DISCLOSURE: Inori Donz is the name of my current Facebook Page (and my Internet name), previously from Inori-D Station. However, my external web blog ( will still continue to use the “Inori-D Station” name, and the “IDS” acronym and hashtag prefix, and it will post stuff, like Anime and video game related topics.

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