EPISODE 23: The First School Idol

“I got it. So, you are the Honoka of all beginnings. In other words, the first of them, School Idols. You did really come and exist first before I am a School Idol,” Saki has said.

Previously, Chiharu and the Idol Chasers have went back into that Parallel World. But this time, that Parallel World is where that familiar school has existed — where everything has begun. School Idols. That school is where everything has begun.

And so, Honoka did really reveal on who really I am. I am given this “School Idol Oracle” title to me, as well as giving to me the Digitariel, where I write my own memories there. I am likewise the follower of hers, and she told me to spread the history of School Idols to the future time.

But then, this doesn’t really mean that I have finally found my true self. I can’t seem to figure out on what is the missing first page that is missing from my Digitariel. The question still remains. Who really am I?

This is Lierre, speaking to you, reader. Let’s read this Episode right away to see what happens!

“Everybody!” said Honoka to them. “Welcome to Otonokizaka… Our First Class!”

“First class!?” Everybody else were surprised.

“On this day, I am inviting all of you to watch… Our live show!”

Honoka then leads everyone to the place where she is going. But then, Chiharu is noticing something unusual from her.

“Why am I feeling so happy right now when I see Honoka now face to face?” asked and said Chiharu in whispering, “But then, I am feeling this unusual sadness within.”

As they are walking around the school campus grounds, they had finally reached the open track and fields. There is a live stage platform, and this flowing aura is coming out.

“Huh?” surprised Aika. “That’s the strange live stage platform!”

“All we have to do is to perform on that live stage, and to get that Prism Card!” said Komari.

“We are definitely not too sure about this, and I got a bad feeling,” said Mami having doubts.

“I do not know what’s gonna happen next, but oh well…” said the unaware Sho.

Saki, meanwhile, is observing Honoka. She is seeing something strange at her behavior, and said, “Hmm… I wondered what has happened and she is like that.”

When Honoka steps on the live stage platform, she said, “Please, watch our live show right now!”

Suddenly, Chiharu steps at the front and said, “Honoka, we are all ready to watch your live show!”

Even Gen and Mami are really observing something unusual from Honoka.

And finally, Honoka replied to them and said, “Please do listen to our song! And by the way… Who are you guys again? Maybe, are you fans?”

Chiharu and others were finally surprised when Honoka doesn’t recognize them anymore.

Lierre also steps in front, and said, “My dear Honoka, these are my friends, whom you had promised to bring them altogether to see you!”

“Ah, Lierre!” said Honoka. “Thank you for bringing them along with you to see me! And that girl along with you is so cute! What’s her name again?”

For the another time around, Chiharu was surprised. She knows that Honoka has finally have her present memories erased. And she said, “Honoka doesn’t recognize me anymore. But why all of a sudden!?”

It is quite a mystery on how did Honoka lost her present memories, thus she never recognizes the Idol Chasers anymore.

“Strange…” said Lierre. “I had never encountered something like this as a School Idol Oracle. Something has erased Honoka’s present memories!”

Meanwhile, in the present world and time, Takayoshi was in the Shinonome Lab talking to Rika Kamiya.

“When that person, who does not belong to our present world, has finally returned to his or her own original Parallel World, their present memories will be erased,” Rika said.

“I see,” said Takayoshi. “I wondered what has happened now to Honoka, while she was with my other friends.”

“No doubt about it. I am sure that they are heading to that Parallel World.”

“What did you mean?”

“That Parallel World… It is where Honoka truly belongs. Where it all began.”

“School Idols, huh?”

“By the way, how did you manage to get out from the unknown realm by yourself?”

“Did you mean, Ars Realm? I just only used this Charm Item, and I got an instant escape from that realm!”

When Rika finally saw the Charm Item that Takayoshi is handling, she was surprised and said, “That item is the reason why you had successfully escaped from the Ars Realm. But the thing is… It has darkened and was turned into a stone.”

“Eh?!? But how? I just only used it. But then, I had realized that after using it to escape, it has turned into a stone!”

Rika examines the Charm Item and said, “This was given to you by Chika, right?”

“Yeah. She gave it to me at the night before she leaves us when they return to their original Parallel World through Lierre.”

“I think that there is no chance for you to revive and use it again in the future, unless if you could meet up with Chika again. But then, she can never remember nor recall about you anymore.”

“Well, I just lost my key in finding my friends who are travelling now in different Parallel Worlds.”

“But then, there is only one chance that you could ever try to get an exact copy of that one again.”

“If ever, what should I do?”

This is where Rika has told Takayoshi everything on how to get the Charm Item, which is the exact copy of his own Charm Item that has now turned into a stone.

And back to the current Parallel World where Chiharu and others are in.

This is where Honoka is now standing on the stage platform. And then, she had her clothes materialized into her own stage costume.

“She can even change her clothes into a stage costume in an instant!” said Saki.

“This is really magical,” said Gen. “Huh? The other eight… They are also standing along with her!”

“Eh??” surprised Mami. “Where do the other girls came from!?”

“Please, listen to our song!” said Honoka to them. “The title is… Bokura no LIVE Kimi to no LIFE!”

And so, they had performed that song in front of them.

“Behold! They are indeed the First School Idols!” said Lierre on her declaration.

Chiharu is watching them dance and sing on the stage. Her sight at them isn’t going away.

“Finally…” said Sho. “I had watched the Legendary School Idol Group singing and dancing in front of me!”

“So they are the First Class School Idols…” said Aika.

“Okay, I had finally met them in person!” said Komari.

“And so, I have finally seen them in person, as a shadow myself,” said Gen.

“So beautiful…” said Saki.

When their music has reached the final beat, their live performance has finally ended. Afterwards, the Idol Chasers have clapped their hands.

“Thank you very much!” said Honoka to them. “Please do listen to our next song!”

When Chiharu can’t take her feelings anymore, she runs straight up to the stage platform, and she approaches Honoka there.

The other girls were surprised at Chiharu’s sudden approach.

“What song do you want us to play next?” said Honoka to Chiharu.

“That’s not about it!” said Chiharu with an angry approach. “You had forgotten about us… You forgot about me, don’t you?”

“Wait… I haven’t remembered meeting with you somewhere-“

With all of a sudden, Chiharu finally hugs Honoka out of the blue. Even the other people around are really surprised.

Upon hugging, a light flashes. This is where Honoka and Chiharu’s surroundings have turned into brightness. And then, they finally talk.

“Chiharu,” said Honoka to her. “Let me tell you something before my present existence and memories be erased forever.”

“Please tell me. How could we find and reach the Black Lace Ribbon’s world and Mikako Kira?”

“All that you can do with everyone is… You just have to seal every Parallel Worlds, so that the Black Lace Ribbons can’t able to go anywhere. Once they were all sealed, you can reach to them!”

“How about you? If we are going to seal away your Parallel World, you are…”

“Don’t worry about me. Chiharu, there would be times that you must need to fight alone.”

And then, Chiharu is already crying, and having her tears shed in her eyes.

“Chiharu, will you fulfill this wish of mine?”


“Please, win your first LoveLive! Contest! This is my first and my last wish for you, Chiharu!”

Chiharu finally hugs Honoka, and said, “Honoka, I promise! I will… No, we will definitely win our very first… And our very last LoveLive! Contest!”

Honoka is also crying, and she shed tears saying, “Good luck, and aim for victory… Idol Stars League!”

This is where their talk ends.

And then, Chiharu ends her hug with Honoka. She is now holding the Prism Card on her left hand.

The other eight girls are watching them on the spot, and they finally give comments.

(Hint: The following dialogues are sequential, and it is according to the official character ordering of μ’s, except for Honoka.)

“Oh my… Didn’t really see it coming!”

“They are so lovey-dovey here!”

“How embarrassing it is! And I am jealous right now…”

“That’s so romantic nya!”

“I had no idea what’s happening around… Okay, whatever.”

“That hug is so spiritual!”

“Is she gonna hug me next? Somebody save me!”

“That moment is so lovey-dovey here nico!”

And finally, Honoka and the other girls around her have positioned themselves. And finally, Honoka speaks to Chiharu for one last time.

“Chiharu Umiboshi, you just need to continue to seal the other Parallel Worlds. And I do really belong here in this Parallel World.”

“I understand, Honoka. And I will use everything that I have learned from you, as a School Idol!” Chiharu said.

And the Idol Chasers had taken their last glimpse with Honoka and with her other School Idols.

“See you again, somewhere… My dear fans!” said Honoka to them.

“My dear Honoka, farewell,” said Lierre.

The Prism Card did really flash and activated. It has finally flashed in background, and the Idol Chasers have been sent back to their maid cafe in an instant.

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SHO: Finally, it’s the season finale of Yohane the Parhelion!
LIERRE: Also, the road to LoveLive! Superstar!! 3rd Season begins.
AIKA: So far, what are the things to encounter soon?
MAMI: I heard that they were preparing for something big… Really soon.

ALL: This is the Headlines! Stage Start!

Aqours Updates

Yohane the Parhelion – Episode 12
“The next one is the season finale! Don’t miss it!”

SHO: Her featured song in this Episode gave me a final boss vibe here…
TAKAYOSHI: Me either. And it took me a lot of peppers and coffee to land it a Full Combo Finish on that song in SIF2!
GEN: Do final bosses usually have two forms when beaten?
AIKA: Huhu… Lailaps…
SHO: What’s wrong, Aika?
TAKAYOSHI: The next Episode of this might be the last! Don’t miss it!

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Riko and Ruby Birthdays! Messages Next Episode!

SAKI: We got two girls who would celebrate their birthdays in a week! Make sure to give these girls some love, and send them a birthday message!
GEN: It’s my shadow’s birthday on September 19th.
AIKA: And Ruby-chan’s birthday is on September 21st!
SAKI: Yeah. And Gen, please drop that “shadow” nickname on Riko, when you celebrate her birthday, okay?
GEN: I think so. And for their respective birthday campaigns on SIF2, stay tuned at their in-game notifications about the details of their upcoming URs to be released in the game!
AIKA: Also, we will give our birthday messages for these two people, and they shall be included in the next Episode! Look forward into it!

Nijigasaki Updates

Nijigasaki Livestream (September 19, 2023)
SAKI: Guys, and to remind you again from last week, we got Nijigasaki Livestream to be streamed on September 19, 2023, at 9:00 pm JST, on LoveLive! Series Official Channel YouTube!
LIERRE: Make sure to tune-in to their livestream for various new info and contents! You know already who were the hosts, don’t you?
SAKI: Speaking of their new info, I heard that they were releasing some new visual of their mascot character, or something?
LIERRE: Mascot chara? I haven’t heard about this.
SAKI: Is that so? Maybe your Digitariel knows.

Liella! Updates

TODAY: Liella! Livestream

LIERRE: On 6:30 pm JST today, there would be a livestream coming from Team Liella! this time around.
MAMI: I guess tuning in to their livestream could really give you a glimpse about their recent 4th Live Tour Series.
LIERRE: Speaking of their upcoming livestream later, in just few hours from this Episode, here are some things on what to expect to encounter soon in the next suceeding months! Just read the next highlights below!

5th Live Announced

GEN: 5th Live!? I am really sure that Team Liella! ain’t even resting just to satisfy its fans.
SAKI: No doubt about it. But then, let’s have a look on their brief info about their upcoming 5th Live!
AIKA: 5th Live is just 5th Live, and its subtitle is to be announced at a later date. Can you guys guess what could be the subtitle that can fit best on it?
GEN: Their released albums and songs might be the clue. My one clue there is their new song, “Jump Into the New World”.
SAKI: For the brief details, This live event shall be taking place between January and February 2024, mid-week each month.
AIKA: Also… speaking of the Anime 3rd Season, more likely, chances that the trailer announcement video might appear there!
GEN: Is that so? Then let’s read the next highlight!

TV Anime 3rd Season Slated for 2024

LIERRE: “Everyone, assemble!” That’s the catchphrase for their 3rd Season.
TAKAYOSHI: So who’s hyping for the 3rd Season now?
SHO: Last season, they had won the LoveLive! Finals, and they were victorious! What’s gonna happen next after that?
LIERRE: Wien Margarete. Tomari Onitsuka. They are going to change these girls’ fate!
TAKAYOSHI: LoveLive! Superstar!! 3rd Season is scheduled for 2024 release.
SHO: There are only two possible dates! It is either April 2024, or even July 2024! That’s it! Tuning in to their feeds is your only option!
LIERRE: Let’s begin our live show!

School Idol Festival 2: MIRACLE LIVE!

μ’s Multi Live

SHO: Taka-Bro! Gen! Are your LP recovery items still up?
TAKAYOSHI: Not quite, but still up and going! But then, I had defended my ranking bracket in the last Event!
GEN: Another Event which will test your competence…
SHO: For the details of this Event, it shall be on the μ’s Side, and uses all of the Pure Attribute Songs! Make sure to setup your team first with Pure Attribute members before beginning a live show play!
TAKAYOSHI: As usual, I am ready.
GEN: Featured Event UR reward is Hanayo Koizumi! Make sure to put her into your team to increase your score after every live show play in Multi Live, for more chances of winning! Also, the new URs from the new Scouting Banner along with this Event can do the same!
SHO: And then, we got at least a week in order to grind higher ranks. Are you ready, guys?


Song of the Week!

TAKAYOSHI: Today, we are going to introduce a song from the game!
SHO: What could be a song to be introduced this time?
GEN: Let’s find out as we read through!

TAKAYOSHI: And the featured song… is this!

What You Gonna Do

Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement: NOVECHIKA, Taishi Noguchi

TAKAYOSHI: What You Gonna Do is a theme song for the TV Anime Shorts, Nijiyon Animation!
SHO: This song is composed of Nijigasaki High School Idol Club, which would also feature Yu Takasaki!
GEN: Speaking of the SIF2 song, it has at least four (4) variants. The three other variants would feature different school years of them! But what could be their differences when it comes to their note beatmaps?
TAKAYOSHI: Just right for a Level 10 song in EXPERT, isn’t it? But not with those annoying, short hold notes with rapids.

SHO: What!? My Combo Chain breaks whenever I am doing rapids after a hold note!
GEN: If that’s the case, what you gonna do now?

GEN: And that’s it for this song of this week!
SHO: Let’s learn more of the School Idol songs out there!
TAKAYOSHI: Tune-in next time for the next song!

ALL: See you next time!

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Upon their instant teleportation back to the maid cafe, the Prism Card floats and then it swipes on to the Digitariel. And then, the memories of that Parallel World was finally shown, which included Honoka and the Legendary School Idols along with her.

“And that goes to that Parallel World, Otonokizaka,” said Lierre.

“And that Parallel World is sealed for good,” said Saki. “That also goes to the other Parallel Worlds that we had went and visited.”

Chiharu is looking upon with her Charm Item which was given by Honoka to her a long time ago. And finally, she said, “Honoka, I am going to fulfill your wish, as a School Idol.”

And then, an earthquake did occur. Therefore, they are ready to go to the next Parallel World.

Meanwhile, in the Black Lace Ribbons’ world, Antyla managed to get back alive and said, “Blast it, Idol Chasers! I got screwed again with my plans!”

“Cool yourself down, you angry witch,” Mikako said. “Let me show you how it’s done. Just stay here until I get back.”

Mikako finally stands up from her throne, and she leaves Antyla behind. Antyla wonders on what Mikako is planning this time.

“If I can’t stop you alone,” said Antyla. “Then Mikako Kira will!”

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The Bonus Stage
Yohane the Parhelion (Genjitsu no YOHANE) 2nd Teaser Video

Yohane just returned to Numazu, after failing a live audition. She has finally met with her giant dog companion, named as Lailaps.

Upon her return, something is strangely happening in the town that she ain’t really used into.

Yohane the Parhelion: Sunshine in the Mirror

Premiering on ABEMA TV and Crunchyroll, a week earlier before TV broadcast!

Premiering every Sunday at 11:00pm JST!

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