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The Jet-Black Demon Lord of Destruction

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Overview (Story)
“I won’t leave this place until I have killed you.”

They had met a girl, who has helped them in their last training battle. Her name is Maria, and she was a shy girl.

Maria seeked help with Blade in order to subdue her powerful force that resides within her. This Demon Lord inside her is insanely powerful, overthrowing everyone else in the battle. Until, it was only Blade who was left standing in order to defeat her.

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Review time, with the Demon Lord Mao! This is Ecchiservice!

Seemingly, they had skipped the opening theme animation this time in order to give way to the plot. But then, the rest is just normal watching, as usual.

This Episode has featured some lots of Ecchiservice this time, especially when our main heroines got beaten by this powerful female jet-black Demon Lord, who was named as Mao. They are so friggin’ hot and sexy when they were beaten in battle, and some of them were exposed either whole or half-naked! And of course, Blade is just unaware, until a random girl suddenly hugs him while sticking her breasts to his head. This is sexual laughter!

Alright, let’s get an insight about Maria, who could be a character with split personality. She can shift either as a normal human being, or even shifting into a powerful jet-black Demon Lord, who was named as Mao by the students around her. Yep, it’s the clumsy versus the tough. But what is a common thing that I could look upon Maria/Mao? They are of one entity or body. I think it is their feelings for the main male character, who is Blade. Maria in Mao personality is what I really like most, especially when she is going in a “sadist” mode — common for some Demon Lords when their anger is beyond the limit. And overall, Maria/Mao is really an interesting character who I could really look forward into liking her more, once this series has finally introduced more characters in a silhouette.

She can be bossy at times, though.

Story is about on how Blade was able to tame that such girl, who appeared to be a destructive Demon Lord. I do really admire on how Blade was able to tame with these powerful, yet dangerous girls. From a fire-breathing dragon, up to the kind of girls who is literally dangerous, and are hard-hitters like dump trucks. And so far, the Episode did manage to resolve some tricky parts here, revolving around Maria and Mao.

My thoughts in this Episode is just I am really laughing in some parts, where some female characters are doing their sexual flashes here. Like I said in the previous paragraph, they are so darn hot and sexy when they were beaten in battle. And then, Mao does really know on how to flash her panties for her demographic audiences. And finally, I do really admire Mao’s dominance here, and at the same time, having her sweet moments for Blade.

I have learned from this Episode that it is the matter of fact that we can’t be popular to everybody else. There are times that we are envy and jealous to someone who is popular. But then, there are really times that tables will be turned, and the center of attention will be soon turned into us, when the time comes. And I know that shy girls like Maria can be sometimes the star of the story!

Overall, this Episode is still an average. From being worst to bad, and until it is finally an average, this series is getting more interesing to watch, while setting aside the Ecchiservices that I am encountering along the way. But then, just beware of the partial nudity that appears along the way, if you are not really used to watch some Ecchi Anime like this.

My Rating: AVERAGE (2.5/5)

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Series Info
Eiyuu Kyoushitsu - Classroom for Heroes

Can be streamed on Bilibili Asia and on Crunchyroll.

This Anime premiered since from July 9, 2023 with its first Episode.

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