EPISODE 24 (Final): Indie Idols

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NOTE: This is the last Episode.

Hello there! Let’s talk about Otaku things! So as long as we are sharing some common things, we are in together!

Alright, the next topic shall be interesting to some. It is about idols. Yep, girl idols! In fact, these are rare in some areas!

Idols can have different meanings. The word itself can be used for worshipping. But in the other meaning, it is a term which is called for “celebrity” or “artist”! You understand now?

And then, there are some idols who are called themselves as “indie idols”. Why are they called indie idols? It is because they are starting from scratch, and they are beginning on their stepping stone in becoming a full-pledged artist. Also, they are called like that because they were “independent” from the mainstream media. Indie idols, in the meaning that they are considered as “amateurs”. You got it now?

Of course, these indie idols are majority of “girls”, or other young girl “aspirants”. They are indeed aiming for something. It is called their own “dreams”. So then, the question is what are their own dreams?

Girls become idols because they have a reason. They have a reason because they have a goal. They have a goal, and that is they wanted to have those dreams. But then, what are those dreams that they have? The answer lies within their own selves, and it is really up to them if they are going to reveal those dreams or goals that they have, and they become idols.

Indie idols are indeed becoming popular, from nothing in start. They usually start in making their debut on the stage with some fewer people watching. Of course, they gonna give them all of what they got, just in order to impress some people. The success of their ever “first live” depends on their appeals and charms — on how they are able to get some people’s attention or interest. And so, this is how their journey has begun, from just being a simple indie artist, until at the time that they graduate and they become full-pledged artists.

So, what are the things that an indie idol should do, or should not to do? Actually, there is a commandment or rule for some idols to follow, such as:

Rule number one. Let there be no relationship between an idol and an another person whom did she not know. Of course, an idol should not be on a intimate relationship with a guy. Basically, there are fans of hers who would like to follow and support her until the very end. However, when a relationship strikes, then it is the end of an indie idol’s career.

And rule number two. Let there be no other person or thing that can hinder or block an idol’s dreams or ambitions. Basically, we are all fans of idols. But then, we should not be a bother to an idol’s goals or dreams in becoming something that she wanted to. Of course, that relationship thing counts as a border, right?

I know that there are still many rules for some indie idols to follow, aside from the first two above. Yep, the rest shall be up to you to research! And this is something like from the “Ten Commandments”, right?

There are still many girl aspirants out there, who would like to try out in becoming indie idols. Actually, being one is not easy, as I had read from someone’s post based on her experiences. Sometimes, time management, money, and coordination is really needed in order to become successful, and it is just like establishing your own local business. Remember to know your own pros and cons when trying to create your own stable of indie idols.

And then, being an indie idol fan is really something. Something that can really inspire you to do things — to do something different that none of the usual commoners can do. What are those? Of course, being a fan doesn’t really mean that you can have good things. Sometimes, it teaches us to become something that most girls, especially idols, don’t really want — Being a pervert! It is really important to know really our purpose on why do we really wanted to follow and support those indie idols, aside from the fact that we really loved them very much because of their own appeals and charms.

And this is Slob, your usual Ugly Otaku.


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