EPISODE 21: Anime Music Playlist

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Let’s talk about Otaku things! I am gonna talk everything about on what are the things that a typical Otaku can do! If you are asking about some ugly Otakus like me, then it’s Slob whom I can answer!

Today, let us talk about music. That’s right! It’s about people’s music playlists!

Basically, you are an Otaku if you have songs which are coming from various Anime series that you are watching currently. So then, your playlist is expanding further as you explore. And eventually, you would realize that it is already hundreds of songs once you are listening them for at least half of a year!

So how did my experience in listening to these such songs have totally expanded further, at the point that I am already regularly listening to those, rather than those “normie” songs? Generally, it starts with curiousity, when you had hit your early teen period, up to your early adulthood, since when you had entered the Anime fandom. So then, you would be developing in listening those, once you are repeatedly watching Anime over the years. You can hear them once you are watching either the opening or ending credits of an Anime Episode. Once your curiousity has built up, then it is the time for you to look, search, and to listen and to download/buy that song.

Most of the Anime songs are energetic and unique in terms of music style and lyrics, or they can really make you excite at the point that the Anime is very good to watch. By the way, you can determine well the goodness of an Anime show by determining also the quality of that opening music. But then, that was just an opinion, okay?

Once you have gathered enough songs in your playlist, when it is Anime genre, then you can eventually create your own “master” playlist, where all of your “Anime stuff” are there. So then, you are totally an Otaku, if your playlist is containing songs, which are from Anime, or notably “J-Pop” or “J-Idol” songs of all genres.

So then, you can actually determine that person if he or she is really an Otaku — if you could eavesdrop to her smartphone screen when he or she opens her music playlist! So then, when you could see some songs which are Japanese in form, or if you see anything which came from Anime or some sort, then that person is an Otaku. But then, there are instances that a person is really not an Otaku after all — when his or her music playlist is mixed, containing some normie songs or other genre, like K-Pop, for example. Finally, those statements can be my thoughts, after all, based from my own experience. Sometimes, an Otaku can be an Otaku, after all, even though that his or her playlist can be bit mixed — about 80% Anime plus 20% normie songs.

So then, I had been liking some more Anime songs and other J-Pop music since when I had entered the Anime fandom. And that playlist of mine is keeping to grow and grow as I grow older, in general. And then, as I end this Episode, what are some songs that you have in your playlist? Whether Anime genre or not, what are the songs that you can share to me from your own playlist? Sometimes, I might discover something new by just simply listening to it!


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