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Groomed for Doom

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Overview (Story)
“Filth has no place in the paradise.”

One of Kiyoshiro’s dorm tenants (also a friend of Hiro), Kotaro, was acting strange. It was caused by a flower parasite that was injected to his back neck. As a result, he is having some hallucinations everytime when he is looking at the waters — at a toilet, pool, or even at the drain hole grids. Looking at some waters, while he is being in hallucination, has prevented him to swim, or to take a bath, in which he is seeing some moving tentacle-like plants that are crawling and attacking him.

In order to find out what’s happening to him, Hiro and the others tried to follow on where Kotaro is walking towards into. When they had sneaked through, this is where they found out that the cunning plant-type Digimon is already making Kotaro a “dinner” of its own!

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Let’s go with the scary Episode Review and Impression post! Halloween is closer, you know?

So then, this carnivorous plant-type Digimon, Oleamon, that is featured in this Episode, is somehow a “corrupted version” of some plant-type Digimons known. Did I see it somewhere before? Nope. And this Digimon does like some fresh and “smelly” things. That’s why carnivorous plants, like Oleamon, are even more stinky and dangerous than some other known plants. And they can be disguising themselves as beautiful and alluring. You know what this means, right? It is just like some Ugly Otakus who tried to crossdress themselves as cute Anime girls!

Somehow, some other side characters, other than the main character cast, are getting some spotlight here. I know that they were featured in some other Episodes. But then, they were slowly catching up some attention. And then, some guys like Kotaro can be “punching bags”, whenever they can be used as baits for some enemy Digimons, who were terrorizing some people like their toys. But then, this is something different. That Oleamon can eventually transform into an alluring woman (with burgundy red-colored hair), from being an ugly, carnivorous plant form as its original Ultimate Level form. Whew, I am somehow looking susceptible to some Anime girls with that such hair color here. But then, don’t be deceived by just appearance!

Well then, I think Angoramon got his character powerup here (character development), where he was able to counter his enemy Digimon’s statements by just making a trick, smart move. But then, Angoramon is somehow acting more human here, than Gammamon and Jellymon — In terms of human intelligence. Yeah, and I can see already that Angoramon is almost going equal to what a typical Human was. Yeah, a more humanly Angoramon.

Story is basically showing that some people could really encounter some unexpected hallucinations or inaccuracies on some things or information. But then, what causes them? If we are really tired, and can’t think properly, then that’s the time that we are already in the state where we could see some weird things, or even trying to “miscalculate” or to have ourselves being “blinded or confused” from the reality.

What does that mean? For example, in writing my own blog post or review, I can really proofread it before publishing. I thought that it was already correct and sound, 100 percent. But after I had published it, minutes later, I had tried reading it again. And then, this is where I had encountered some unforeseen errors, where I had made a very embarrassing mistake by just misspelling a word or date by just a number or a letter! And that is an example! Do you get it?

And going back to the story again, it also shows to the viewers that we should always take some regular bath, whenever we are tired. Sometimes, mind-block can be a cause whenever we are thinking of too much things. Sometimes, they can be all cleared out by just taking yourself a fresh-and-clean activity.

And to learn something from this Episode, how to deal with those hallucinations? There are only things that you can do… Take a bath, rest, and sleep!

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Series Info
© 本郷あきよし・フジテレビ・東映アニメーション

Digimon Ghost Game began airing and streaming in Japan and overseas since October 3, 2021.

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