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Unstoppable Reactor

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Overview (Story)
“When I get like this, ain’t stopping me now!”

Shotaro got a request from a client, who is Ritsuka Rando, to look up for a missing person who appeared to be her grandfather. Her grandfather is lost somewhere, and believed to be trapped into an another world that appears to be residing within the shadows of the city of Fuuto.

Tokime scouts around. But she also got lost and was thrown into the “Another Fuuto”, where she is able to see some more monster creatures there, which are known to be the existing Dopants.

Shotaro and Philip, and Ryu Terui try to go on a lookout on Ritsuka’s grandfather, who believed to be trapped on the Another Fuuto. To add up some worst problem, Tokime also lost and trapped within that said world. When Tokime got completely sucked into the Another Fuuto, Kamen Rider W (Shotaro and Philip) and Kamen Rider Accel follows through the trail. But then, one of the witnesses of their current investigation case has appeared along their way, who appeared as a powerful, raging Reactor Dopant.

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Let’s head on to the Episode Review, before it melts like an ice cream!

Tokime seemingly got a “secret character” where she is actually a Dopant here. But her memories are indeed lost, due to a broken Gaia Memory. I haven’t seen nor heard about the “Joker Dopant”, nor I had encountered it in some movies of Kamen Rider W. Indeed, that’s the only undocumented Gaia Memory (Joker Memory) that doesn’t have any Dopant form yet (Assuming that the other W Memories have Dopant forms already, like that Cyclone and Trigger Dopants from the A to Z movie.)

Of course, that Reactor Dopant is somehow reminding me of a Marvel Knights character, who is Ghost Rider, with his head burning in flames, lol. Yeah, and he is just like Ghost Rider with heavy metal armor, the Reactor Dopant.

Story is just an another 3-part arc here, just in the previous Episode arcs. I wonder if we could jump ahead to the ending part, since their investigative adventures are not yet over, ever though that they can able to defeat their main arc villain here. Basically, it is just an expanded universe of Kamen Rider W, where that other Fuuto they are talking about is really new to the viewers of the original TV Series. I will call it as the “Another Fuuto”, from now on. And also, the action scenes here are just like some other Anime shows which are somehow matching to some “overpowered” characters — like that throwing of punches and kicks scene! Yeah, and all of the impossible actions can only be one in Anime, though.

I have learned that we can able to accept everything, which included new challenges, ahead of us. So then, if there is a new challenge which is somehow difficult for us to beat, are we still willing to accept and try it just for once? Of course, we need to try out something new, rather than being stuck into one aspect or challenge alone. It doesn’t matter if we win or lose, because it is really a part of our lives where we need to become stronger through adventures and training.

Episode rating, for me, is just average. Nothing special, except the fact that they are exciting us with some part where Tokime’s past is totally unravelled with the appearance of that guy who is also a Dopant Gaia Memory user (Not Yukiji Bando, of course).

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Series Info
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Fuuto PI (Fuuto Tantei) is an Anime series which is based from the “sequel manga series” of Kamen Rider W, a 2009 TV Tokusatsu Series.

PI in the title can be either “Private Eye” or “Private Investigators”. Otherwise, it is called as “Detective”.

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