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Protect the Idol

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Overview (Story)
“This author is targetting people who read and criticize his news!”

Some mysterious newsletter is popping out on some random people’s smartphones and other devices through their emails. Deleting it doesn’t make it go away. And anyone who read that newsletter, known as the PubliNews, shall have something happen to them. And that newsletter is being published a day ahead before it actually happens!

Some people criticized that letter, and they had just ended themselves into disaster. This has affected Kiyoshiro and one of his friends, too.

And then, this known idol group is now being targetted by this mysterious Digimon who appeared to be the culprit in sending those such newsletters. And knowing that they were the next victims, Hiro and others are tasked for a special request to protect these idols from danger by this Digimon!

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Yo! Episode Review! Let’s have it written!

Yep, villain Digimons are getting more dangerous and tricky here… Anyway, October 3 marks the 1st Year Anniversary of this Anime Series! And you know, I had been reviewing this Anime for at least 1 year ahead! Happy 1 year anniversary, Digimon Ghost Game, since October 3, 2021 (Only in this post)!

Gammamon does have a dynamic change of character here, somehow. If Hiro can be the one who could protect Gammamon, as Digimon user, as well as Gammamon who can protect him, Gammamon can also be a “big brother” for a “litte sister” who wants to be protected. Wow, Gammamon has a sense of being a big bro for an imouto (little sis)! Well, call it a “Hero” who could stand up and fight in order to protect the “Idol” that he loves!

Nothing too much to highlight here, since it can be a reference to a previous Digimon Series episode, where the Digimon users are also tasked to protect the idols from having their live performances from being crashed by a culprit Digimon, who is fueled with hatred and jealousy. Overall, I like that “hero and idol” themed thingy, and that infatuated me, somehow (Especially when Kiyoshiro and some other guest Digimon have introduced and roleplayed those idols).

Yep, something to learn from this Episode. Every young girls can become aspirants who wanted to become idols and artists. But then, there are some jealous guys who could take away the fun by just sending them some sort of “death threat” letter that could make that idol be in danger. Of course, that idol isn’t alone, and her friends and family are just around to support her, and to keep her away from those weird guys! Basically, I had been around in an Anime convention, and there are some pretty Cosplay idols who were also being surrounded by those random guys and girls who could even protect her from some pervert guys!

And going back, the story line is just simple, and it is somehow showing on how to deal with those “stalking letters” and other such news which can be true to the eyes, but not at all. It is just basically similar to those “scam messages” which proved to be true (sometimes our names are there!). But then, just don’t believe with those. And do not send anything confidential, which includes your personal info, like your physical address, and your credit card number, which is somehow not safe.

Though a simple, episodic story this time, somehow I can rate it above average, for me. Not only because I had enjoyed the story. But this one can eventually mark the 1st year anniversary of this series, as mentioned earlier.

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Series Info
© 本郷あきよし・フジテレビ・東映アニメーション

Digimon Ghost Game began airing and streaming in Japan and overseas since October 3, 2021.

For more info, see this page.

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