EPISODE 12: Anime Show Marathon

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Hello there! It is me, Slob! I am your usual Ugly Otaku, talking about Otaku things!

I am talking about some sorts of topics here — What does a usual ugly otaku do… Like sitting on a chair watching Anime, attending cons, reading manga, and so on!

Today, let’s talk about the most common thing that Otakus do… Doing an Anime watching marathon session! What is this? Anyway, this is the topic that we are going to talk about!

Doing a marathon, as in running in a road for several kilometers? But in Otaku term, this is something that they can use when they try to finish a certain Anime series by watching all of the full-length Episodes! Something like… You can watch an Anime Series for at least 12-26 Episodes long, for at least 6 hours straight! That’s right, and that is the thing that they can do in their free time!

So, what kinds of Anime shows that they watch? Usually, Anime marathoning can only be done in some Anime shows which were previously aired and streamed in the past. But the question is… Where do these people watch those old Anime shows?

There are many ways that you can watch Anime shows. You can watch them through with your respective local Anime licensors (more like VOD or video on demand), from Blu-Ray or DVD sources, or even watching it on an illegal way, like torrenting or “pirated” streaming. Something like that.

During my younger days, I am just watching Anime shows that would match my favorite genre. That time in the past, I am just watching anything that can interest me a bit. Though that the quality of that Anime’s story is quite bad, I am still able to finish that series without even aware of the plot. Or even, I am just paying attention to the details, like the names of the characters, or even the crazy stuff that they do — like those distracting fan services!

For the next one, how about the guys who were able to finish the Anime series fast and sound? Sometimes, they do really “skip” the opening and ending theme credits, and they immediately jump into that Episode proper! And that is a way in order for them to finish that Anime series very quickly in a short time (about 2 hours or less, perhaps?). And an Anime Episode is running for at least 24-25 minutes, without the commercials!

Sometimes, watching and doing Anime show marathons is just like playing a video game for at least 5 hours straight. So then, I am getting dizzy if I try to watch that Anime show continuously without even resting my eyes or eating.

They can be addictive to watch, especially if that Episode has been ended in a cliffhanger! Sometimes, this can be applied to seasonal Anime, as well!

Now that I am getting older now, I ain’t doing this marathon thing in Anime anymore. In fact, I had moved on from my past. And then, what’s the point in watching them, and yet, day by day, you can start to forget some characters now? So then, time always will pass, and there would be older ones to disappear, and there would be newer ones to appear.

And finally, it is really nostalgic to look over on my list of Anime shows in the past that I have watched previously. I wanna go back to those — Just to cherish my older memories and my younger self! In fact, I can’t able to go back to my own past timeline anymore.

To the people who were reading this Episode of mine right now: What is the current past Anime show that you have marathoned recently? And how many hours have elapsed on finishing it? I bet that you can watch longer hours than mine, hehe.


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