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The Fallen Hojo Army

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Overview (Story)
“I am Espimon, the Wanderer!”

A certain Digimon is turning some people into amulets, thus it summons some hollow talisman spirits around it to scare them.

One day, Hiro is tasked to do some stage play in a school, until this Digimon, named as Doumon, has kidnapped him. As Gammamon is beginning to search for Hiro, this mysterious Digimon, named as Espimon, has appeared in front of him.

Doumon is continuing to gather more people to convert them into amulets that would eventually form his own army. But on the other hand, will Hiro be able to restore his own sanity, and yet a talisman of the diviner Digimon who controls Hiro is continuing to possess his body? Aside from Gammamon, who else is out there to save him, and to stop that diviner Digimon?

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What has this Episode had to offer? Some valuable lessons and moral values wherein the viewer should do or not to do, perhaps? That’s right, and those are one of the things that this series has to offer, aside from the fact that they shall be needing to work together in order to raid off some ghost Digimon villains!

For the story in this Episode, it is an another theme where a certain diviner has accidentally met a grave of wandering spirits, and he was suddenly got possessed by them. It is quite understandable that some characters, who had become villains, can literally explain to them on what has happened to them — What is it like in being possessed by a bad spirit, as well as being unaware that they had done some worst things, after being possessed. For my case, Doumon is just a diviner Digimon who is neutral and pure, that is neither good nor evil.

Characters. Hiro, Gammamon, and that new Digimon in the cast, named as Espimon, shall be the highlights here. Even though Airdramon was introduced also in this Episode as a guest Digimon, he wasn’t given enough screentime, while he is just hovering along with the remaining main cast. And going back with Espimon, will it be a Digimon who shall be appearing as a main cast, along with that BlackTailmon? In some time in the future, we could get to have more Digimons that would eventually join Hiro and his friends as main casts, whether friends, rivals, or enemies. And that jet pack behind Espimon is awesome, and… cute.

I have learned that it is really a caution if we wanted to try something else. Sometimes, we have to think properly before we could even try it. Or else, if we make our decisions incorrectly, this would only bring us to despair and destruction. This is something that Doumon should have thought of it first before he came to Human World in order to further master his divination skills.

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Series Info
© 本郷あきよし・フジテレビ・東映アニメーション

Digimon Ghost Game began airing and streaming in Japan and overseas since October 3, 2021.

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