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The “End of the World” Prophecy

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Overview (Story)
“You humans shall all perish in the not-so-distant future.”

The buildings in the city are gradually disappearing, and a cave is found on the forest nearby the city. The group of explorers have decided to check out on what’s inside on that cave.

And then, as they go deeper, they were captured and they were turned into mineral-like statues.

Everyone else got turned into minerals by this Digimon, named as Gigasmon. Will they able to stop it, or they would be just an another collection to Gigasmon’s mineral-like graves?

Angoramon’s Quotes:

“The figures prepared, but the grief remains; you could be feeling happy if you laugh instead of crying.”

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It looks like the outcome of the Episode’s story looks so strange and funny to me, perhaps? But then, what else am I impressed about?

Currently the opening animation sequence credits has been changed, due to the addition of the new “Ultimate Level” Digivolution Forms of Gammamon, Angoramon, and Jellymon. Add in also GulusGammamon in the sequence! And then, I just need to get used in this new animation sequence until it lasts.

Characters. Gigasmon’s reason in victimzing people can be “funny” and weird, for me. Since after the battle, he is just learning it due to a “apocalyptic film” that he has seen before. And my review title above is actually like that because it is just implying that Gigasmon can act as a “Prophet” of God, where he could tell the people about the “Second Coming”, or likewise, the “Judgment of the Living and the Dead”. And this is what in this character is all about.

Story is just basically the continuation of my previous sentence from the previous paragraph above. It is just saying that we, Humans, can all die, and that can be true. And the Episode is generally explaining to us that we can avoid or “defy” death (Something like from those movies like The Final Destination, etc.). But then, this is different, where Gigasmon is actually making an “advanced” grave to people whom he had victimized, as if he has predicted them that they are going to die in the near distant future. So then, this theme is basically scaring some younger viewers, wherein they are already crying, saying that “It’s the end of the world”, “I don’t wanna die”, or some other sentences equivalent.

I have learned that there is no such thing as an “advanced” or “ahead of the time” grave prepared for us. Nobody can really predict that it is really the time for us to go to the other side of the world. And then, we Humans are made mostly from the Earth’s Soil (as told in a Biblical story of Creation). And when we die, we would rot, and our dead bodies in the graves shall be going back to the ground, or otherwise on the Earth’s soil.

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Series Info
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Digimon Ghost Game began airing and streaming in Japan and overseas since October 3, 2021.

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