EPISODE 08: Sexual Innuendo

Disclaimer and Reader Warning

All actual real-life people, places, things, and events were having their names replaced with something else. So that in order to protect the privacy, integrity, and rights of those things mentioned in this blog post series.

Some phrases and/or paragraphs may trigger an individual, group, or ethnicity. And some parts of this blog post series may contain profanity, which is not suitable for young readers and audiences. Viewer and reader discretion is advised.

Hello, this is Slob! Let’s talk about not just Otaku things! Let’s talk also about some other stuff here, in which they can be related, somehow.

Today, let’s talk about some funny, yet serious matters, in which they can be seen as reference, yet offensive to the eyes and feelings of the people around.

Heard about sexual innuendos? Innuendo, in the sense that they can be visible, but they do have different meanings! They can be in a verbal form, or rather in a physical action or gestures — in a “sexual” manner!

Do you know what makes it funny, yet provoking?

Sexual innuendo can be in either physical or verbal form. Let’s talk about each!

Physical in sexual innuendo is done by hands, or any gestures which involve parts of the body of a human (like tongue and eyes, for example). One example of a physical gesture in sexual innuendo is that a person is sticking out his or her tongue and they lick on some objects (like ice cream or even an other object like glass!). It is pertaining that he or she is licking on some private parts of somebody, and you really know it! Do you want another example? How about a guy accidentally trips over something and he lost balance, while falling together with a random girl on the floor, and they laid down? While the guy is on the top of the girl, the girl don’t have any idea, and she was already embarassed and her face turned red — and she screamed! That scene was usually present in some Anime shows that I had watched, and it is a matter of fact that it is already depicting some explicit scene, in which it was showing some sexual intercourse happening already. Count in also some other Anime shows or scenes, where girls are ending up sometimes lying down on the floor with the other one at the top of the other! To end the first part, how about some guy who is sticking in his bottoms to the back of a girl by accident?

Verbal in sexual innuendo is usually done by just speaking some phrases or sentences! They were easily spotted in some dialogues of a TV Series, Anime, or even video games! Those sexual references were just replaced with some deep words, or any words that can replace a sexual term or reference — or innuendo rather! Want some examples?

“UWOOAAAH…. SEGGS!!” — Seggs is somehow ‘eggs’, in which it became a viral video of a Japanese guy who always shouts the word, “sex”.

“I am going deeper…” — Means that a guy thrusts deeper with his “long drill” to the “caves”.

“I’m coming!!” — Coming for what? Are you saying that you are ready to explode?

“I am going to give you a nice, beautiful show!” — When you see a woman dancing in front of you in a sensual manner, expect something like taking the “pieces” off.

I know that there are still more. Maybe sometimes, you or they can invent at their own!

However, while there are many funny sexual innuendos out there, there are some in which they were considered as “offensive” or “vulgar”.

Do you still remember the previous Episode 6? Wherein, the person, named Nayou, has said, “Have you tried shaving those?” It is just equivalent to asking that if you had shaved your own “private” hair on your body. Wow, and that was already considered as “offensive”, since you are just putting your victim into embarassment and humiliation, and that’s not good.

If you are reading this Episode right now, you should know that somebody is already watching at you right now — On what you do on the Internet and Social Media.

Just remember that sexual innuendos can be funny, and at the same time, offensive and vulgar. Not all the times that you can throw innuendo jokes at your friends or rivals. Sometimes, you can see them laughing, but in reality, they were already sad, and they already have grudges on you. Just be careful on what words you throw, whether you post them in public on social media, or even talking directly with anyone, including your family.

So then, what are the sexual innuendos that first come into your mind after reading this Episode? Just remember: Beware of sexual innuendos, especially when you talk with your friends, or even watching an Anime show with some mature (adult) contents on it.


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