EPISODE 06: Sexual Harassment

Disclaimer and Reader Warning

All actual real-life people, places, things, and events were having their names replaced with something else. So that in order to protect the privacy, integrity, and rights of those things mentioned in this blog post series.

Some phrases and/or paragraphs may trigger an individual, group, or ethnicity. And some parts of this blog post series may contain profanity, which is not suitable for young readers and audiences. Viewer and reader discretion is advised.

Hello there! I am Slob, your typical Ugly Otaku! And I am here to talk about Otaku things!

How girls and boys do become victims in this so-called sexual harassment? Actually, this may occur in some of the communities — Like that one in a local Cosplay community! But then, what’s the other thing that makes men to become perverts, and what’s a thing that teaches them about it?

It’s time to read about the dark side of the Anime community. Make sure nobody sees you when you read this! And also, like that disclaimer warning has said, all terms and names were changed and modified in order to protect the privacy and integrity of the actual person, place, or thing! Alright, let’s start the eating of popcorns while reading this Episode.

Japanese Idols. They also feature their Anime counterparts which are so damn cute and sexy. You know, I had been liking them for a long time. Basically, we can’t allow ourselves to touch them, while they can even touch us! Well, you know about the rules of idols, right?

Every girls, especially if they want to do Cosplay of their favorite idols or any female Anime characters, should be nice, clean, and tidy, according to somebody who posted about it. And then, I can consider already as “All girls are equally beautiful.”, according to a famous TV Drama quote. Basically, you don’t have the guts to tell that to the girl that you have been talking or stalking on the SNS world. So, do you want to know more about the “darker event”, where a boy is already harassing a girl?

Basically, it may all start when a boy learns about seeing obscene things and objects, like the exposure of girls’ armpits, revealing bare thighs, and some weird camera angles, revealing a girl’s “sexy” assets, like her breasts! They are already dressed properly, though. But there are girls, too, whose costumes are cute, sexy, and somehow bit revealing. At the point that the skirt is above the knee and it’s short, and she wears high knee socks, what boys can mostly feel? Are you feeling excited, and at the same time, your bottoms are getting too hard? Day by day, week by week, and every month, you can actually develop your “perverted” side in you.

Also, it may start by just watching any Anime shows which feature “girls” as main heroes (heroines). More likely, some girls who are acting as mains can be seen in some “Japanese idol-themed” Anime shows, and there are not any boys nor men are present. When they see more about it, then their “development stage” of being a pervert has been advanced to a next level.

The next level is by viewing and reading any “parody” Hentai Doujinshi Manga. They can be viewed on some other websites, especially if you can get that whatever “sauce code” that you see on SNS or anywhere else! But then, this is a different topic, and can be talked about next time.

When their perversion has been fully developed, then it’s their time to look for somebody whom they can talk with. They can talk to any girls, as if they are like “interviewing” them in person.

One time, right when after a local Anime convention has ended, there are some issues that are occuring lately, such as that I had heard a girl who got victimized by sexual harassment by a certain person on social media. And that person who harassed that girl is actually an “idol news man”, where he gets news about on what’s happening on the idol groups in Japan that we are following! Yep, and that guy is famous, and I even know him. He used to be a nice person, but something has triggered him in which it has caused him to do things perversive. And the guy named “Nayou” has did it.

He harassed a girl, named as “Kayochin”, in SNS world through vulgar phrases. Although he might be joking, but then it is totally not a joke for the girl whom he has harassed. At the point that she can’t take it anymore, she never hesitates to post her feelings on her own SNS account.

At a typical conversation made by that “virtual” sexual harasser, it goes in some phrases like these below:

“Hey, do you want to talk about darker things?”

“Have you tried shaving those?”

“Have you released your first discharge already?”

Something like that.

Kayochin is sad, when she found out that she is already victimized by the sexual harassment Weeaboo guy. Her friends are already on a lookout to find that ugly crap out of misery. And then, the SNS account of that guy has been deactivated…. By himself. Who knows that Nayou is just lurking around the shadows, while donning himself in a new SNS account, but with a different name? At this rate, girls like Kayochin should be careful next time.

You know, talking about sexual things… A girl’s feelings are way too different from any boy’s feelings. When you try to make some dirty jokes to a boy, then it’s just fine with him, and he can laugh out loud on it! But then, when it comes already to a girl, then making dirty jokes to a girl isn’t joke anymore. Instead of making her laugh, you are just making her cry, thus leading her into her “depression” state.

You know, I know, Japanese Idols and girls do really hate being “bullied” by men. And did you know that it can be a cause of depression and suicide? Well, this is a different topic, though.

I had been following that person in social media for a long time. Until, he has shown finally his true colors. From the beginning, I have already doubts about him, though. Something that holds me back is his selfish attitude.

So then, Japanese Idols can sometimes be victims of sexual harassment. If it happens that the person is already under attack, we should give our hands of help to that victim.

The lesson is… Don’t just answer to any messages from somebody whom you do not know. If it talks to you about something, in which you don’t ever want to do, just ignore. How about talking something else, in which it can eventually “divert” him to something else, in which it can move you away from the “sexual” question that he is asking. Actually, it’s a strategy in order to prevent further sexual harassment.

However, if that person is keeping you to answer his question about sexual things, just finish your reply with one sentence. End your conversation and block him. Real people should not ask some vulgar or questionable questions, in which something that a person can’t even answer or do. And also, if that person sends you some “explicit” images, just wow… That’s your good chance to block him immediately.

Real guys, and Ugly Otakus like me ain’t supposed to do those impudent acts on the SNS world. And girls and idols should never talk to molesters nor pedophiles. Sexual harassment… In the sense that you are verbally harassing that person, in a “sexual” way. Count in also the “innuendo” words here!

I hope that you have enjoyed reading the “dark side” of the Anime community! Just remember to go to bed and close your eyes. You may do your usual “perversive” things, but NEVER in public nor social media.

As that one H-Doujin author has said, “Rape is a crime, and you should only do it on your 2D Waifus!”


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