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Beckoned by Water

This blog post may contain minimal spoilers. Please read this only if you had seen this Episode.

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Overview (Story)
“The more scared a human is, strangely, the more of their quality increases!”

A strange being (Digimon) is terrorizing any people who could hear a sound of dripping water in a faucet, despite that it is tightly shut. And then, it turns them into hydro droplets, wherein it can actually use them as its “Beauty Serum” to make itself sparkle and shiny.

Hiro and Gammamon managed to encounter this Digimon, named Splashmon, and they were able to track him down using the slimy hair that was cut off from him since their last attack. It seems that this Digimon is invincible when he was dwelling in the waters, and they were having a hard time defeating him! Can they able to figure out Splashmon’s weakness?

Notes: Splashmon is one of the “Death Generals” that first appeared in the Second Season of Digimon Xros Wars (Death Generals arc).

Angoramon’s quotes: Beauty is in the air, be as it may, dewy skin is short-lived, like the fleeting water drop.

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Let’s head on to the Episode Review and Impression right away! Yep, and it is an another Anime Episode where you could learn something new again after watching it!

For the featured Digimon of the Week, who is Splashmon, it is a Digimon who can be anything! He (it) is depicted as a “greedy” Digimon who could think nothing but just itself. And just like I have said, it can be anything, including that it can become an inanimated object like a pistol. Also, it can disguise itself as somebody else, since it was actually made of liquid matter — In the sense that it can copy itself as a Human or a Digimon! And my only hint here is to look up in the Episodes of “Digimon Xros Wars”, since his initial characterization is being an evil Death General, in which he is one of the villains there who is very difficult to defeat by the heroes!

For the story, it seems they rushed the ending part a bit again, since the conflict and action was still not enough to fit in within the 25 minutes duration. The thing is that I got bit short in watching the action scenes there, in which Angoramon is on the spotlight again (Canoweissmon was highlighted last week, in which I didn’t manage to include him in the previous reviews). But then, it seems that the conflict got resolved easily because of Ruli’s ability in shifting the dimensions using her “Digivice -V-” Bracelet. It seems that the “horror” and “suspense” part here is well-blended in this Episode, while our heroes are in crippling fear!

The story theme somehow relates to an urban legend where something scary is coming right up when you just hear a dripping sound from a water faucet. But then, it is really annoying that you could hear sounds when a faucet drips some water droplets in the sink. Well, it is quite a situation where you have to shut tightly the faucet, in order to prevent it from dripping some water — can be a waste of water and money. But then, it does not mean that it will not drip when fully shut. Sometimes, there is a trick on stopping completely the water drip from the faucet without shutting it tightly. And I have learned it while washing my hands on the sink!

Overall, I can say that this Episode is bit rushed, for me, for the second time (Since Episode 19). But then, every scenes and actions there are worth it to watch, and it doesn’t really waste its time for any single minutes of useless scenes. And my eyes can’t really take off from this one!

And let’s transliterate the quote that Angoramon has said at the end of the Episode! Beauty is just an add-on, temporary, or even something that people can have and wear with in order to impress and flaunt their friends and rivals. Beauty is just like a costume that can be donned and that can be worn off. In fact, whatever cosmetics should we apply to our faces to make ourselves look young again, they can be easily faded overtime. Especially when we use make-ups or cosmetics (for girls), they can be washed away with water or sweat. We Humans can’t live in this world forever, and we can all die. Our young soft skin can become dry as we grow older, and beauty can be faded overtime as time goes by.

At the end of this review, I have learned that nothing is indeed lasting forever. Even the cutest of them all can become no longer the cutest being anymore in the world.

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Series Info
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Digimon Ghost Game began airing and streaming in Japan and overseas since October 3, 2021.

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