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Fascinated by School Idols.

Through the years, I had played several online games, whether it is a PC or in a mobile device. None of them has lasted longer than I expected. It is because either of them got their game system renewed, thus making it difficult to play than before. Or even, their Events are getting more boring and less interesting to participate (Only, some of them really require you to pay for real money to get that Event-Exclusive items and equipment).

All of those games, however, are really becoming Pay-to-Win situation, for me. The last game that I played ended me to quit and retire forever, due to the fact that I can’t really win no matter what the odds of me and my character are. At the same time, it just ended me to login daily, but never playing regularly without doing a single mouse click.

So, I stopped playing for a year, and to move on from those games. My last game that I played was dated around year 2015.

In year 2016, it was finally my comeback in free-to-play gaming. In October 2016, this is where I started to play LLSIF, or LoveLive! School Idol Festival rhythm game. Also, in that date, I am finally calling myself as a LoveLive! fan.

Speaking of the topic, why my login streak for LLSIF has never been broken ever since I started playing for almost 5 years? Here are some of the points or secrets on how my login streak in LLSIF has been never broken.


Here are some of the reasons why. If you want to read by sub-topic, you can click/tap below these navigation links in this list to jump onto that sub-topic.

  1. Login Bonuses
  2. Exciting Campaigns
  3. Event-only URs
  4. Collaboration-Exclusive Members

One reason of not breaking my login streak in this game is because of the series of login bonus campaigns present. You can get not only items that can help you in strengthening your members and teams in your account. But you can also get some ‘free’ in-game virtual currencies in which you can use in order to scout new members, especially URs.

There are events and campaigns in which it requires you to login in all of the days covered by the campaign. While they are present all of the time, as the old one disappears and the new one appears, missing at least one day shall never allow you to get the last reward on the last day.

For every TV Anime campaigns, or almost any campaigns, you have to login consecutively in order to get all of the items. Like I have said before, missing at least one day in the campaign date range will never allow you to get the last reward of the login bonus, which is indeed either a free in-game currency or an SR or above member.

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This factor that made me continue playing is the heart-throbbing campaigns present in this game. This shall include the limited scouting for new URs and some limited items (i.e. Titles and Wallpapers) that can only be acquired during the duration of the campaign event itself. There are some sub-topics that talk about them. Though it says ‘limited’, it can be only acquired during the duration period of that certain event campaign. But then, you can’t acquire them elsewhere if you had missed it (Unless if they do re-runs or re-releases).


For every kinds and types of campaigns and events, there are limited scouting which is indeed present. This shall include scouting for ‘Limited URs’ and some other URs in which they have ‘signatures’ next to them.

Though that there are some Limited URs in Scouting Banners in which requires your very tremendous amount of Love Gems and Tickets to get at least 1 UR, there are some that requires you to use the least amount of them in order to guarantee yourself at least 1 UR.

Sometimes, it requires your luck to draw on these boxes. And the lesser amount of resources that you have spent than the required minimum amount, the luckier you are!

Remember that these type of URs only exist during the campaigns itself, and they can be never be seen or drawn in the near future, unless if they announced otherwise if there’s a re-run of them!

My favorite type of Scouting in this game is the Box Scouting, wherein you shall be drawing from that box with at least 100 members. And you shall be needing at least 455 Love Gems in order to guarantee yourself with at least 1 UR, should you use them all if you are unlucky enough.

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As usual, there are certain items, like titles and wallpapers, in which you can only get them during the duration of the campaign. Also, the SRs and other members of higher rarity can be only acquired during the duration of the campaigns or events. And you shall have to use your Seal (Stickers) items in order to redeem them.

Yep, they are only appearing from time-to-time, when there is an occasional special event going on, such as the recent Thanksgiving Event in the past few days.

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There are URs that can be acquired when you can join and grind in the standard Events. Yep, and this is the new normal of LLSIF today. Previously, we can get at least two SRs per Event, while in the present days, we can get at least 1 UR from every Events that we grind — about at least two Events per month.

Aside from getting a feature UR from the Event, the players are also opted to scout two other URs in which they are tied along with the Event. They can act as Standard URs, and they can be also used in increasing the acquisition of Event Points upon grinding during the Event duration.

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Basically, it is just the continuation from the one that is labelled as ‘limited items and members’. These collaborative-limited members shall only appear during the duration of the collaboration event. Since missing these kind or type of campaign shall never allow you to get them in the near future. Which means, the people who missed this campaign, or for new players who were just starting to play when this collaboration was over, were deprived in having these collaboration-exclusive members.

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So then, you got an idea now on why my login streak for this game has never been broken ever since. Right now, the game is telling me something. It tells me that I should be graduating (retiring) from this game now, because I had finally achieved my dreams. My total login days had reached 1,826, as of Oct 2021, with no signs of declination. But then, it still tells me to go on because the fight is not yet over. As of today, there are Nijigasaki songs and members that are included in the pool of songs and members list, alongside with µ’s and Aqours, while the incoming Liella! shall be starting to appear soon, just right after its TV Anime counterpart ends soon.

That’s right. The dreams are infinite and boundless. And so, the School Idol saga continues.

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