The Penultimate Episode!

When we say penultimate Episode, it is meaning that it is the ‘second’ to the last. It seems that I am gonna end this segment soon once it reaches towards its final Episode next week! I know that I had achieved something that I had never done before. But then, I shall be considering this one an achievement, for me!

Let us not delay any further! Let us start right now the 49th Episode of School Idol Festival Journal Log! Finally, it’s the penultimate Episode! Let’s go!


That’s right. As we are in the penultimate Episode of this segment, we had encountered many things that happened in the School Idol Universe. What are those? Please do read these headlines to continue!

Karin Asaka’s Birthday

We got a School Idol from Nijigasaki incoming to celebrate her birthday! It’s none other than Karin Asaka! Her birthday shall be celebrated every 29th of June, and actually it is just 4 days away from this Episode!

Her birthday campaigns are now ongoing in the LLSIF rhythm game, and her login bonus items shall be obtained at her birthday on June 29, in the ALL STARS game!

I shall be making her a birthday message, and it shall be included in the final Episode of School Idol Festival Journal Log! Look forward into it!

Aqours Livestream – June 30, 2021

There shall be an upcoming Aqours livestream next week on June 30, 2021, at 8pm JST (UTC+9)! And yes, it shall be featuring the entire cast of Aqours!

They shall be talking about some stuffs (mostly We Are Challengers!! projects), as well as their upcoming sub-unit lives in the future months! Also, they might give out content updates for the LLSIF and ALL STARS games!

And don’t forget!! June 30, 2021 is also the date of the release of their newest Aqours Club CD Set 2021, containing their new song and PV, DREAMY COLOR! Their PV, meanwhile, has already reached over 3 million views on YouTube!

Finally, don’t forget that date of their livestream! You might miss out something important from Aqours if you don’t watch!

Saint Snow Livestream – June 28, 2021

On the other hand, Saint Snow shall be also having their upcoming livestream on June 28, 2021, next week! It was initially postponed due to the fact that one of the members were engaged in contact of people who have COVID-19. But the good news is that they were both in good condition!

They might talk about their thoughts of their newly released home video of their 1st Gig Live! Be sure to follow their feed, since they might announce something which is really unexpecting for us!

Animation PV with Monster Strike

And before we finish the headlines, Aqours had collaborated with an another video game series, Monster Strike!

Their newest animation PV for the collaboration event with Monster Strike, entitled KU-RU-KU-RU Cruller!, has been released as a preview on YouTube! And to note, their animation PV single shall be released on September 22, 2021.

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As we are about to finish this segment soon, there are also things that happened during in my progress in the LLSIF rhythm game, as well as encountering many things that happened there. What could be the highlights that were spotted during the past weekend, and this week? Read more on the next part to find out!


Welcome to the new School idol Festival. This is where the true showdown between the Global Side and the JP Side shall begin! In fact, I am truly grinding with the current Aqours Event, which is currently ongoing now since last week! Please do read more of the highlights that happened recently here!

Karin Asaka’s Birthday Campaign and Scouting

Right now, it is ongoing and it shall last until her birthday on June 29! Be sure to scout on her Birthday UR box scouting if you are a fan!

Like the previous birthday boxes before, it shall follow the 100-member box scouting format! I think you had known this before, right? You shall be needing a substantial amount of Love Gems and Scouting Tickets in order to guarantee her UR. And the less resources you spent, the luckier you are! Be sure to scout her also, if you are planning to build a Nijigasaki Team meta in the near future!

Once again, scout if you are a fan of hers. Good luck!

Aqours – Round 29 Challenge Festival

Right now, this Event has started since last weekend, and it shall last at the end of June 2021!

The Event UR to be acquired from this Event is Dia Kurosawa, and the URs to be scouted are Riko and Kanan! A Secret SSR, Scouting items, and some returning Event SRs can be acquired from this Event by playing in the Challenge Festival! Earn more Event Points, place higher in the Score Rankings, and be victorious!

There is something that has changed in this Event. Based from this embedded Tweet shown above, the ranking cutoffs were changed slightly! For Tier 1 Event Points Ranking, it has changed to 1,000, previously from 500. And Score Rankings were changed to 20,000, previously from 10,000. This means that the Event, as well as the future ones, shall be slightly easier to grind from now on. Also, the changes in the cutoff rankings were due to the recent major update, maintenance, and the server merge of the Global Side to the JP Side.

But then, this is something to watch out for. When there are Global Side players now merged with the players in the JP Side, this is going to be a war zone. Why? How much more if there is an EXP x 5 or x 10 existing during the Event? If those ranking cutoffs were never changed after the server merge, then the future Events shall be more difficult to land a Tier 1 finish in the Event Points Ranking. Maybe, they had changed those ranking cutoffs so that it won’t be a stress to some players like me who is always struggling to play hard in order to reach and defend their tier 1 ranking in Events.

Let’s see if I can pull off further with this ongoing Challenge Festival Event. Right now, my Global Side account is currently parked and on standby. But then, my Global Side account is still active, though. I just login to get some bonuses, but currently it is not active in playing this Challenge Festival Event, for now.

As I had said before in the previous Episodes, my Global Side account shall alternate with my JP Side account when it comes to Events. µ’s is for the Global Side, while Aqours is for the JP Side. I am expecting that my Global Side account to be back in action soon when the next µ’s Event in the 5th of July shall commence.

Going back to the Challenge Festival highlight, I shall be grinding more further since it is an Aqours Event. While grinding further, I am currently testing a new meta team in which I can use in order to top the charts in the Score Rankings. This time around, I am taking on the Master songs with a team with no Perfect Lock Skills! Yep, I think it’s my time to master this greater meta team build that I had made and composed to stand a chance against my rivals.

For my grinding progress, highlights, and final results of this Challenge Festival Event, it shall be highlighted on the Final Episode next week! Don’t miss it!

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One last feature of the week, before the final Episode! Actually, this is the last one! After this, there shall be no more!

The Feature of the Week is actually the continuation from the last week’s Feature of the Week! This time, we shall be featuring… LoveLive! Superstar!!

LoveLive! Superstar!! is the next entry to the LoveLive! Series, after LoveLive! Sunshine!! (Aqours) and Nijigasaki High School Idol Club. Rather than its initial nine characters, it is having five of them as initial members! These girls are from the School Idol group, called Liella!, and this Anime shall show on how they grew up from just being an ordinary student to being a School Idol.

This new school, called the Yuigaoka Girls’ High School, is located between the three towns of Omotesando, Harajuku, and Aoyama. No other students were enrolled there, even seniors.

Five girls, which shall include Kanon Shibuya, has finally meet the path of being a School Idol.

“I like to sing! All I want is to make something to come true by singing a song!”

And it all starts with little stars shining from nothing to brightness. This is where the journey for these young girls shall begin.

LoveLive! Superstar!! shall begin airing in Japan TV networks, and on some on-demand streaming sites starting on July 11, 2021. Overseas licensors per country can receive simulcast of this Anime, soon! Please stay tuned at their feed for more info!

Also, there shall be respective campaigns which shall occur soon on LLSIF and ALL STARS games soon to commemorate this TV Anime release!

Please, support LoveLive! Superstar!! and Liella! at their future projects and endeavors!

And this ends the Feature of the Week segment! Again, this is the last one before the Final Episode!

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Next Week is the Final Episode!

Next week is the final Episode of School Idol Festival Journal Log! Thank you for your support for 1 year! That’s right, I am gonna be missing you all!

Remember to tune-in next week for the last Episode! And after that, there shall be no more!

We shall meet again in the last Episode! See you all… Next week! Happy weekend!

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