The Face Turn

Everyone can face victories, and defeats at the same time. Upon being fighting with good against evil, some people do make their ‘face turns’ not only to betray their allies. They wanted to prove something that only them can do and achieve, without any assistance from their friends or allies.

Face turn is something for some heroes (or rivals) to turn against with their ally or friend and to join the evil side for reasons. Vice versa as well. In fact, this term is used by the popular professional wrestling during the times.

It’s about time to make a face turn with the LLSIF rhythm game, and it has something to do with this Episode today! Please read until the Global Side highlights to see what has happened! Let us begin the 35th Episode of Inori-D Station’s blog posts segment, the School Idol Festival Journal Log!


So far, here are the highlights and headlines encountered! Please read below!

Umi Sonoda’s Birthday

µ’s Side. March 15 is Umi Sonoda’s Birthday! As usual, her birthday campaigns, and as well as her limited Birthday Scouting boxes, are ongoing at the both Sides of LLSIF rhythm game! Show your love for her birthday by participating on her birthday campaign, and by scouting and getting her new Limited UR!

To give you early highlights on this one, instead of putting it as highlights in the JP and Global Sides, there are two limited boxes to scout from. The first one contains her new birthday Limited UR. And the other is the same, but contains her previous birthday Limited URs released in the past years! However, the first box cannot be reset. All of these boxes are in 100-member box scouting format!

Be sure to tune-in next week in this highlight! I am going to greet Umi with a birthday message to be posted on the next Episode next week! Look forward into that!

Aqours Livestream – March 19, 2021

For the Aqours Side! They shall be having their livestream next week! Be sure to tune-in, since they shall be giving updates regarding with their 5th Anniversary single, their updates about their upcoming major lives, and some other stuffs, like the content and updates in both LLSIF and ALL STARS rhythm games!

The livestream shall be taking place next week (March 19, 7pm JST/UTC+9). Rikako Aida, Arisa Komiya, and Shuka Saito shall be hosting the stream.

Aqours 5th Anniversary Single: smile smile ship Start!

The sample cover jacket has been released and previewed! In fact, this shall be the one to be highlighted in the Aqours livestream (as mentioned above)!

Nijigasaki Shuffle Fes Live (Deferred)

Nijigasaki Side. A press release statement (post) by LoveLive! Series Team has been released, stating that the commencement of the Nijigasaki High School Idol Club’s Shuffle Festival in School live performance in venue has been deferred. This was because the state of emergency in Japan has been extended further due to the effects of COVID-19 and its variants.

People who are eager in waiting for this event, has put their waiting efforts into a waste. Well, respective refunds are being made now as of this moment. I don’t know if it also affects the local and overseas paid streaming.

Nijigasaki 3rd Live Updates

For the 3rd Live of Nijigasaki High School Idol Club, their ticket lottery applications are still ongoing for Day 1. That ticket lottery application can be obtained via Blu-Ray Volume 3 of the TV Anime Series. Just remember to buy your Blu-Ray Volumes 3 and 4 to get a chance to watch their 3rd Live this coming May 8 and 9, in MetLife Dome, in Saitama, Japan!

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Wow, with the turn of the events, so as well as affecting the flow of time with these upcoming major events in the School Idol Universe! These are something to watch out soon, and we should look forward into them.

Putting now these aside, what were the things encountered and highlighted in the past week, and this week on the School Idol Festival rhythm game? Please read this Episode until the very end, and thank you very much!


Greetings, reader. We got some highlights and experiences encountered in this side! Please read more below for details!

White Day 2021 Campaigns

There are somehow two parts of this highlight encountered! First is the White Day Messages, where in they shall give a White Day message to you when you give maracon items to them. The second one is the Stamp Scouting, in which you can get at least 1 UR when you do Scout 11 (50 Love Gems)!

In the first part, you shall see below the White Day messages from both of the School Idol Groups, µ’s and Aqours! Please do read them in this text-coded photo below!

Aqours White Day 2021 Messages!
µ’s White Day 2021 Messages!

Also, in this campaign, there is also Scouting available! As mentioned earlier, you need to do Scout 11 (50 Love Gems) to get at least 1 UR! Use this chance if it happens that you are looking for a certain UR that you don’t even have it yet in your stable!

Round 27 Challenge Festival: Our Hot Pot Party

Last Episode, we had previewed about this Event. In this week, we can talk about my highlights and experiences with this Event! Please do read more below to find out!

In the past few days, I had been slacking off due to my other side activities and chores! And not only that! I am doing also my Event grinds in the LoveLive! ALL STARS game in all branches. As of today, I had been grinding for at least 400k+ Event Points! I wonder if I could make it to the Tier 2 Event Points cutoff at the end of March 15?

Alright, let us go to the highlights! If you are going to play for the Ultimate difficulty course, just remember that all of the songs in the 5 rounds are of Master difficulty. So then, you can learn from the Challenge Festival that there are five categories of Master songs that you are playing! I classify them in difficulty categories!

Category 1 Master songs are easy, which in fact that some of them are too difficult and tricky to land an FC finish. Example of Category 1 Master songs are Someday of my Life, Yujo No-Change, and Snow Halation. There are five categories of Master songs, and Category 5 being the highest and the hardest. Garasu no Hanazono and Soldier Game are something to watch out here, since they are both of Category 5 Master songs. So then, you have a background now on these type or category of Master songs, in which you are asking why some of them are very hard, and some of them are very easy!

The Event is just ending in 3 days from this time of this Episode. Will I able to snatch the Tier 2 finish and a Tier 1 Score in this Event? Find out as I am going to give the final results of this Event in the next week’s Episode!

Liella! Debut Single: Hajimari wa Kimi no Sora

And finally, Liella! ‘s song, Hajimari wa Kimi no Sora, is still available on your B-Sides! Make sure you play it before it expires! Discover Liella! as they are going to debut in the LoveLive! Series Universe soon, with their upcoming LoveLive! Superstar!! TV Anime series on July!

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So then, is this the main happening or highlight in this Episode? What does it mean that I had made my face turn? There are reasons why! Please read more of the highlights below to continue!

Round 21 Challenge Festival: It Begins! Cheerleader μ’s! (Final)

So finally, we had reached the main event of this Episode! If you want to know what has happened, please continue to read below!

Despite being a (easy) tough Event to grind with, I had really pushed through with all of my strength and wits to reach very far with my big Event Points. Also, my Full Combo chain failures are one of the reasons why I made it this far. But then, there are reasons why I had made my face turn from Aqours being the primary side to grind hard and reach Tier 1 victory in the Event Points ranking.

So when I found out that my schedules are becoming tougher and tighter, I had decided in myself to make this a sacrifice. In fact, my Event Points in my grind is very high, and I don’t want my hard-grinding efforts be in vain.

With the conclusion of this Event last March 8, 2021, this is considered to be my first Tier 1-1 victory in the favor of µ’s. And that is the start of my face turn from the Aqours Side, thus making it also the start of my hard Event Points grinding in the µ’s Side Events from now on.

There is only one reason why I did this. To find out, you can read the next highlight below.

Aqours Side Next Event: Round 42 Score Match

Round 42 Score Match (Aqours and the Autumn of Sports) is somehow revealed to be the next Event to occur in this Side! It shall be in the favor of Aqours this time around. This Event shall be occurring soon on March 16, and shall last until March 25, 2021! This shall be a 9-Day Event, if I am not mistaken.

Event UR to be obtained is Dia Kurosawa, Secret SSR to be acquired from Event grinding is Ruby Kurosawa, and the URs to be obtained by scouting are Hanamaru and You! You know the rules on how to survive in this type of Event, do you? Well then, good luck and be victorious!

But then, it is occurring on March 16 to 25, and it is going to be coincidentally colliding with my JP Side, in which it is also an Aqours Event! In the JP Side next Aqours Event, it is going to be occurring on March 20 until 31! So then, the Events are now parallel to each other, now, coincidentally. In fact, that was the main reason why I did my face turn from the Aqours Side to µ’s Side in my Global Side!

And that’s it, the reason why I did my face turn is in the last paragraph above, and it is finally revealed!

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For the LLSIF Tip of the week, here it goes!

Match Types and Attributes!

For this tip, this was very simple! Simply match the song with some types and attributes of your current team! For example, if you are facing a song which is a µ’s song, and its attribute is Pure, you shall have to use a team consisting of µ’s and of Pure attribute per member! With this advantage, you can score higher and efficient!

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For what reason did they face turn? Answer is in next week!

Now that you have an idea on why people do ‘face turn’ at their allies, whether in the good or evil side. Basically, they have reasons why they do that. As mentioned in the opening paragraph of this Episode, they did them because they wanted to prove something that only them can do without any help or assistance from their allies.

So basically, what happens after they do that? They can either have a bad impression (being a big evil one), or even have a good impression (by betraying his or her evil side, or helping a hero as a villain). It always depends on the person, after all. As an individual, you should know the odds of face-turning against with your ally or friend.

And that’s it for the Episode 35 of School Idol Festival Journal Log! I hope that you have enjoyed reading it! Anything happened today, after this Episode was published, shall be included next week! Tune-in next week for the another Episode! See you and cheers… Happy weekend!

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