Rabbit versus Turtle Race.

When you are grinding in Events, is it possible to slack off when you can easily beat that Event and place yourself in the Tier 1 position? Basically, it is just more of a rabbit versus turtle race.

Have you heard the story of the Rabbit and the Turtle? It is a moral story where a boastful, fast rabbit challenges a sluggish turtle in a running race. If you can search this moral story and read them by yourself, you can learn from it!

What happens above, when you read it, has something to do with this Episode of School Idol Festival Journal Log. Right now, let us begin the 34th Episode of this segment right away!


Some of the incoming outside events in the School Idol Universe are fast-approaching! What are those? Read more below to find out!

AZALEA First LoveLive! Official Goods

Though their sub-unit live has been deferred at a later date, we got some merchandise up for preorders!

Remember to grab these memorial items if you have to! They are going to last up until March 7 JST (UTC+9), or until supplies last. And to get them, you have to contact with your local Anime licensor per region for more information and details!

Saint Snow 1st GIG -Welcome to Dazzling White Town- BD

Saint Snow’s First Live shall be released as a home Blu-Ray Disc video soon! It shall be released on June 9, 2021, while its preorders was ongoing until March 21, 2021. Come and see Saint Snow for yourself one more time by buying this home Blu-Ray Disc video to your shelf!

Happy Birthday, Hanamaru Kunikida!

For Zuramaru’s birthday yesterday (It’s late!), let me greet her this time around! Here’s my birthday message for her!

Dear Hanamaru,

You are a bookworm whose mind is just like a universe. You love reading books, do you? Of course, you would say ‘yes’ because I asked that question.

You love reading books. If you are reading books, were you able to write your own books, so that the readers can read them, too? Basically, writing your own book defines of who you really are, Hanamaru. And reading books from others are just your inspirations! Why not turn those inspirations of others to your own style of who you really are? As a School Idol, Hanamaru, turn that inspiration of yours into a book, so that others can read it and learn them from you! And that book that you are writing is already you, Hanamaru.

For your birthday, I wish that you could become not only a ‘walking librarian’, but a ‘walking computer technology’ that dwells and swims in the sea of information technology, known as the Internet! If you have a dream to pursue other than the one that I wished for you, you must indeed work hard and do your best!

Happy birthday, dear Hanamaru Kunikida, a sub-unit member of AZALEA, and an Aqours School Idol member! I wish for your future endeavors. I, as a fan, love you.

Released also on her birthday is her solo album in the First Solo Concert Album Series! Be sure to check that one out, and it is special because it is released on her birthday!

Liella! Debut Single: Hajimari wa Kimi no Sora

Meanwhile, the debut song single of Liella! from the upcoming LoveLive! Superstar!! TV Anime series, Hajimari wa Kimi no Sora, shall be released soon on April 7, 2021! For people in Japan who preordered this debut single until February 28, 2021, they are going to receive an A3 clear poster as a bonus! If you are one of the guys who preordered until February 28, then you are lucky enough to get this bonus item!

In the JP Side of LLSIF, its debut song shall be available as a playable song in your B-Sides! Be sure to check that one out, also!

Nijigasaki Shuffle Fes Live

The lottery applications for the virtual tickets of the upcoming Nijigasaki High School Idol Club’s Shuffle Fes Live is finally over. So that means, it was already closed since after March 1 JST. Those ticket application lotteries are done via with the first two volumes of the Blu-Rays of the TV Anime series itself.

Remember to check out and watch their upcoming live performance this March 20 and 21, 2021, at Pia Arena MM, in Yokohama, Japan! Overseas paid streaming has been also announced previously in the previous Episode of this segment! So, what songs would you like for them to sing?

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Am I too slow enough to give you some updates? How about I say to you, “Be very fast to catch up with the updates on Twitter!”? Yeah, it might be very slow, but better than never!

So, the headlines and updates are very fast, indeed! Right now, let us put these aside and let’s head over to the next part of this Episode! What are the things encountered and highlighted this past week, and this week on the School Idol Festival rhythm game? Please read this Episode until the very end!


We got some highlights and experiences covered in this side! What are some campaigns and other sideline events occurred in this side? And we got less than 8 hours left before a new Event starts! Please read these highlights below to find out what are those!

Round 5 Live Arena: Otome Ranman – The First Spring

So then, another monthly Live Arena Event has been started! Be sure to play this side Event so that you could win more items, like Love Gems, Blue Scouting Coupons, and some other Support Member items!

Be sure to play this until March 25 and reach at least Expert or Royal Expert Category in order to win a UR Ai Miyashita, and an SSR N-rarity member! Basically, same rules would apply. Right now, I shall be giving this one an update in the next other Episode — maybe in two weeks from now!

Appearance of TOKIMEKI Runners

Since after the Medley Festival Event, this song has finally appeared in the B-Sides! Be sure to check that one out, though that song can be an easy song for some starters to play with!

TOKIMEKI Runners is Nijigasaki High School Idol Club’s first album song, and the song used in the LoveLive! ALL STARS game! It has finally made appearance in the LLSIF World, and is available as a playable song in your B-Sides, in just a duration of 30 days from February 28!

That song in EXPERT difficulty is just too easy to land a Full Combo Finish. Were you able to land an FC finish by just using only a team consisting of Nijigasaki? Challenge yourself by landing an FC finish on Expert difficulty by using only Nijigasaki as your team!

Notably, this song has also appeared on your B-Sides, due to the fact that it can be a commemoration of LoveLive! ALL STARS JP Side celebrating its one and a half-year anniversary!

Round 26 Medley Festival: Feelings on a Gem (Final)

Whew! That Event was very intense as ever! It has really forced me to play hard on the last days of this Medley Festival Event! So far, I had grinded this one until the very end, since my rank is just decreasing drastically if I try to rest for at least thirty minutes up to one hour.

Despite being just like a Rabbit vs Turtle Race, I had finished this Event with a Tier 1-1 standing. At least, my hard-grinding efforts from the past days have never gone in vain.

Round 27 Challenge Festival: Our Hot Pot Party

The next Event is a Challenge Festival, in the favor of µ’s! It is coincidentally colliding now with the Global Side having also the same ongoing Event type! Right now, expect for this Event to run shortly starting in less than 8 hours from this time of this Episode!

The Event UR to be acquired by getting more Event Points in this Event is Maki Nishikino! Meanwhile, Event URs to be acquired in Scouting are Hanayo and Nico!

I hope that you had reserved your 5-day resting period, so that you could prepare for another Event hard-grinding, if you have to! That’s right! It’s time for you to be victorious, if you are indeed aiming for Maki!

Next week shall be the highlights, and the final results of this Event shall be tackled on the next other Episode! Look forward into it.

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As we prepare for the incoming 8th anniversary of LLSIF in the woods, we should be preparing for the incoming server merge! And that was talked about previously in the last couple of Episodes! Also, we got some remaining campaigns and Events to be finished before this grand happening happens! Please read carefully below for the highlights!

The Server Merge: What to Expect (Final)

This was tackled in the past couple of Episodes! Last week, we had talked about the third and fourth points to expect about this upcoming server merging in the Global Side. Those were the Events occurring at the same time as in the JP Side (third) and the preparations for the adjustments in Events grinding experience (fourth)!

Today, I am going to give to you the fifth and the sixth last points on what to expect to encounter in the server merge! Please read this below!

5. Get some exclusive URs or other members of lower rarities which were not present in the Global Side!

I think all of us know these one, though. So then, you might be able to redeem the URs which were indeed obtainable via serial code function! I think most of these serial code URs are already expired, so that might be a bad news!

Also, you might obtain exclusive URs which were indeed not present in the Global Side! That includes promo SRs or other promo URs which were appeared once in the JP Side! But then, I don’t know if those URs would come back — I hope that they might be reintroducing them to us in the near future! Especially, if the upcoming 8th anniversary is just right after the corner near to us!

6. Expect Comeback and/or Start Dash Login Bonuses!

At the server merge with the JP Side, we might expect some login bonuses which shall label as ‘Start Dash’ or ‘Comeback’! This is due that our login calendar shall no longer be carrying over when it is being merged! That might happen, and usually, we might expect that our login calendar might be missing some few previous days, and will not count towards Login Complete bonus.

I don’t know with the login days count, if it is being carried over with the server merge.

So far, those are the actual six points, in which you might expect to encounter when the server merge happens somewhere around next month or May! Some of them may or may not be actually happening at all, and in fact, they are just my predictions!

Round 21 Challenge Festival: It Begins! Cheerleader μ’s!

For the continuation of this highlight, let us go!

In this Challenge Festival Event, you shall have to survive for 5 Rounds by clearing the live shows given! The songs are given to you randomly per round, so you have to clear them in order to proceed to the next round!

As I had explained to you on how Challenge Festival works, you have to read the previous Episodes to find out on how did I manage to grind hard and to place higher in the Event Points Rankings and also on the Score Rankings!

Usually, meta songs (songs that have a high maximum combo count) are something to watch out here when you reached Rounds 4 and 5! Basically, in order to achieve your true potential score, you have to play those meta songs in MASTER difficulty! But then, your combo chain is also a worry here, since you get lower score if you are breaking your combo chain frequently, and you always get some MISS notes. There are techniques on how to do this, especially if some meta songs are of Swing/Swipe types. I am sorry, but I can’t tell them to you now, because that technique is pretty complex and technical, and it requires considerable skills to master them!

So then, finally, the final highlights and experiences, as well as the final results, shall be written here next week! Look forward into that!

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Slow, but optimal in giving tips of the week! What could be that tip of the week? Read below and check it out!

Max-out your member’s Bond Points to unlock her Side Story!

For this tip, this was indeed the popular one! You just simply max-out your member’s Bond Points to unlock her Side Story! Keep in mind that some members don’t have a Side Story, although you had already maxed-out her Bond Points. So, in order to do this, you have to play and clear live shows and you can gain Bond Points for your members in team, and they were distributed accordingly! The amount of Bond Points gained depends on your Total Combo Count that you had made after playing a live show!

Maxing out your current member’s Bond Points can give you some additional benefits, such as having her stats increased, and providing you with her additional messages when you set her as your partner in your Home Screen!

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You can read very fast! But don’t be slow in catching up next week!

Time and Events are very fast-paced! But then, they can happen slowly in a timely manner! They can be slow, when you feel it. But then, they can be happening very fast! Remember to grind in Events very harder and very fast. The rankings can be a very slow to drop, but they can be fast when you slack off in the corner! Remember that!

Remember to tune-in next week for the another Episode! This is the School Idol Festival Journal Log, and thank you for reading today! See you next week and happy weekend! Of course, anything that happened today after this Episode was published shall be included next week!

See you next time and cheers!

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