The Season of Love -Part 1-

Valentine’s Day is a traditional romantic holiday, and I call this as the Season of Love. It is also known as the Feast of Saint Valentine, in the Christian holiday. It is celebrated every year, in the 14th day of the month of February. Valentine’s Day is a very famous holiday, and it is being celebrated around the world.

In the first part, we do give chocolates to someone that we love, idolize, or even follow. Chocolates are very sweet in form, and they can sometimes vary depending on their color or how they are made. That sweetness of a chocolate can determine on how much we love someone. This tradition of chocolate-giving is popular and trending during the Valentine’s Day in Japan. So, to whom do you want to give your chocolates with, whether it is bought or made by you? Remember to not catch up some diabetes, though.

Valentine’s Day is somehow a gateway for men who were about to make their first dating attempt with women.

In this Episode, we are not just celebrating the Season of Love here in this segment! Today, we celebrate the 30th Episode of School Idol Festival Journal Log! Alright, let’s read this Episode and celebrate it with love!


We are about to witness the headlines about the upcoming Events soon on the School Idol Universe! Yep, and there are lots! And also, we had encountered several highlights last weekend! Please read below to find out what are those!

AZALEA First LoveLive! -Amazing Travel DNA- TRY AGAIN

Right now, ticket lottery applications for the upcoming AZALEA’s First Live performance has been concluded since last February 2. For the fans who were about to go watch for their live performance, now it’s your chance to see them live!

Their upcoming sub-unit live shall be held on February 27 and 28 (weekends), 2021, at Musashino Forest Sports Plaza, in Tokyo, Japan. For overseas fans who were awaiting for the paid streaming platform to be used, just wait for their further announcements to be posted at their official verified Twitter account and in their website!

I am going to give you some updates regarding this one every week, until this event shall happen! Also, don’t forget about the official live goods, and their preorders are still going on! You can get them via with your local Anime licensors per region!

Kanan Matsuura’s Birthday!

The birthday celebrations of School Idols are now a tradition, and it shall never end! This time, it is going to be the birthday celebration of Kanan Matsuura, an Aqours 3rd Year member, and a member of AZALEA sub-unit! Her birthday shall be celebrated on February 10 (Wednesday) next week! I am going to greet her with a birthday message, which shall be posted on the next week’s Episode! Look forward into it!

Don’t forget about her First Solo Concert Album CD which shall be released also on the same day as her birthday! That’s right! It shall be available on the Japan music outlets, and in the music streaming services nationwide! Look forward into that!

Her birthday campaigns are now ongoing in the JP Side (soon in Global) of LLSIF! The details and highlights are going to be given later in this Episode!

Nijigasaki Shuffle Festival Live

If you are interested in the Nijigasaki’s Shuffle Fes Live this March, you can apply for a ticket lottery for a chance to see them live! They can be obtained by buying the Blu-Ray Volumes 1 and 2 of the Nijigasaki TV Anime Series!

So far, ticket lottery applications are over for Day 1. But then, applications for the Day 2 are still ongoing! For people who were going and interested, you can use this chance and win to see them live!

This event shall be held at Pia Arena MM, in Yokohama, Japan this March 20 and 21, 2021 (weekends)! The key visual for this one is already previewed at their recent livestream since Wednesday night (Feb 3)! So, what song would you like for them to sing?

Welcome to LoveLive! Universe, Liella!

Last week, January 30, 2021, at their recent livestream, we had met the girls who had made voices to the School Idols of Liella!, the newest additions in the School Idol Universe! And here they are, at the embedded Tweet above!

All I can say, congratulations! Welcome to the world of School Idols! We are going to follow you and watch you grow up, as School Idols! Make your dreams a reality!

School Idol Union Livestream – February 22, 2021

And finally, we got some upcoming livestream that shall take place on February 22, 2021! It features some members of Aqours, Nijigasaki, and the entire Liella! members! That’s right! They are going to greet these new School Idols with a warm welcome!

Be sure to tune in to their upcoming livestream, as they might give out some info with regards to their upcoming major lives, upcoming contents and updates to the LLSIF and ALL STARS games, and some other media, like their albums and magazine updates! This is something for LoveLive! fans like me to look forward into!

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And that’s all for the headlines and highlights this week! So far, what are the things encountered this past week previously on the School Idol Festival rhythm game? Please read this Episode until the very end, and thank you very much!


So far, we got some highlights to share! What are those? Please read below to continue!

Round 20 Companion Match: A Warm Gift (Final)

Basically, this highlight is just for the final results of my Event grind! You may backread the last two Episodes in the past two weeks to find out what has happened in my progress within this Event! And I died with Hajimari Road MASTER difficulty for more than twice in this Companion Match Event! At least, I got my top-notch Score in the Rankings now.

This Event was recently concluded last January 31, 2021, and I placed with a Tier 1-1 standing, which also marks my 6th Aqours Event victory! Basically, I had to prepare myself with the another Event, but then it shall be focusing more on my Global Side! You can find out later by continuing to read this Episode until the very end!

Round 4 Live Show Arena: Twin Chocolates are Not Enough

It’s time for another round of Live Show Arena, where your toughness of your teams, and your wits are to be tested to the limit! The sub-title is somehow ‘Valentine’s Day’ themed, as opposed from the last three rounds having sub-titles referencing from the known star constellations.

The featured Event UR reward to be obtained by reaching Expert or Royal Expert Category is Karin Asaka from the Nijigasaki High School Idol Club! She can be obtained at the end of the duration period of this Round 4 Live Show Arena Event! Only, if you are able to place higher in the ranking bracket within the Category, then you can get her! Fight hard, play hard, and be victorious! Good luck.

Valentine’s Day Live 2021 Campaign

In this campaign, you have to get some Chocolate items! They can be obtained by doing more Live Shows and complete them, or by clearing Special Missions or Goals given! These Chocolate items can be used to recover you some LP. But then, there are uses! Please read the next paragraph below to find out!

By accessing the campaign banner at your home screen, it can take you the page itself! You are given to choose either µ’s or Aqours. For every group or faction, you have to pick one School Idol or girl to give her your Chocolate items! When you successfully give some Chocolate items to a School Idol whom you pick, you can read her Valentine’s Day message to you in Japanese language! Don’t worry, I got some of them translated, so please continue reading! Also, you can get her Title after you gave her some chocolates!

Also, when you successfully acquired all of their Titles (by giving chocolates) in a faction or group, you can get an extra 10th Title! Try to play hard and gather as many chocolates as you can, and give some to your favorite School Idols to get the 10th Title!

Before ending this highlight part, you can see below my hard-coded text in an image file containing my not-so-good Japanese-English translations of their Valentine’s Day Message to you! So far, I had only translated the Aqours part. Maybe I can do with the µ’s part, if I got spare time! Maybe, perhaps, on the next Episode?

Valentine’s Day 2021 Messages to you (Aqours)

Kanan Matsuura Birthday Campaign

In this birthday campaign of Kanan, you can get her exclusive Birthday Limited UR, in a 100-member limited box scouting! Same goes with the other second limited box, it contains also her new UR. But then, you can get her previous Birthday Limited UR randomly from that box!

Try scouting if you are really a Kanan-lover, and show your love for her birthday! Maybe her UR is somehow useful for your team-building needs!

Also, do note that Kanan’s Birthday Limited UR is the penultimate one before the new set of Aqours Birthday Limited URs to appear, starting with You Watanabe this coming April! After Kanan, it shall be with Hanamaru this coming March next month! Hanamaru shall be the last one to appear with her upcoming Birthday Limited UR, soon!

Liella! is Coming…

So then, we are expecting a major update, which shall change the history of School Idol Festival rhythm game. We shall be having Liella! to be included soon on the stable of School Idols. Also, we are expecting for their new songs to come out soon as playable songs.

This incoming major update shall be coming soon, and it shall be a brand new chapter or story arc in the School Idol Festival World. And yep, this is something for LoveLive! fans, including me, to look forward into!

Round 46 Score Match: Exciting Pot Party

Coming up in less than 7 hours from this Episode is the 46th Round of Score Match! It shall be on the µ’s Side this time around!

This Event is going to be highlighted next week! The first one shall be on the details about this Event, as well as on how to grind, survive, and to win on it! And the second part shall be more on my highlights about this Event, in just two weeks from this one! Look forward into this!

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Today is somehow a very long rest period in the Global Side! Since there are not many things to highlight this week, I am just going to give you the highlights of what happened last week on the previous Event! At the same time, I am going to give to you the predicted upcoming Events which shall be coming soon in the Global Side! Please read below to continue!

My Summary of the Previous Events Finished

Below is the list of Events that I had previously finished within the last three months! Take note that this is for the Global Side!

Starting since from the Round 14 Companion Match, it is also the start where most of its elements had been revamped and adjusted, in order to be matched with the current players’ difficulty experiences. Tier 1 Rank has been adjusted, previously from Rank 1-1200 bracket, down to Rank 1-60 bracket. Also, the amount of Event Points rewards completion has been increased drastically, thus making them very difficult to finish now. This is also the start where reaching the Tier 1 Event Points Ranking is very difficult and never the same again. There are no adjustments made in the Tier 1 Score Rankings bracket, which it still retains the Rank 1-1200 bracket. The only thing is, you must play a difficult MASTER song in order to attain and achieve your full potential score. And that is the only way to survive and to stay top in the Score Rankings!

1. Round 14 Companion Match: SoLL, Kotori, and Printemps

This Event has been run for at least 9 days, since from Nov 16 to Nov 25, 2020. It features UR Nico as a reward when you play in this Event, and URs Kotori and Umi can be acquired by Scouting.

I had finished with a Tier 2-1 standing, with Rank 134 at 1,724,420 points in the Event Points Ranking, and Rank 884 at 2,191,179 score in the Score Rankings with Cheer Day Cheer Girl! at MASTER difficulty.

2. Icon Collection: AZALEA’s Route!

In this Icon Collection Event, it features UR Hanamaru as a reward when you get Event Points and at the same time, placing higher in the Event Points rankings! Other two URs, Kanan and Dia, can be acquired through Scouting. Using these URs, especially the obtainable Secret SSR (by getting more Event Points), can allow you to increase your Event Points acquisition when you play during Events!

The featured song in this Event is Love Pulsar (New Romantic Sailors B-Side song), and it is available in 5 different difficulties! Playing on MASTER difficulty with this song is really a must here, since it can allow you to be on the top charts in the Score Rankings! At the same time, you can gain more Event Points when you play on that difficulty, especially if you are frequently landing a Full Combo finish!

The Event has been run for a duration of 9 days, since from Dec 2 to 11, 2020. It has been finished with a Tier 1-1 standing this time, previously from the Tier 2-2 standing in the JP Side. Drastically higher than in the JP Side, it has finished with an Event Points Rank of Rank 48 with 1,018,807 points, and Rank 1,124 with a score of 1,693,148 on its featured Event Song. I had almost lost my Tier 1 Score Ranking position due to the fact that my current team used for that song is pretty weak, in terms of Skill Levels and Scoring capabilities. I am very thankful for my Limited UR Riko (Skill Level Booster) for helping me to survive in the Score Rankings during this Event.

3. Round 41 Score Match: Rin’s Search for Cute

As usual, you play and win in this Event. If you lose, you shall gain only little Event Points, and at the same time, you lose your Score Match Points thus making you lose your Tier 1 Score Match Points (SMP) ranking.

This Event has been run for at least 10 days, from Dec 18 to 28, 2020. Finishing with a Tier 2-1 finish, I placed Rank 195 with a Total Event Points of 1,518,628. For the Event SMP, I placed on Rank 368 with an SMP of 24,891.

The Event UR to be obtained is Hanayo, while URs Rin and Maki can be obtained by Scouting!

4. Round 20 Challenge Festival: The Guilty Kiss Way!

This 20th Round of Challenge Festival Event in the Global Side features UR Mari as an obtainable reward! URs Riko and Yoshiko (Yohane!) can be acquired by Scouting!

This Event has been run for 9 days, since Jan 4 to 13, 2020. It has been finished with a Tier 1-1 Standing, just same as with my JP Side counterpart finishing also with a same standing. Rank is 29 with a Total Event Points of 4,620,648, while for the Score Rankings, it is Rank 631 with a Score of 2,576,292. Kinmirai Happy End is the song used by me in order to stay on the top of the Score Rankings in Tier 1 position.

5. Icon Collection: For Everyone

And finally, this is the last Event that I had been finished recently since last week! It has been highlighted since the last week’s Episode! Today, I am going to give to you the final results of it!

Finishing only with a Tier 2-1 Standing, I got a Rank 155 (507,078 pts) on Total Event Points Ranking, while I got Rank 689 (2,031,229 score) on the Event Score Rankings. Those results are somehow drastically higher than my previous results made in the JP Side with the same Event.

Upcoming Predicted February Events

Right now, during the resting period, I am going to give to you the possible upcoming Events in the Global Side this month! Please note that these were the projected and predicted Events to come out soon next! And finally, they were not confirmed yet, but I hope that they might be coming soon! Take note that these may or may not come, and may change at anytime.

Next to every predicted Events are my previous results! They were embedded as Tweets!

1. Round 15 Companion Match

First one is Round 15 Companion Match, and it features CYaRon! as featured Event URs (two of them can be acquired by Scouting). Event UR is Ruby, and Chika and You can be acquired by Scouting. And the Secret SSR to be obtained from this Event is Yoshiko Tsushima.

This Aqours Event shall be commencing on February 8 until 18, 2021! Experience the 10 days grind, and be victorious! This is going to be highlighted next week, and look forward into it!

2. Round 21 Challenge Festival

Finally, the second one to be commenced soon is the Round 21 Challenge Festival, featuring in the µ’s Side! You know the rules already on how to play in this Event, as well as on how to grind hard and survive from it!

Event UR is Kotori, while Nozomi and Hanayo can be acquired through Scouting! And the Secret SSR in this Event is Nico Yazawa!

This µ’s Event shall be commencing soon on February 26 until March 8, 2021! Earn more Event Points, defend your Score Ranking, and be victorious!

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Alright, it’s time for the LLSIF Tip of the Week! The today’s tip is this!

Increase your member’s Skill Level to increase effectiveness of your Scoring power!

Basically, this tip is an important aspect, and it is a must for players!

You must indeed increase the Skill Levels of your members! They are very important if you really need to be on the top charts in the Score Rankings of every single Events you join! If you are using a Score-type UR, make sure to maximize very well its Skill Level! And that is the one of the ways in order to Score higher and efficiently!

Basically, increasing and maximizing your member’s Skill Level takes time. So be just patient in getting more Support members in order to increase your current UR member’s Skill Level! Just always use them in a rightful manner and right timing, okay?

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Is your Love rejected or not? Find out next week!

Basically, it is just the Part 1 of this Episode theme! In the next Episode, what is the other item that you can give to your partner when you do celebrate Valentine’s Day? Stay tuned for the next week’s Episode to find out!

And that’s it for the 30th Episode of School Idol Festival Journal Log! See you next week and happy weekend!

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