Finally, it’s the season to be jolly!

Holiday gifts, year endgame events, special presentations, limited promos and discounts, are some of the things that would you expect to encounter in this season!

But then, all of them may not happen today, since due to the fact that we are still in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic onslaught. I can consider this one a sad Christmas, somehow.

But then, no matter what are the odds, we shall continue to celebrate and be joyful! And God has given us another year to stand up and try again. In fact, we shall all work together, and the success of the upcoming next year shall be depending on all of our efforts!

Right now, we are just a week away until this year ends. I am just going to try to make my one last Christmas wish. My wish is to let this deadly pandemic to be over, and I don’t want more lives of people to be lost.

So then, I want to make that wish to be possible. But then, it may become true and it shall depend on all of my effortful works!

I had been along with the School Idol Group, Aqours, for a very long time, ever since I had become a LoveLive! fan since year 2016. I just want to cherish the moment between them, since I won’t be able to go back to where and when I get to know them in my younger years. It is just like looking at their past in a photo album! As the time goes by, when I grew older, they are growing older also. But then, they are celebrating their 5th-Year journey in the School Idol Universe, and in fact, it is an important milestone for them to celebrate.

For the rest of these School Idols, in the School Idol Universe, I just want them to be happy forever, even in the times when the COVID-19 is still present. The legendary µ’s, and the successor, Nijigasaki High School Idol Club, shall be the representation of the two sides of the universe. While for Aqours, they shall be the present and the center of the time and universe today.

And finally, the young girls from the newly formed group, Liella!, shall be surfacing around, and they shall be joining in the School Idol Universe, soon. So then, let us celebrate and congratulate these new School Idols in this universe! In fact, the LoveLive! team has finally blessed us with this new gift this Christmas season.

Right now, let us celebrate with joy! This week shall be the penultimate week before the year 2020 ends! And at the same time, we got some highlights and headlines later to be tackled in this Episode!

So then, let the twenty-fifth Episode begin! Merry Christmas to all of you!


Please click or tap on any of the following highlights and headlines below, so that you could jump to it immediately!


Right now, as the heading suggests, we shall be celebrating with joy and excitement! We are about to witness their year endgame Events!

Aqours Countdown LoveLive! – WHITE ISLAND

The long-awaited year endgame event has come! This online paid streaming event shall be occurring next week, on December 30 and on New Year’s Eve, December 31! This shall be the ‘Part 2’ of their Online LoveLive! live performance via a paid stream!

Post: Year 2020 Endgame Event: Aqours WHITE ISLAND Live

There are more details in my previous blog post that I had made in the past days! Please click or tap the link above for more details!

Nijigasaki Theme Song Release Event: TOKIMEKI Ranran-Runrun Go!

This exclusive streaming Event by Nijigasaki High School Idol Club shall take place tomorrow, on December 26th!

This Event live stream shall be one hour and 30 minutes long. There are two parts of which this online streaming event shall occur! The first one is the talk part, where audiences can watch the stream. The Event part, or the live part, shall only be viewed by audiences who got virtual tickets!

Virtual tickets can be acquired by purchasing the opening and ending themes of the TV Anime itself (Nijiiro Passions! and NEO SKY, NEO MAP! CDs).

Application for those tickets has started since December 20, and has lasted until December 23rd. The Event itself can be watched for those who purchased the virtual tickets via the CDs mentioned, and it shall occur on December 26! This shall be the gateway to the TV Anime’s Episode Finale!

Let us go now to the last highlights of the game in the LLSIF JP and Global Sides in this Episode! Please read this Episode carefully until the very end!


Right now, this week’s Episode shall be fully action-packed again, since this week, I was on a vacation, and there is no Internet data or whatsoever in the place where I stayed! But then, putting now that side, what were the happenings that occurred this week, and in the past weekend?

Round 26 Challenge Festival: Citizens Touching Sports Day

This week, we got Challenge Festival as the endgame Event in the Aqours Side! This Event can be the longest, so as long that it is falling on months that has 31 days! And yep, this is going to be action-packed, this time, even if there are no EXP or Bond Points modifier around!

The Event UR to be obtained is Riko, and the URs to be obtained by scouting are Yohane and Chika! Secret SSR is Dia Kurosawa, and she can be acquired by gaining more Event Points in this Challenge Festival Event! Use these members as Yell Units to increase your Event Points acquisition!

This can be almost the same highlight, in which I had encountered before on the previous Challenge Festival. But this time around, the Event has different set of songs to encounter!

Most probably, the final highlights and results of this one shall be on the next other Episode! You shall see why in the upcoming announcement corner by reading further this Episode!

Nijigasaki High School Idol Club TV Anime Campaign – The Penultimate!

What has happened recently last week in the NijiGaku Anime?

Last week, the fans around had lost their control due to the scenes which involve surprise hugging, HHWW, and some other scenes which may represent innuendo references! Of course, we got some rumors that a secret CD or single by this solo group shall be surfacing around anytime soon.

Also, don’t forget to buy those promoted Blu-Rays of this Anime so that you can have a chance to watch their upcoming Shuffle Fes, to be made somewhere in March 2021!

Going back to the highlight, the TV Anime campaign shall continue by promoting its penultimate Episode! Login in all days to receive all of the items!

And finally, don’t forget to play NEO SKY, NEO MAP! on your B-Sides! If you are aiming to clear all of its Song Goals, be sure to do it now before it expires on December 26, which is also the date of the Final Episode airing of the Nijigasaki High School Idol Club Television Anime!

Round 2 Live Show Arena: Sirius Looks so Serious

And finally, I had finished obtaining all of the 50 Special Session Rewards from the Live Show Arena Event! It shall be concluded today at midnight Japan Time (UTC+9)! Be sure to go to the Live Show Arena screen first, then return back to your Home Screen and go to your Presents Box to get them!

SIFACHM Pre-Release Campaign: Limited Scouting (Stamp Scout)

Also, along with the ongoing Event is the Limited Scouting, featuring the characters in their SIFACHM (LLSIF After School Activity – Wai-Wai! Home Meeting!! PS4) outfits! This is also a part of their ongoing Christmas 2020 Campaign and their 50 Million Players Worldwide Campaign! This one is of Stamp Card Scouting format. Please read below along with the pictures in it for more info!

µ’s 3rd Years in their Nine Star Venus outfit. It uses the Stamp Card Scouting system, where you can get an item or even a bonus member if you do Scout x 11 (50 Love Gems)! Using Scouting Tickets or Soloyolo 5 Love Gems don’t work and you can’t get a Stamp Mark, remember that! Somehow, this one can be a difficult one to Scout, since they randomly appear with other Standard URs, aside from the ones that are shown in the banner!
Aqours 3rd Years in their Nine Wave Dolphin outfit. It is just the same description as in µ’s, so better try reading the µ’s one above!

All of these above shall expire after the 27th of December, Japan Time. After them are another members in other School Year!

If you have a particular member that you are looking for in the shown pictures above, better go scout them! Scout any of those members if you are looking for their Skills which are relevant to your current teams’ builds, so that you can score efficiently and to place higher in the Score Rankings in every Events! Good luck and get them all!

Dia Kurosawa Birthday Campaign

Also, included in this highlight is the campaign event for Dia Kurosawa’s birthday! Yay! And yes, her Birthday Limited UR has been previewed in the announcement notifications of the game!

Expect that one to be up later midnight at the 26th! It shall last until her birthday on January 1, which is also the day of the first day of year 2021! But then, there is a reason why I can’t celebrate her birthday on the New Year’s Day. To know the reason why, please read this Episode until you read the announcements part!


It is basically the same as in the JP Side, which is also action-packed! But then, I did not seriously played on this side and I did not grind harder in the ongoing Event. Please read more for some highlights!

Global Version Exclusive Campaign: Christmas 2020!

As usual, we are getting a different format of Christmas 2020 campaign, which is slightly different from the JP Side.

Right now, it is in a form of a mini-game again, where you could win rewards, such as SSR+ Scouting Tickets, Stickers (Seals), SR Support Member Cards, and more! To know on how to play that mini-game, please refer to the rules given by the mini-game itself, by tapping the question mark (?) button, or ‘Rules’ button!

Good luck, since that mini-game somehow requires you to throw a certain amount of Love Gems (by Scouting or using them to recover your LP) to get all of the rewards!

Round 41 Score Match: Rin’s Search for Cute

And then, the grind struggle continues with the Round 41 Score Match! And yep, this is going to be my sloppiest grind ever in the history of my LLSIF gaming! Due to the fact that I am concentrating with the JP Side because of the ongoing Challenge Festival there, I am more likely dropping more in the Event Points Ranking. Not only I am getting below Tier 2 here, but also my Score Match Points Ranking is also in peril. And finally, my recent outdoor vacation has caused me a lost of Internet data access, as well as not being able to grind and my rankings are drastically dropping. So then, what basically happens this time around shall be the same next week! Will it happen?

Limited Box Scouting!

Also, to commemorate the 50 Million Players Worldwide (same as in the JP Side) celebration, they also have limited scouting of UR members. Basically, they are UR members in which they had appeared once in the JP Side, just after their run.

Be sure to scout these URs if they are relevant to your current team’s build, and in order to score efficiently and place yourself higher in the Score Rankings in Events!


I got some important announcement to make here in this Episode!

That’s right, since the New Year’s Day is just next week, also on Friday, I cannot go for Episode 26! Which means, there is no School Idol Festival Journal Log next week! As usual, it is the observance of the public holiday, not just in my region, but worldwide!

Again, no new Episode next week! That’s all!

Wishing for Our Future… We Shall See Again!

As seen and shown in the announcement, there shall be no new Episode to be published next week! The next Episode shall be published on January 8! Look forward into it!

That’s it. Before I say goodbye, let me say this message to Aqours one more time…

“Happy 5th Anniversary and make your Dreams and Future come to reality!!”

For those people who had purchased their online virtual tickets for their WHITE ISLAND online live, enjoy and see them live on the New Year’s Eve!

And also, once again, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you! We hope and wish that this deadly pandemic shall be over, so that we could continue to cheer on and support these School Idols again!

And once again, this Episode is finally over! We shall see each other again, next time. See you next year, on January 8, for the next Episode of School Idol Festival Journal Log! Happy Holidays.

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