I did local offline gaming before!

Console gaming is somehow evolving with new types of genre. This includes the use of the Virtual Reality (VR) headset, or even using a system that captures the motion or movements of a player.

But what type or genre that I usually play in the past? Mostly, I play games that are from role-playing gaming (RPG) genre. I like them the most since this type of console game tells a story, or more like watching a TV series or a movie.

I know video games today are getting more advanced, difficult, and at the same time, expensive to make. It is because of the new gaming systems, as well as resources like graphics and software used. I am a person who loves console video games, but can’t still move on from the old games, or retro games, rather.

Since childhood, I like playing these console video games, especially the RPG ones. I do not simply focus on the graphics and gameplay, but I rather focus on the story of that game. I really want to know what is that video game about, not just simply playing for its gameplay and graphics.

Some video game hardware today includes the use of the mobile phone, connected to a wireless controller via Bluetooth connection.

Remember that I am sometimes choosy when I play these type of games. If I am bored sometimes, I simply run the ‘old’ games that I have via emulator, or the software that runs a file that contains old games.


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