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Today’s featured character is… Sumire Heanna!

Character Info
NameSumire Heanna
あん すみれ
SeriesLoveLive! Superstar!!
TypeJapanese Idol
Hair ColorYellow
VoiceNaomi Payton
Full Info

Sumire Heanna is a girl who studied at Yuigaoka Girls’ High School, and a fourth member of the School Idol group, called as Liella! Sumire belongs to the first generation of the Liella! group, which was formed by Kanon Shibuya and her friends.

Sumire dreamed on becoming the best School Idol, not just in Japan, but the entire world and galaxy. She is noted to utter her phrase, “Galaxy!” when she was impressed or surprised. She also works as a shrine maiden in a temple where she lived.

Sumire Heanna is a girl who knows no limitations, and she just go ahead. Her multi-talented skills, like dancing, are what makes her stand out than the other of her School Idol friends — due to her experiences when she was still on a showbiz industry. Sometimes, Sumire can be hard-headed for me, especially when she is on an argument talk with Keke Tang. Oh, and that “Gusokumushi Music” of hers can be embarrassing, yet cute at the end. She can punch you hard if you are really making fun of her Gusokumushi music!

Inori Donz

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