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Overview (Story)
Luck does matter in skills.

After defeating Igris the Bloodred, Sung Jinwoo must survive the endless army of knights in order to complete his job change quest.

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Review time! Keyword: ARISE

Going with the review in this Episode, it has made my eyes never go off from the screen with the exciting action scenes there! Of course, there would be some cutscenes in which it holds off my excitement a bit. But overall, the flow of this Episode is very good!

I really like the fact that Sung Jinwoo has become so “lucky” again, when the tables have turned, and he is almost killed, surrounded by armored knights. And also, it has given me a recall about the previous Episode where he must need to survive in the Penalty Quest in order to escape. But then, at the end, it is just a piece of cake to him! How different it is when you have achieved a level which is, in fact, made you feel stronger than before! Of course, it is an adventure RPG-themed Anime show, where you have to level up in order to become stronger.

So then, I am really expecting more from this Anime, since it is already the last Episode of this season. Basically, what’s gonna happen next when Sung Jinwoo was able to face some fellow hunters, whose levels are higher than him? Yep, something to expect! And also, I need to avoid eavesdropping on some original source media in order to avoid unforeseen spoilers.

Overall, this Episode is very good to be a finale for season one.

My Rating: BEST (4.7/5)

Review Rating Summary and Breakdown

Story: (5/5) – Story is good! Sung did really use the Penalty Quest in order to retreat temporarily from a quest that he can’t seem to finish without recovering his HP.
Animation: (5/5) – Eye-popping action scenes! Of course, there would be cutscene breaks if in case you wanna timeout from the action.
Insights: (4/5) – For the insights, I have learned that it is really important to challenge ourselves into a new level. Whether we are new or experienced, we have to learn something new.

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