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Overview (Story)
You got a good reason in hiding your skills.

Sung Jinwoo joined once again with a group of Hunters who were tasked to raid a dungeon. They were joined by Kang Taeshik and a group of three convicted Hunters along. However, something evil is within, ending up some of their party members killed by this person.

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Review time! Another fatality scenes here!

It is about… killing without anybody else around knowing. That’s a message, somehow.

So then, Jinwoo can be an E-Rank Hunter on a Second Awakening. And guess what? I can’t believe that he could actually beat a single hunter, whose ranks are higher than him! Now, I really understand how this “Awakening” system does even work, in some RPGs.

Yup, a lot of blood and fatalities are spotted here, especially on the three convicted Hunters. That’s even more of gnashing of my own teeth, when these villains die!

The plot’s rating should be better, if I could ever combine the previous Episode into this current Episode for a review. Somehow, it should be a better rating.

For the overall part of this Episode, I do really enjoy what Sung Jinwoo did to his clown assassin, Kang Taeshik. Taeshik is really a sadist, but a wimp when he is hiding in the shadows. Also, the time when Jinwoo one-shotted him with his “Murderous Intent” skill.

Overall, this Episode is really good as it is. With the combination of talking while fighting, it is really making my eyes never go out of action, though the plot progression is still slow enough.

My Rating: BEST (4.7/5)

Review Rating Summary and Breakdown

Story: (4/5) – Story is great! Never seen that one-shot attack coming out of nowhere.
Animation: (5/5) – Blood animation is just right. And Sung Jinwoo is never the same again.
Insights: (5/5) – It is okay to battle with anyone, whose levels are higher than you. But then, just like in the previous Episode that you should figure out the weakness of your opponent to defeat it easily. It is a matter or fact that they can be stronger than you. But if they can’t able to use their powers in a rightful way, they are going down in instant.

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Series Info
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