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Overview (Story)
“I should test it on how far it goes.”

Yoo Jinho wants to invite Sung to a team in order to form a guild. But at the end, Sung has refused the offer.

One day, Sung was training for his Daily Quest, until he finds out that the objective can exceed twice the required amount or times. When he did all of these objectives, a secret item has popped out, leading him to something that requires his absolute will to conquer this new Instance Dungeon.

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Review time! Sung has entered a high-leveled dungeon!?

So then, it is a matter or fact that your true strength can be tested at your limits. It really shows that whenever you are strong enough, then it’s the time to put your strength to the limit. Sung is really unaware of that secret that his daily quest can be doable further in order to unlock a special quest.

Yep, maybe a good decision for Sung to reject an offer, in which he has to join Yoo Jinho in order for him to fulfill the qualifications in establishing a guild. But then, I believe that sometimes we should even try to do these goals alone, and to clear them.

In the later part, it seems that Sung got a new opponent foreshadowed this time around in the succeeding Episodes. I wondered if he’s gonna cross paths with him.

The action scenes were just right, yet fast, in terms of frames. Especially when he’s on a close up shot when his eyes turned blue in rage.

Also, the story-pacing here has finally compacted the Episode duration, making it to be resolved, and I liked it somehow.

More insights can be read at the end of this review post.

Overall, this Episode is a total banger. Something that reminded me of an “overpowered” character that can literally beat up a giant monster who is ten times larger than him. Somehow, it’s a representation that we could literally face up with this “Secret Boss”, in order to prove that we are stronger. Yep, and secret bosses are even stronger than the Final Boss. You know how to deal with them, right?

My Rating: GOOD (4.3/5)

Review Rating Summary and Breakdown

Story: (5/5) – The plot pacing here has finally compacted the Episode duration, making it to be resolved easily.
Animation: (4/5) – The action scene frames here are fast! In fact, you wanna pause yourself into that certain frame in order to capture that moment, especially when his eyes turned blue!
Insights: (4/5) – For the insights in this Episode, sometimes, you gotta know your limits, especially when you are already stronger in terms of level. Having a higher level doesn’t really mean that you are stronger and can beat anyone. Sometimes, anyone whose levels are higher than you can be dangerous and tough, so you have to rethink whether you wanted to take this challenge or not. If you can’t handle it, then you just need to train more, and come back whenever you are ready.

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