Right now, the Idol Chasers are doing what they can in order to reach Mikako Kira’s world, as well as the Black Lace Ribbons. And they must need to find the Prism Cards, in which they can be used to my Digitariel in order to transport themselves into different Parallel Worlds.

But on every Parallel Worlds that they step in, they encounter various conflicts and dangers. But no matter what… Chiharu and the others will never give up hope!

And then, I can hear the voice of my other self screaming. Could it be…?

I think it is now the time to wake up to reality. It is because, they needed me.

And this is Lierre speaking to you, reader.

Antyla is really angry as she knows that her targets have escaped. A flashback has ensued, showing the conversation between her and Mikako.

“I will definitely squish them the next time that I encounter them!”

“Hey, hold your horses there. It seems you are being so bossy than me here.”

“Ha! None of your business here.”

“I will be the one who is ordering you around, and you are just a member!”

“I am going to prove to you! I will eradicate those Idol Chasers by myself, especially with that oracle!”

“You will see that. Your own pride will just decimate you.”

And then, Antyla has left and this is where her flashback has ended.

Fueled with rage and arrogance, Antyla runs amok by destroying some trees and landmarks, with her monster guardian Beteldra.

“I will make these rats come out from their den!” she said.

Out of nowhere, a girl with a short silver hair has descended from the skies.

And then, the girl named You said, “You will definitely pay for destroying human nature, you old, freaky woman!”

Antyla just laughed at You. Until, You has ended up getting beaten and was taken as hostage.

Meanwhile, at a hiding place, where Yohane and the Idol Chasers are there, Chiharu has been observing the fallen Inverse Lierre.

It seems that Inverse Lierre’s dark costume is beginning to turn back to the original color that it should be. Which means…

“Lierre…” said Chiharu. “Have you returned?”

Finally, the original Lierre has awakened, and the color of her eyes have turned to green.

“People,” said Lierre. “I am back!”

And then, Chiharu, Sho, Komari, and Mami replied, “Welcome back!”

Yohane saw a live stage platform that is covered with plants and vines. And she said, “This platform is emitting strange aura. What is this?”

Everybody else got surprised. And Chiharu said in reply, “That’s the live stage platform! We just need to do our live show here in order to get the Prism Card!”

“Alright, let’s do this, girls!” said Mami.

Suddenly, a scream was heard from a distance.

“Looks like we need to save somebody out there!” said Komari. “Chiharu, Mami, Lierre! You got to perform now and get the Prism Card!”

“Oh, mind if I go along?” asked and said Yohane. “It looks like this friend of mine might be in danger.”

“My pleasure for working with you, mistress.”

Sho finally asked, “Mind if I go along with you?”

And so, both Yohane and Sho are riding at Lailaps’ back, and they rode. Komari, on the other hand, uses her teleporter tool to allow her to transport to a short distance easily, while running.

When they left, it is up to Chiharu, Lierre, and Mami to do their own thing on the live stage platform.

You is held hostage by Antyla. And then, Komari, Yohane, and Sho have arrived at the scene.

“Give me the Prism Card!” said Antyla to them. “Or I will be executing this girl in front of you!”

“I don’t think so…” replied Komari. “We ain’t having it, either.”


“We got to save that girl!” said Sho.

“You got to do something now, while we are distracting this one!” said Yohane to Sho.

You is tied to a wooden pole, which is positioned behind Antyla and Beteldra.

And so, Komari and Yohane, along with Lailaps, make themselves ready for battle.

When they clashed on, Sho is running, and he is trying to get near to You. He then unties her up.

Back at the place where the live stage platform was, Chiharu, Lierre, and Mami finally acquired the Prism Card.

“Is there anything we can do to transport ourselves to Komari and others?” asked Chiharu.

“Without your Digitariel, you will…” said Mami.

“When I don’t have my Digitariel, that’s my problem,” said Lierre. “But with this Prism Card, then it’s not a problem.”

Lierre finally uses the Prism Card as a feature to transport themselves into the location, where Komari and others are.

And then, back at the place where Komari and others are, Sho finally rescues You from hostage.

“Thank you for saving me!” said You.

“You’re welcome,” said Sho to her. “For now, let’s help these girls to corner Antyla!”

However, Yohane and Komari were finally exhausted and are panting their breaths. Lailaps can no longer touch and attack them. Antyla and Beteldra are very strong.

“It seems that she become a lot more stronger than the time that I first encountered her!” said Komari.

“She’s very strong!” said Yohane. “Not even my own black magic can faze her!”

“Hahaha!” said Antyla, “Well, time to finish you girls off. Then, I shall be bringing your bodies to Mikako Kira!”

And finally, a ball of light has landed where Yohane and Komari are. This is where Chiharu, Mami, and Lierre have finally arrived at the scene.

“We can never allow you to hurt our friends!” said Chiharu.

“Fighting back is futile!” said Mami. “Just get lost already!”

“If you don’t give me the Prism Card,” said Antyla, “I will just have to destroy you all!”

Beteldra tries to attack the group, but Lailaps just stopped it.

Lierre finally feels that her other self is talking to her. She then closed her eyes, and she talks to her within her feelings inside.

“Oh my…” said Inverse Lierre. “Why don’t you try to unite with me?”

“Unite with you?” said Lierre. “If that’s the case, then…”

“I am really sure that you can still unlock your true power, my other self.”

“Definitely, I can.”

Meanwhile, Yohane goes near to Lierre who had her eyes closed. She then said, “Interesting. Well, let me supply you with some of my magic!”

Yohane wielded her staff, and she casts some magic powers to Lierre.

Lierre finally woke up, and said, “Let’s do this, my other self!”

And then, Lierre’s costume has finally changed. From being just white-bluish costume, it finally turned into white-pink-scheme costume. And then, her sleeves finally disappeared, leaving her arms bare, while wearing some long arm sleeves. Finally, the transformation was complete.

“I call this my upgraded Oracle Form,” said Lierre. “For I, Lierre the School Idol Oracle, has awakened my true power!”

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Aqours Updates

Yohane the Parhelion – Episode 8
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Nijigasaki Updates

6th Live Visual and Subtitle Revealed

AIKA: And as revealed from their last Nijigasaki Livestream on Wednesday, the visual and subtitle for their upcoming 6th Live! Series has been revealed!
MAMI: The subtitle is I love You ⇆ You love Me! And this can be a road leading to their foreseen Nijigasaki Movie Trilogy Series!
SAKI: That subtitle… Looks like from a lyric of a song of the popular children’s TV show, isn’t it?
AIKA: !! You even said it!
MAMI: And to detail further, the 6th Live! Tour Series shall be held on at least two (2) prefectures in a series, namely for Aichi and Kanagawa, this coming December 2023 and January 2024, respectively!
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TODAY: Liella! 4th LoveLive! Tour Series – Part 1

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SAKI: And not to mention that their paid live streaming for people outside Japan is now available.
AIKA: Oh yeah! It’s now the time!
LIERRE: Next week shall be the CatChu!’s turn to stand up in the stage! Please refer to their official website page for more info.
TAKAYOSHI: Just keep your eyes and ears for their sudden announcements, especially if you are going to attend on the Day 2 set!

School Idol Festival 2: MIRACLE LIVE!

Liella! Multi Live

TAKAYOSHI: And then, we have this!
SHO: That’s the Liella! Multi-Live!
GEN: The songs that this Event shall be using are from the Liella! Side of Cool Attribute.
TAKAYOSHI: Better need to set up your team to Cool Attributes this time before playing!
SHO: When you play for 100,000 Event Points, you can win a UR Kanon Shibuya!
GEN: Also, the featured Event URs that can be acquired through Scouting can more likely increase your Score even more when a live show play has ended!
TAKAYOSHI: And make sure to put them into your team for more chances of winning in a Multi Live play!
SHO: This Event shall be lasting up to August 25th. We got still a lot of time to play and grind guys!
GEN: Well, saving Love Gems are really difficult, from now on.

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Chiharu and everybody else were surprised, looking at Lierre’s new form.

“Wow, that form is so cute and elegant!” said Sho. “She’s like an angel…”

“Whatever form is that…” said Antyla, “I will still destroy you!”

When Antyla and Beteldra are beginning to attack, Lierre is just keeping herself cool.

“Even if my Digitariel isn’t with my side, I can only use this power to send you back where you from!” said Lierre.

And then, she stretched out her right arm, and she uses this spell in order to grasp Antyla and Beteldra. Then, she lifted them up, and she tries to open a sort of warp portal there.

“Deport,” she said that skill name.

And finally, Antyla and Beteldra were thrown into the portal, and it was closed.

“This skill shall only send you back to Mikako Kira’s world,” said Lierre.

And so, the Idol Chasers and Yohane have won.

The time is almost dusk, and the sun is setting. Chiharu and the Idol Chasers are facing with Yohane, Lailaps, and You.

“Thank you for saving the day for us!” said You to them.

“We should be thanking you a lot, especially with Yohane and… Her giant dog as well!” said Chiharu.

“The name’s Lailaps, man…” said Sho to Chiharu.

And finally, Yohane talks to them and said, “That Antyla looks so powerful. But because of you people, we have won!”

“As expected from this girl of the other dimension,” said Lierre. “The Fallen Angel Fortune Teller Yohane. Or otherwise… Yohane the Parhelion.”

“Yohane the Parhelion?!?”

“I guess that’s it. We finally have the Prism Card now. It’s time for us to leave this Parallel World.”

When they are beginning to part ways, Sho forgets something, and he goes closer to Yohane.

“Yohane-sama!” said Sho to her. “I hope that I could see you again. The Yohane that I had been looking for again… She is a School Idol, and I had met her along with the other girls.”

“School Idol?” said Yohane to him. “If you could remember me as Yohane, then let me give you this.”

Yohane gives something to Sho. It was an emblem containing her Little Demon icon.

“This one…” said Sho. “I can totally find that ‘Yohane’ that I have been looking for!”

“Even though that you can’t see her now,” said Yohane to him, “She might be just around, watching and looking at you, and she smiles at you. For this time on, I shall let you to be my first disciple!”

“Thank you, Yohane-sama! And see you again, next time!”

“See you around, my dear follower.”

And so, this is where they had parted ways.

But then, Komari goes near to Yohane next when she was being called by her, and when the other Idol Chasers are walking away.

“Komari,” said Yohane to her. “Let me tell you some little bit of information about your dead mother. Maybe I can answer your question this time.”

“You do?” replied Komari. “Please tell me anything about with my dead mother!”

Yohane begins to tell everything she knows to Komari.

Finally, back at the maid cafe, Lierre swipes the Prism Card to her Digitariel which is being stuck into the wall. And so, it activated and it finally shows the memories of that Parallel World, which is the Uranumazu that once called as Numazu.

“That’s it,” said Chiharu. “We are ready to go to the next Parallel World!”

“It’s time to say goodbye in this Parallel World, and we head on to the next one!” said Aika.

“Yeah,” said Sho. “Yohane, see you next time!”

“Let’s expect for an another earthquake this time around,” said Gen.

And then, the earthquake did happen, when the Digitariel has did self-activation. The quake has stopped, and it shows to them the next world.

“This next Parallel World…” said Mami. “Are we heading back?”

“In my case, it’s not that we are heading back,” said Saki.

“This world…” said Honoka, “I guess the time has really come.”

It was already evening, and Yohane is standing on the hills along with her giant dog Lailaps.

“School Idols…” said Yohane. “It looks like I had seen them before.”

And at every part of the world, there foreshadowed the eight other people who will soon become Yohane’s allies in the future.

Lailaps then howled loudly in the night when it’s full moon.

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The Bonus Stage
Yohane the Parhelion (Genjitsu no YOHANE) 2nd Teaser Video

Yohane is just a loner, and was moved into a town that she ain’t used into.

What could be her thing to do in order to create a world where music do really even exist?

Yohane the Parhelion: Sunshine in the Mirror

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Premiering every Sunday at 11:00pm JST!

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