EPISODE 13: Dimension Shift

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The next day, Chiharu has taken a shower, and has went downstairs. She was now eating breakfast with Chinatsu and her mother.

“My school activities will be tougher now,” said Chiharu. “Because I am a School Idol, and… a part-time worker in the maid cafe!”

“Just don’t push yourself too hard, big-sis!” said Chinatsu. “All things will be harder, especially when you get sick!”

“Always stay healthy and stay fit!” said her mother. “Remember to exercise and to rest regularly!”

“Thank you, Mom, Nacchan. With all of the things that I have learned, I had struggled myself to be better.”

“Oh, and we will be looking forward in supporting your School Idol activities! And I wanna be a School Idol, someday!”

“My dear, you must go now, and show them what you got!”

Chiharu hugs her mother and Chinatsu together. And she said, “I am going to bring home victory!”

The girls had taken their last class. Chiharu, Aika, Komari, and Mami had taken their pop quiz. In the end, Mami got a higher score than in the other girls, while Chiharu being the second. It seems that Aika got the lowest score among them this time, and yet she is having fun.

When their classes are over, they headed straight to the maid cafe for their afternoon shift.

In the HQ, Chiharu saw the Digitariel stuck on the wall, and Saki told her about it.

“Miss Saki,” said Chiharu. “How did Lierre’s Digitariel stick to the wall?”

“I don’t know how either,” replied Saki. “The Digitariel just appeared, and it just self-attached to the wall of our HQ.”

“And then, how’s Lierre? How’s her condition?”

“She is just sleeping on the bed. No signs of waking up either throughout the entire day.”

And then, she went to the bedroom where Lierre is lying down. She even saw Honoka there.

“Chiharu!” said Honoka. “I am glad you came here!”

“Honoka!” replied Chiharu. “How’s her condition?”

“Lierre is fine. But then, something strange and her costume just turned black!”

“Costume… Turned black…? No way, must it be…”

“I am now feeling her faint aura! It looks like she has finally awakened, again.”

Lierre’s black aura is coming out, and she is ready to wake up, soon.

And then, the evening shift is over, and the maid cafe is closing.

“Thank you, and come again tomorrow!” said Gen to the departing customer. Finally, Gen sensed something strange and said, “It looks like she has awakened again… Inverse Lierre!”

Upon closing the door of the maid cafe, the Digitariel stuck on the wall has did a self-activation, and is starting to act weird.

“I wondered what is it happening? But then, I can feel that something is really going to happen,” Gen said.

Aika, Sho, Komari, and Mami are ready to go home. And suddenly, some screams were heard.

Finally, everyone were gathered inside the Idol Chasers HQ. And Chiharu and Honoka were held and restrained by this person.

“It’s been a while since I had been put to sleep for many days and months!” said the one who is holding and restraining Chiharu and Honoka.

“Inverse Lierre!” said everyone else. Mami was really surprised on what did she saw for the first time.

“Oh my,” said Inverse Lierre. “It looks like some mess did really happen here while I was gone! But then, let me just fix everything that I had done wrong before.”

Finally, she has released Chiharu and Honoka from her grasp of telepathy. And then, Inverse Lierre talks to everybody.

“Did you know that the Nega Cell which was attached to me before? It has well stimulated my own desires. In fact, the Nega Cell is just a product where it will just boost your own desires, whether good or evil! If a person is a goodie, then she will be more good and godly. Otherwise, she will be more evil than ever when injected by that! As I, myself, since I am on the dark side, then I am evil myself.”

Saki adds up and said, “Inverse Lierre, please tell us on how did you take over Lierre’s body.”

“That’s a simple sentence to answer. I just simply take over her body because she was unconscious that time. And then, I had taken this opportunity to take over her for the meantime until she wakes up. But don’t worry. She is still alive, and she is just in a deep sleep.”

Chiharu finally steps in, and talks to her and asked, “Inverse Lierre! The Digitariel is stuck on the wall in this room, and can you tell us about it?”

“I see…” replied Inverse Lierre. “So this is basically what happens when the School Idol Oracle herself is not present in this world! And did you know what this means?”

They were surprised on her interrogative sentence.

And then, the Digitariel on the wall has self-activated again. This time, it is writing and outputting some gibberish letters. Finally, a strange earthquake has ensued, and they were all surprised and in panic.

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LIERRE: It’s the Yohane the Parhelion Anime! It is now currently streaming, and the second Episode is just a hunch.
AIKA: I hope that Sho-chan won’t get a heart attack here when he saw her!
SAKI: And there are some news that happened today, and in the previous days, just before this Episode is published.
MAMI: What could be are those? Find out by reading!

ALL: Stage Start!

Aqours Updates

Yohane Anime: Console Video Game Announced!

SAKI: Calling out all Otakus, or anyone who got a video game consoles at their homes!
MAMI: Heads up, since the announcement of the new video game, the Yohane the Parhelion: Blaze in the Deepblue, has been done, and having it to be released on November 16, 2023! Not just Japan… It’s Worldwide!
SAKI: Inti Creates was known most for its 2D side-scrolling games, isn’t it? Yep, and Yohane goes classic and retro this time.
MAMI: I hope Sho would be liking this game, since Yohane was there!
SAKI: There are still a lot of secrets that this girl have. So, don’t miss out on her latest stuff!

REVIEW: Yohane the Parhelion – Episode 1
“I don’t have any memories nor friends here.”

It seems that this Anime series can now be streamed via Crunchyroll, an hour after the ABEMA TV advanced broadcast.

How about the Yohane fans, other than Thailand, who were not able to watch because it’s not available? Oh well, you know the drill when that occurs.

Episode Review | Streaming Guide

Nijigasaki Updates

TODAY: NIJITABI! Fan Meet Tour Series (Osaka)

AIKA: I can’t get enough of Nijigasaki without having to watch everything in their live tour!
SAKI: That’s right. And the fifth part of their series is on at Osaka!
AIKA: Let’s say… Their fifth part in the series shall be today at 6:00pm JST! And tomorrow at 1:00pm and 5:00pm JST!
SAKI: Hosts are Kaori Maeda, Miyu Kubota, Akari Kito, and Coco Hayashi. And remember that overseas paid live streaming is always available for fans outside of Japan!
AIKA: For the another time around, let me watch another paid live streaming!
SAKI: This time, I will join you, Aika.

Happy Birthday, Karin Asaka!

ALL: Let’s give out our birthday messages for Karin Asaka!

AIKA: Happy birthday, Karin! I am afraid in wearing some skimpy outfit at the front of people. But then, because of you, I had totally overcome my own problem! And to you, you are the best dancer among School Idols! Again, happy birthday, Karin-senpai!
MAMI: Hello there! Shall we try out some fashion session sometime? I wanna try out some new clothes! Happy birthday, Karin Asaka!
LIERRE: You are indeed beautiful, in terms of your curvy body. But not, when it comes to your brains. But then, your confidence has really made you stand out further on the stage. Happy birthday, dear Karin Asaka from Nijigasaki!
SAKI: Whew… I don’t know what to say, but… Just keep up your good work and feelings to everybody in Yu Takasaki’s School Idol Club! Happy birthday, dear Karin Asaka!

ALL: Happy birthday! We Idol Chasers love you!

Nijigasaki Movie Trilogy Announced

SAKI: And then, we got some reports that the Movie Trilogy Series from Nijigasaki has been announced.
LIERRE: The sub-title is yet to be announced. For the meantime, let’s call this as the Nijigasaki Movie Trilogy Series.
AIKA: That’s right! It has been announced right after the premiere of the Next Sky OVA last weekend!
MAMI: And to mention the last note in Japanese, the Part 1 of the Trilogy shall be released around year 2024.
SAKI: This could be an another history in the LoveLive! Series, it seems.
LIERRE: And then, will this be a heartful conclusion to their School Idol adventures? I can’t say about their future.
AIKA: But then, they ain’t joining any LoveLive! Contest yet.
MAMI: School Idol… Grand Prix?

ALL: Look forward to the future works of Nijigasaki!

Liella! Updates

Unit Mini-Album Announced

LIERRE: Coming up on August 2, 2023 is the release of Team Liella!’s new mini album, called as Jump Into the New World!
MAMI: This would feature the sub-unit songs, as well as their new song as a School Idol Group, along with Wien Margarete and Tomari Onitsuka!
LIERRE: And did I mention that buying the album, when it is released in Japan, allows people to get a chance to win a ticket, leading to their upcoming 4th LoveLive! Tour Series?
MAMI: It seems.
LIERRE: So then, look forward into this upcoming mini-album on August to see!

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SHO: I can’t just get enough on Yohane!! Aika, please stop me!!
GEN: That’s basically the side-effect when you feel that you are overdosed with her.
TAKAYOSHI: Speaking of LLAS, it has terminated since yesterday. And we salute to that game that lasted for at least 3 years!
GEN: A moment of silence for this fallen game…

SHO: We will totally miss you, LoveLive! ALL STARS!
GEN: Therefore, the Live Show must still go on.
TAKAYOSHI: This is the Games Updates! Make sure to read in order to find out what’s happening in SIF2!

School Idol Festival

Memories of LLSIF – Mini-Episode 12 (Final)

Let’s head into the last mini-Episode right away!

Final Episode: The Live Show Must Go On

LoveLive! School Idol Festival rhythm game has finally left us with some good memories there.

There are some good memories, where it has made us happy and smiling with joy, while there are some bad memories that made us sad and disappointed, and making us to never go back on that part ever again. With the frustration, drama, and some joy and glory, this has made the game one of the long-running great games in history that made the people go laugh with joy and excitement for at least 10 years.

And so, the mysteries and the adventures in the world of School Idols shall continue. It shall continue to go on forth, and it shall still continue through the ages. It shall also keep to continue until all of our lives run out.

And now, their adventures and stories shall continue into a new game, called as LoveLive! School Idol Festival 2: MIRACLE LIVE!. So finally, an unknown future and new challenges await. But no matter what it is, we shall continue to traverse the path where these School Idols had went and struggled.

Thank you, LLSIF, for these wonderful memories. It shall be inherited through the ages, and these shall be sent to the future.

TAKAYOSHI: It’s so nice to play with this game, in which it never became boring when I play it.
SHO: Yeah, and the related in-game campaigns and other exciting URs had made me to play even more.
GEN: And this wraps up, huh? These memories were finally sent to the future.
TAKAYOSHI: And also, to wrap this final mini-Episode…

ALL: Thank you for the memories, LLSIF! See you again, someday!


School Idol Festival 2: MIRACLE LIVE!

New Songs Added!

TAKAYOSHI: Aside from the new Event which is starting since yesterday, we got some new songs for us to challenge with!
GEN: Some songs that are available to play are from the TV Anime, Yohane the Parhelion.
SHO: That’s amazing! I could get to play with these songs while the Event is going on!
TAKAYOSHI: Then you guys should have enough time to get to know the other new songs that appeared, aside from this one that was shown in the picture above!
GEN: Well then, let’s go to the next highlight or news!
SHO: Yohane-sama!!!

Miracle Collection: Seagull Delivery Trouble

GEN: Heads up, Takayoshi! It looks like we got an another Event here, right after that Multi Live Event! I hope that your LP recovery resources are just fine.
SHO: Also, Team Liella!’s Kinako Sakurakoji shall be the UR reward here! We just need to play and grind into the Event in order to get her!
TAKAYOSHI: No worries. I got everything ready here. But then, we should reserve our Love Gems because we shall be needing them to scout new UR members from the scouting banner!
GEN: So, you know about the rules in Miracle Collection Event, don’t you? And the Event song to be used here is WE WILL!!
SHO: Preparations complete! Let’s play into the Event!
TAKAYOSHI: I am on it!


The Last Scream
This is LLAS’ last Login Bonus item! 500 Star Gems!

TAKAYOSHI: And so, the LoveLive! School Idol Festival ALL STARS was now officially closed, as of June 30, 2023, at 4:00pm JST.
SHO: I know that not all things could last up to forever. We just need to accept the reality.
GEN: But then, all of our progress on that game would be gone. Somehow, if you managed to import your current data to SIF2, then it shouldn’t be a problem.
TAKAYOSHI: If you guys are able to import your LLAS data, by issuing your transfer passcode before the shutdown date, then you could be able to get some rewards from the SIF2 rhythm game! The rewards are determined by your player data, such as your current Player Rank!
SHO: Okay, it seems that my data importing is now complete. I have the screenshot of my own transfer passcode data.
GEN: Well then, we shall be seeing each other on the other side of the stars.

ALL: Thank you LLAS! Let’s read the next and the last highlight of this game!

Channel Weekly Bulletin (Final)
For the last time around, did your best girl made it to the top ten?
JP #117 (Final)
GL/EN #104 (Final)

TAKAYOSHI: And after LLSIF, there goes LLAS who has shut down.
SHO: Somehow, my Yohane has made it to the top spots! I am so happy!
GEN: This is it, readers! This would be the last School Idol Channel Weekly Bulletin update! And after this, there would be no more!
TAKAYOSHI: Though that my Chika didn’t make it, I had still managed to get a top 1 position within her channel for the last time.
SHO: Yeah, and a Gold Ranking position for me within her channel, at least.
GEN: Again, readers. This is the last channel weekly bulletin!
TAKAYOSHI: And this wraps up our Channel Weekly Bulletin for LLAS!

ALL: Thank you for playing LoveLive! ALL STARS! See you next time.

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When the earthquake is done, their worrying has stopped. Inverse Lierre has said to them, “So, how about we do some little adventures, huh? Basically, it can help you to reach on what we call the Black Lace Ribbons’ Dimension!”

And the Idol Chasers and Honoka were surprised about it.

“For now, you have to find out on what is in that Digitariel.”

Chiharu then interrupts her and said, “Inverse Lierre! Can you tell us about the Digitariel?”

Then she replied, “Like I said, I don’t know about it, and my other self did know about it. But I can’t tell because she can’t even remember it.”

Inverse Lierre finally made her final words and said, “You just have to find out. And I must leave to find them out, either.”

And then, she disappears from sight.

“No, Inverse Lierre!” said Chiharu as she has lost an another ally.

Sho finally goes out and he opens the main door of the maid cafe. As he opened it, he saw some surroundings in which they were not seen before, and he was ended up surprised.

“Everyone!” shouted Sho. “Look at outside! Something’s weird outside!”

And then, everyone went outside to see.

“This isn’t the present Human World that we are in now,” said Gen. “In fact, we had made our Dimension Shift into this mysterious Parallel World!”

The Idol Chasers saw that they are stepping into a strange Parallel World, wherein they weren’t stepping into the present Human World anymore. That world is deserted, as if it is just like the post-apocalyptc setting.

“This world…” said Honoka. “Everyone, please head back to the HQ!”

And so, everyone has returned inside.

Inside the HQ, they are looking at the Digitariel. Honoka tries to touch and operate it.

Honoka is reading the gibberish letters and words on that tablet. And she finally reads it aloud.

“You are being shifted into this Parallel World because you have a task. All you need is to gather some Prism Cards that were present within that Parallel World. Each Prism Card contains some memories of something else, and they can be used to swipe into this Digitariel. Once you had activated that Prism Card, it shall bring you to the next Parallel World. The Parallel Worlds are connecting, and it shall be bringing you to the place where the Black Lace Ribbons are there. Use the Prism Cards that you have found in each Parallel World in order to reach their world. You must stop the Black Lace Ribbons from further achieving their plans in conquering both present Human World and the Parallel Worlds. This is your test as Idol Chasers.”

She has finally finished reading it, and said, “Whew! That one is too long!”

“The question is,” asked Chiharu. “How many Parallel Worlds are there?”

“Seems we are in a whole new level of challenge, isn’t it?” said Aika. “But then, we just need to accept this challenge in order to get back into our world!”

“Oh, and this is just like a video game!” said Sho.

“Parallel Worlds…” said Komari. “I had been an Interdimensional Policewoman before, so… I think there are at least seven of these Parallel Worlds. I don’t know if there would be more than seven now!”

“Our adventures will start now as Idol Chasers!” said Gen.

“I am a School Idol…” said Mami. “And an adventurer!”

“Everyone!” said Honoka to them. “This could be our new mission now! We need to find those Prism Cards, and bring them here in order to swipe them into the Digitariel and to get to the next world!”

“This is it!” said Saki. “We can finally reach Mikako Kira’s World! Mikako, we are coming right to your world, soon!”

Saki finally confirms the mission, and said, “Idol Chasers! Stage Start!”

They replied, “S.I.F. !!”

Meanwhile, at the lair of the Black Lace Ribbons, Mikako Kira are having a meeting with the members.

“So then, we are going to stop the Idol Chasers from achieving their plans on stopping us!” said Mikako.

“But then, we have failed to secure our championship victory for Hyoshiro,” said Mitsu.

“Really?” asked and said Seiba, “In my opinion, we just retreated knowing that we had totally relied on Hyoshiro’s strength and skills to beat Takayoshi, but failed rather miserably.”

“It is because”, said Eru and Aru to them at the same time, “You guys are just cowards, beh!!”

The boys were somehow teased by the twins, and they were mentally provoked by their words. Also, they had pouted in their faces.

“Enough of it, for now,” said Mikako. “If we can’t stop them, then Master Rhadamanthus has hired someone who can stop them easily!”

“Yo boys! Yo girls!” said the mysterious woman in black and frilled magical girl costume. “I will be the one to stop them! My name is Antyla.”

And they were all surprised and looked at her.

“You know, you were all useless when it comes to the tasks like these. And then, it’s finally my turn to show to you on how these kinds of tasks should be done! I will stop these lousy Idol Chasers, and you will see that in your eyes!”

As Antyla has finally left, Mikako is well impressed at her sense of arrogance. But then, there is some point of hers that she never likes.

And Mikako finally said, “Saki, if we can’t stop you, then Antyla will!”

TO BE CONTINUED — In Cour 2 (See Next Preview below)

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The Bonus Stage
Yohane the Parhelion (Genjitsu no YOHANE) 2nd Teaser Video

Yohane is just a loner, and was moved into a town that she ain’t used into.

What could be her thing to do in order to create a world where music do really even exist?

Yohane the Parhelion: Sunshine in the Mirror

Premiering on ABEMA TV on June 25, 2023, a week earlier before TV broadcast!

To be followed on July 2, 2023, on Japan TV related networks!

Follow and contact your local Anime licensors for more info about release and schedule!

Official Website | Series Info

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