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Yohane is a Loner

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Overview (Story)
“I don’t have any memories nor friends here.”

Yohane is just a loner, and she was moved into a town that she ain’t used into.

She comes back to Numazu after failing a music audition. But no other people who could able to know and recognize her upon return. Lailaps is Yohane’s pet dog who was still able to recognize and remember her. Though that Yohane’s presence to other people is not existent, there are still some other people who could come near and talk to her.

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Review time! What a flashy exposure here… Let’s have some insights!

Now that I have watched it… Somehow, the theme of this Anime is about “socialization”. It is about making friends, as well as on how well did they know you as a person.

Yohane is really going to make a shift as an “adventure RPG” character here, previously as Yoshiko Tsushima from the parallel Aqours Anime, if you know what I mean! She can really be a showoff, at the time that she ain’t really trusting herself, and she is recklessly doing things. But then, I can really see that Yohane is being represented as a character who is considered as a “nobody”, or in the sense that no other people could even get to know her very well. In this situation, someone like Yohane is called as an “anti-social”. Which is basically, she can be a loudy character, but no one is able to give a reaction on her. And her struggle here is that she ain’t comfortable on anything which is around her. Let’s say… mismatch in mutual interests, perhaps?

Lailaps is really just a big dog, in which I had found out that she is talking here (I do really expect that she is voiceless). She can be big and brave, but not when she is afraid of insects. Of course, she can be Yohane’s companion, in which she can be sometimes a problem-solver to most of Yohane’s problems. Yep, and call it as an “advisor” in a talking dog form! And I do really expect more of its character soon in the future succeeding Episodes.

And as usual, the returning “Aqours” members, like Hanamaru and Ruby, are really giving me some vibes here. And then, by just looking at the cold opening of this Episode, I can really foreshadow already the end part of the “final Episode”. Something that I really encountered on the other Anime that I had previously watched, where I saw the end part first, just before the story begins. Something like that.

As I had said before, the theme of this Anime is about “socialization”. Someone who is like Yohane can be loners, and they need some friends to talk with. And that’s the only way to become stronger. That is only one thing that I have learned from this Episode.

And overall, this Anime series got some potential to rack up the higher ratings. But then, I am just really unhappy that it has managed to get a 1 week broadcast from its original TV Anime airing date. When that happens, how about some people who had already watched it in advance? I bet that they could never, but peek, on the broadcast version anymore. If that’s the case, then my Episode Review for this Anime shall be in the same week as in the advanced broadcast!

Yohane is really fascinating and captivating, especially when she was able to do her own MV in the end. And that was my own remark!

My Rating: GOOD (4/5)

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Series Info
Yohane the Parhelion (Genjitsu no YOHANE)

This series can be streamed on Crunchyroll (US territories only).

This Anime series premiered on ABEMA TV earlier by a week since June 25, 2023, with a Japan TV broadcast on July 2, 2023.

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