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The Title is “Hasu no Sora Girls’ High School Idol Club”

LoveLive! Series has released an announcement video, which was premiered on YouTube last Sunday, October 16, 2022, at 9:00 pm JST, which contains some details about the series’ new project, called the Virtual School Idol. And from that said video, the title of that such project has been revealed.

Teaser announcement video of LoveLive! Hasu no Sora Jogakuin (Girls’ High) School Idol Club

The upcoming smartphone app project features various activities, like live entertainments, card games, talk shows, and others. Also, it allows the people to go through with the overview of School Idols, that would go around 365 days — such activities like group formation, live shows, and other activities until at the time of their graduation.

The said Virtual School Idol smartphone app project is scheduled to be released around April 2023.

The synopsis of the story, as seen from the official website, says:

The private Hasunosora Jogakuin is located in a secluded place from Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture, by the lake where lotus flowers bloom.
This high school is over 100 years old, and traditions handed down from ancient times are still alive today.

Things that don’t change and things that change
What departs and what is left behind.
Six girls who live their sparkling youthful time in it.

In the limited time, they struggle to bloom as much as possible.
This is their “story that can come true togetherSchool Idol Project“――

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