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Understand Before Doing Anything

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Overview (Story)

“I’ll help you whenever I can.”

After Ryo has learned about the Wude, as well as leaving the Man Mo Temple, he then returns to the city, where Ren is also waiting for him. Ren knows a person whom he got some information on whereabouts of Yuanda Zhu.

Ryo and Ren ended up into the place, where one of the known notorious criminal organizations, called the Yellow Heads, are there. They were believed to be one of the organizations that serve the Chi You Men, where Ryo’s target, Lan Di, was there.

They must need to find clues in which it shall lead eventually up to Yuanda Zhu, just in order to find out the truth behind Ryo’s father’s death.

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Heading on to the Episode Review, it goes like this.

Generally, after that you have learned something, what are you going to do next? That’s a question to Ryo on what is he going to do next right after he has learned about the Wude. Sometimes, you just need to find out your true reason why you wanted to get that thing to be in your possession as soon as possible. It is because not only you just wanted it in your hands, but there is a reason why you wanted it in the first place.

Also, in this Episode, sometimes you need to think first before you act. And sometimes, you need to read and understand everything before you proceed doing it. It is just like reading an instruction manual or even reading a tutorial first before you could even do it. So that, in order for you to understand it and to never ask any questions. You can always ask some questions, if you seem to have problems in understanding some parts of that tutorial or manual that you just had read and understood.

And then, for Ren, he can be bossy, since he is running a gang organization. Ryo can sometimes be bossy, too, but he is just opposite of Ren because Ryo doesn’t have a group or organization.

And to end this Episode Review, I have learned that it is really important to read everything before you proceed or do anything. Sometimes, a simple instruction can save lives or time! And also, you must figure out on what is really your purpose in having that thing in your hands. Sometimes, you have a purpose on why do you want to have that thing in possession — What was really your true objective in having it?

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