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The Four Ways of the Wude

This blog post may contain minimal spoilers. Please read this only if you had seen this Episode.

Overview (Story)

“Tough cats don’t show their claws out open.”

In order for Ryo to speak up for Master Xiuying to help him in finding Yuanda Zhu, he must learn about the four ways of the Wude. He went up to a martial arts school in order to speak to a master who knows them. However, the master can’t even tell him those since he has once ruined his disciple’s life — His disciple has misused the Wude and martial arts! With no idea on where is he heading next, he has been hinted by Joy who told him about a lone street performer who is inside a shopping mall everyday taking out some group of thugs who appeared from time to time.

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In this Episode, it shows that the abuse of your martial arts can lead you to nowhere, but despair.

Basically, just I have thought that this plot got a usual format in which it is mostly present in some RPG games today. It then follows mostly the story format from its video game counterpart, where you have to do some certain action or quests in order to unlock another quest or mission! Just like Ryo is handling his quest in order to find Lan Di, he must do some required missions and clear it, as well as its branching parts, in order to unlock it!

Going back to the review proper, let’s have some observations and lessons here.

First, being boastful with your own skills, especially martial arts, can just make you go evil. Martial arts, as said by a certain character, aren’t used in hurting anybody else, even if they try to attack and hurt you. In the sense that you can use them for self-defense, martial arts can be both used in either offensive or defensive ways, without even hurting them.

Second. I know it is already in the main plot of the video game itself. The Way of the Wude is simply the teachings on how you could live by the path of the martial arts. There are at least four ways of the Wude in which they must need to understand very well when they learn martial arts. Namely, Gon (from Episode 6 previously) and Jie were the first two ones here (I think the rest of the two shall be in the succeeding Episodes). While some students in a martial arts school can learn by these teachings of their masters, some do really misused those teachings just in order for them to become famous and well-known. In the sense that you could use those martial arts techniques just in order to be boastful or to flaunt others, you are just simply becoming more evil to the eyes of others, especially to the masters who had taught them those teachings and techniques.

And finally, I have learned that you can use your martial arts carefully to defend yourself — in the sense that you could either use them offensively or defensively without hurting others. And then, just as mentioned by other characters, especially the masters there, you can become stronger if you train hard everyday — training hard on how to use your martial arts properly in a self-controlled manner.

Everything written above is just simply an explanation from the quote sentence above. Have a good day!

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