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Villains Don’t Trust Each Other

This blog post may contain minimal spoilers. Please read them only if you had seen this Episode.


Angoramon is leaving secretly Ruli, at every nighttime when she sleeps, or even at the time when she is out to meet somebody of her own friends. He goes to the place where many Digimons gather and exchange rumours and information.

One day, Ruli has bought a camera, in which she can use it for her photography purposes, mostly natural things like flowers. But it was only destroyed when this mysterious Digimon has made its attempt to almost cut her down by means of attacking while riding in the gusts of wind! This Digimon, in which there are at least two of them and fighting as one in a body, did not intentionally try to attack and hurt the defenseless Ruli. But, something does make it lose control, and their feelings are not in a sync.

This Digimon, named Reppamon, has totally lost control of itself, and it just attacks recklessly. How could they stop it?


The current Episode title is “Kamaitachi”, and mine is “Villains Don’t Trust Each Other”.

Kamaitachi (鎌鼬) is one of the Japanese Yokai Legend who is responsible in attacking any suspecting victims by means of riding in a gust of winds, and then cuts them painlessly with its sharp claws, in which it does looked like sickles or something like a crescent scythe.

Going to the Episode Review, this is going to be a Ruli-and-Angoramon-centered Episode (Now, it’s their turn!). And instead of summarizing the entire plot by characters, according to the current plot theme, let us proceed to my observations and opinions in my Episode Review!

Basically, this Episode shows about friendship, bonds, and the mutual trusts of each people within a group or circle. When you are entitled to be doing and following a certain rule or promise, then you should abide with it, and you should never break it.

What’s gonna be happening when you are doing something, that none of your friends know about? What are going to be their responses? Of course, they might get angry at you, right? And they are telling you that you should have invited them!

Basically, sometimes, heroes may do that. And they are sometimes acting on their own in order to solve their current conflicts, without putting their friends or allies into dangers or troubles. But then, going solo does really have disadvantages, right? And unlike working together as a group in order to succeed, working in a solo mode can be very hard, and you should be relying yourself at the current skills that you have, in order to succeed.

Working in a solo mode can be hard or difficult, because no friends or people are around to help you to succeed. And that’s true! But what if, you are working on a group or team, and yet, you have a hard time winning or succeeding in a task or goal?

From the last interrogative sentence above, you can also work as a team. But then, your chances of winning in a higher chance are not guaranteed. If you are working together with a lot of strong members, and you are strong, too, then you should plan and work out some strategies in order to win a battle. Basically, not planning ahead of something shall only put yourself into jeopardy. Not only you can jeopardize yourself, but on your other friends in a group as well.

For the heroes’ side, teamwork is really a factor in order to succeed harder battles. But then, what is a teamwork, when used on a villains’ side?

Reppamon (To be highlighted and introduced later in the intro corner) symbolizes some group of people, or villains who don’t even trust at each other. And to repeat my Review Title, villains don’t trust each other. And basically, they don’t even have a sense of mutual feelings, and they always act on their own, not relying at their teammates or friends anymore.

How and when these ‘villains’ don’t trust at each other, mainly their own teammates or friends?

There is no “team” in villain, nor it is on their dictionary. Do you want some example, in which a group of villains don’t even trust at each other?

Let’s take an example from an another Digimon Series (also created by Akiyoshi Hongo and Toei Animation), which was titled as Digimon Xros Wars. From Episode 21, on its Second Season (Evil Death Generals Arc), it shows about the Seven Death Generals who were revived again by DarkKnightmon in order to annihilate the Xros Heart United Army (Taiki Kudou, Kiriha Aonuma, and Nene Amano unit union).

From that Episode, it shows about on how friends are important in order to win harder battles and conflicts. This arrogant and cocky Digimon is the one that always commanding his fellow Death Generals to do some attacking on Taiki and his Digimons. But then, other Death Generals don’t bother in following him, and asking some sentences and questions like, “Since when did you become our leader?”, “I don’t follow orders from someone like you”, or even “We are no friends”. Until, they had understood from Taiki on what means of having somebody alongside them that actually “never trusts” in them. And finally, I had formed a sentence here that shows that some villains and enemies don’t even trust at each other. Since villains can act as one man that fights within a team, then the word “teamwork” does not apply to them. What happens is that they act only alone themselves, and they are just always arguing and always ending up tearing themselves down into total defeat.

And to finish my review, I have learned that there are times that people should never act alone for themselves. Why most people don’t even bother to share their experiences, or even sharing their own feelings? And really, the sole purpose of not telling or sharing your own feelings or words to them is that you don’t ever want them to be involved in your own personal problems. And finally, sharing your own problems to them on a late time can only make them worry more, unlike if you had shared them earlier. And at least, they could have enough time to solve it, given if you told them earlier on time!


While Angoramon didn’t have time to introduce this Digimon, how about introducing it by myself? But then, I don’t have a screenshot of it, sorry. The best way is to find them by means of using a web search!

A scary, quick Digimon, Reppamon! A Holy Beast that is lost in the middle of the woods or forests!

Name: Reppamon (レッパモン)
Type: Holy Beast
Level: Champion
Attribute: Vaccine
Special Attack: Juuga Rangeki


Reppamon is a Digimon that has two sides, or in the sense that it has at least two minds attached to each other. To summarize in one sentence, they are twin Digimons that act as one. The main body is a weasel, and the other is a talking tail that is shaped like a zigzag, and it is very sharp as a razor blade!

Its special attack is the Juuga Rangeki, in which it uses its claws to attack its enemies!

Reppamon is a Digimon, in which it was a Champion Level form of Kudamon, whom used to be a Digimon partner of Rentaro Satsuma, from the another Digimon Series in the past, Digimon Savers.

There is a little chance that villains in a team can help out at each other. But then, acting solo without any help can simply just put you not only into jeopardy, but with your other friends as well. Remember, don’t go out or don’t act alone for yourself.


Digimon Ghost Game (2021) is an Anime Series which is a part of the franchise, called as the Digimon Series (dubbed as Digital Monsters). It has been aired and streamed in Japan and overseas with its first Episode since October 3, 2021.

The story takes place with Hiro Amanokawa, with his partner Digimon named Gammamon, in a world where Hologram Ghosts (transparent, floating digital images) do exist. There is a phenomenon where certain Hologram Ghosts are becoming mysteries, and they are slowly beginning to play and take lives of people.

While many people can’t able to see these ‘phenomenal’ Hologram Ghosts, certain people who has an item, called the Digivice, can able to see them.

These phenomenal Hologram Ghosts that exist in both Digital World and the Human World were called as ‘Digimon’.

With Hiro’s father entrusting him with a Digivice, as well as a Digimon partner, their mystery-solving adventure begins. They step along in a mysterious world where only Digimons live within.

Digital Monster (Digimon Series) Logo
Digital Monster (Digimon Series) Logo

The Digimon Series is a franchise or series created and developed by Akiyoshi Hongo in 1997, and was co-created with Toei Animation (one of the grandfathers of the known animation studios in Japan). It was actually based from the Digital Monster, a virtual pet digital game by Bandai, which was knowingly based from the popular Tamagotchi virtual pet digital game created by the same company, also.

Digimon is a shortened name for Digital Monsters (Japanese dubbed: デジタルモンスター). They are creatures in a digital form in which it can be raised by feeding items and foods, as well as battling with other Digimons (other people) in order to become strong and versatile.

This series has been developed and conceptualized since year 1997, and video games, as well as its Anime counterparts, has been spawned since year 1999, starting with the popular Digimon Adventure Anime series.


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