The Climax Episode.

When we talk about climax, it is something that we are expecting things to be more exciting. At the point where heroes and heroines are in the times of conflict, there is something that can lead them to victory. And that scene is considered to be the climatic part in which it is the turn of the heroes and heroines after their main villain has finally made their evil part of destroying them. This is where tables will turn, and heroes and heroines (and idols) shall make their own part of defeating their strong enemy!

This is where the Episode 41 of this segment shall go. And we are inching closer to the end! We are in the ‘climax’ part where everything must be settled!


So far, we got some few headlines, but they are relevant somehow! Please do read more to find out!

Aqours 5th Anniversary Live is Deferred

All seems lost now, but still we must fight on! The team has posted a statement with regards to the deferment (postponement and movement of the date of event) of the Aqours 5th Anniversary Live this coming weekend because to the Japan’s state of emergency due to the surging of COVID-19 cases there. Just in order to protect the staff, the management, and the artists (Aqours), they should postpone the event which shall involve mass gatherings. Therefore, they should never lose hope, and they sought to bring their fans a wonderful performance!

The Aqours VAs had expressed their thoughts about this deferment, and they had quote-retweeted this Tweet.

Next Week: Nijigasaki 3rd Live!

Meanwhile, for the Nijigasaki side, their 3rd live shall be commencing next week on May 8 and 9, 2021!

The title is Nijigasaki High School Idol Club 3rd Live! – School Idol Festival: The Beginning of the Dream. For the mass-gathering part, it was already cancelled due to the concerns and measures on COVID-19 cases. But then, the paid streaming, both local and overseas, were announced this week! Which means, this Event is going to happen next week!

Official live goods are also still up for preorders. So try making a purchase on them whenever you can!

And also, please stay tuned at their feed if there are some changes! In fact, this Event is in the risk of getting cancelled or postponed!

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The climatic part of this Episode is not over yet! In fact, there are still more to expect! So right now, what are the things that were spotted during the past weekend, and this week on School Idol Festival rhythm game?


As we are moving on, the celebration for the LLSIF’s 8th anniversary still continues, and we are having some lots of in-game campaigns and other limited UR scoutings present! Please do read more to find out what are those!

8th Anniversary Celebration: Lottery Prizes

There is an ongoing campaign, where you shall be able to win fantastic prizes, such as some special School Idol Skills items, autographed URs, and some other items like Support Members, Scouting Tickets, and so on! Also, collecting the key items from completed live shows allow you to exchange them for items, like Love Gems! Aside from those items that can be exchanged by using the key items (items that can also recover LP when used), they can be used to exchange with the lottery tickets which can be used in this campaign! Please do read more below for details!

By accessing the banner, you can exchange your key items with the items shown in the picture above! Aside from items like Scouting Tickets and Love Gems, you can exchange them for the lottery tickets to be used in an another event banner! See next picture!
There are prizes that you can win, such as SIS items, and the one that is shown at the picture, the autographed URs! Use the lottery tickets that you have acquired from exchanging with your key items!
This lottery campaign event has three seasons (rounds)! The first one shall be from April 15 (after the patch) until May 6! The second season shall be on May 7 until May 31, before the patch update and after the Aqours Event duration. Finally, the third season shall be on May 31 (after the patch) until June 25! All times indicated are of JST/UTC+9 (Japan Time).

If you have some good feeling that you can win by luck, why not give it a shot?

Round 21 Companion Match (Final)

The match is still going on, and it is expected to end later this afternoon at 3pm JST.

Been struggling in some harder Level 12 Songs like Waku-Waku-Week!, and Aozora Jumping Heart, lately. Especially if they are in Perfects Mission, I got a hard time landing myself in the first position when the live show ends, and I always get little Event Points in that process. Since because I get only little Event Points when landed on 3rd or 4th places, it has made me a hard time making it to the Tier 1 Event Points rank cutoff. But then, I got still a lot of time, and I must fight on in order to get Tier 1-1 victory!

As I had said, I got less than 6 hours left to defend my Tier 1-1 standing, and this is my final highlight on this Event! Wait for my results in my Twitter account later to see if I had finished Tier 1-1 or not.

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And finally, we are at the climax of this side, before the great server merging will happen. As for the Global Side, some remaining Events and campaigns must be finished first! Please read more to continue!

Icon Collection: Aqours at the Community Festival (Final)

So then, despite on the ongoing Aqours Event in the JP Side, I had finished it with a Tier 1-1 finish. I had previously finished the μ’s Event also in Tier 1-1. Which means, I had made my second Tier 1-1 streak in the Global Side without failing! That’s right, my fight is not yet over.

Remaining Campaigns and Events Before Server Merge

As for the Global Side merging soon at early June, some remaining campaigns and Events must be finished first! This shall include the scouting of the Anniversary Limited URs, and the remaining two Events! Also, the celebration for the Global Side’s 7th Anniversary is just around the corner! Please do read below on what could be the things to expect!

a. Anniversary Limited URs

Since the limited UR scouting for the μ’s 2nd years is over, expect the Aqours 2nd Years (Aozora Jumping Heart costumes) to appear soon, along with the upcoming Event which shall take place in just a few hours from this Episode! Be sure to scout these URs if their Skills were relevant to your current teams’ builds!

b. Round 22 Medley Festival

Round 25 Medley Festival in JP Side. Round 22 in Global Side.

* Starts on April 30 9am to May 10 8am UTC

In this upcoming Medley Festival, the Event UR to be acquired by grinding with this Event is Eli Ayase. Other URs to be acquired by scouting are Nico and Honoka. Meanwhile, the Secret SSR to be acquired from this Event is Rin Hoshizora. You can acquire more rewards, such as the previous Event SRs, and other items like Love Gems!

This Event shall be starting in less than 7 hours from this Episode! Further highlights and progress of mine shall be included next Episode!

c. Round 22 Challenge Festival (a.k.a. the ‘Endgame’ Event in JP Side)

Round 26 Challenge Festival in JP Side. Round 22 in Global.

Date: TBA

This Challenge Festival is considered to be the ‘endgame’ Event in the LLSIF JP Side, just before the year 2020 ends.

The Event features UR Riko as a reward, while Chika and Yoshiko are acquired through Scouting. Secret SSR shall be Dia, and other Event SRs can be acquired by grinding through with this Event!

This Event shall take place after the Medley Festival has ended.

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For the feature of the week, I wonder who could be it? Please read more to find out!

The feature of the week is none other than in the featured cover photo of this Episode! It’s Printemps!

Printemps is a sub-unit group of the legendary School Idol μ’s, and it consists of Honoka Kosaka, Kotori Minami, and Hanayo Koizumi. Printemps got a characteristic where their voices are so cute and bubbly, especially when their songs are so cute and energetic. For their color of the costume, it represents the cute and energetic style of their music, as well as their characteristics!

Some of their popular songs include Love Marginal, Eien Friends, and NO EXIT ORION. They were soon released as solo vocal versions.

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What is at the end of the Climax? Find out next week!

It seems that the climax is not yet over. In fact, there is still a little more to go! While we are inching to the end, I just want to say thank you to people who were reading this weekly segment. In fact, I was encouraged to write more in the future.

And this ends the Episode 41 of this weekly segment! Tune in next time! Anything that has happened today after this Episode was published shall be included next Episode! See you next time and cheers! Happy weekend!

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