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I want Season 2!

A lot of people who watch and finish a TV Anime are always yelling these phrases. “I want Season 2!”, “Season 2, when?”, and “I can’t wait for Season 2!”, are the common phrases that I am seeing through comments at every last Episode of some certain TV Anime series.

Kagami Yoshimizu’s Lucky Star. The TV Anime story doesn’t have any exact main plot or story. It is just like showing some events or situations that happen in actual daily lives. More something like Pol Medina Jr.’s Pugad Baboy, a popular Filipino comic.

Basically, a certain TV Anime series can get a ‘Season 2’, or even a new Season, if it managed to get its viewing and ratings higher in the national areas, especially in Japan. Also, it should be in the top trends in order to get recognized as a top-grossing TV Anime of all time.

This is what keeping every TV Anime series alive: Their merchandise and Anime figure sales net income! Mostly, they were money-dependent, and in fact, they were using their money to create new projects, as well, if they can, a new Season of your favorite Anime Series you follow!

Also, the fate of having a new Anime season, or Season 2 depends on the sales of their merchandise, memorabilia, and other items like its Manga counterpart. Somehow, these sales mentioned can allow the Anime staff to have enough money collected to use them to produce a new Season of that TV Anime series.

Not All TV Anime Series Can Get a New Season

Sometimes, for various reasons, a TV Anime can never get a Second Season, or likewise a new Season for various reasons, especially if they have enough money. Even though they have enough money to produce a new season, some TV Anime staff have many ways to make their Anime series popular. And that is, they can use their extra money to produce merchandise, Anime figures, or even creating their free-to-play video games, in which the story of that Anime is based from that TV Anime (or even making a story continuity by playing that game). By having that things produced by the TV Anime staff, and if their sales go boom and become popular, there is a high chance that the Anime can get a new Season, or likewise Season 2!

Sometimes, expecting for a new Season of that TV Anime series you follow always take time, even years up to a decade. There are things that an Anime fan like me should know about these seasonal Anime. First, the TV Anime staff is dependent to the money that fans give to them. Second, the money that they can get is coming from various sources, like Anime figure and merchandise sales, and in some in-app purchase sales from their feature smartphone video game. And finally, they get net income from their featured stage plays or live concerts and delayed viewings. Also, they can get income through paid subscriptions from various legal online streaming sites (i.e. Netflix, Crunchyroll, and Funimation).

Anime New Season Answer on Quora
According to one user who posted an answer on Quora, producing an Anime episode or season will take time and money. And somehow, they are basing from the source materials, like its Manga counterpart. And yes, they were money-dependent from the other media sources, as well as its Anime figures and merchandise sales.
Season 2… Wait, what? A Spinoff?

Sometimes, there are no more new Anime Seasons, or even a Second Season for that TV Anime series you follow. Maybe it is because the original story from the manga counterpart or any media counterpart material has already finished, or otherwise having no more continuity. What happens is that the TV Anime series that you follow is completely ‘finished’ or completed its run. It is either the author has run out of ideas for his or her story and script, or even the author decides to finish his or her series to give way to another project, or even a new series which will be more popular than his or her previous one.

Instead of a continuity, or another new season of that TV Anime series, the TV Anime staff decides to put their earned money to a ‘new’ TV Anime series project. So what will we be expecting is a new spinoff, or another universe of TV Anime series. Basically, not a new season or season two, but a new TV Anime series which will set on a new setting with different characters.

Example of this will be Tsuburaya Productions’ Gridman Series. Originally a TV Tokusatsu, Gridman is adapted as a TV Anime in the later years. Dynazenon is another TV Anime project created by the same staff, and it is under the Gridman Universe. Not a Season 2, but a spinoff or another universe in which it has different characters and setting.

Ending and Conclusion

So then, you got a little idea right now why sometimes a TV Anime Series you follow can sometimes have a new season or not. The answers are:

  1. The TV Anime staff relies on the money given by their Anime fans.
  2. They rely on the income through Anime figures and merchandise sales, and their income through in-app purchases of their featured smartphone video games.
  3. Popularity income through nationwide trends (Japan trends on Twitter).
  4. Income when they host their TV Anime series on various online streaming sites (i.e. Netflix, Crunchyroll, and Funimation) through paid premium subscriptions by Anime fans.

And that’s it, everyone! I hope you have read of what is in this post today! If there is any topic that comes into my mind that tackles around Anime, video games, and events, I can write it here on Inori-D Station! Thank you and cheers~

Inori Donz

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