Road to the Legend!

KLabGames finally fulfilled their words and they announced the future Global Version release of the most anticipated game of the LoveLive! Series, the LoveLive! School Idol Festival ALL STARS.

In the recent CharaExpo USA 2019 that was held previously, KLabGames announced the tentative release date for this game. It is set to be released tentatively on Spring 2020 (around March to May) next year.

Also, it was previously announced on the SIF Thanksgiving 2019 event livestream, where the Global Version of this game is scheduled to be released in the future.

LoveLive! School Idol Festival ALL STARS is an RPG-style rhythm game which was created and developed by KLabGames, with cooperation with the Anime studio, Sunrise. It was recently released in the Apple iOS and Google Android systems last Sepetember 26, 2019.

For more details, you can go to the official website, as well as its official SNS accounts!