Tough and Cute Shots!

It’s been a while doing this stuff. Actually, I started doing this previously on my last post months ago. Now, I shall put my photography skills to the test. I had been doing photography on my figures and that was my forte. So, I decided to bring my skills to a new level.

Below are the pictures taken previously on the last local Anime convention that I had attended.

So cute and tough, huh? But that’s not just there. I shall need to improve more of my photography skills! Skills that I need to improve in my Cosplay photography were lighting, proper angles, and the sharpness of the subject! Yep, I just noticed that my multiple shots were just messed up and I just chose the ones which were very suitable to my taste and sight.

At least, it was a brand new challenge for me to undergo. What I am going to do now was to discover, research, and study about this!