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Mini Race Cars on Tracks

I have friends in the circle whom like to race using machines called the Mini 4WD race cars. Recently, I had been into this new hobby, and it tends me to spend more money for its parts and upgrades.

The Mini 4WD Racer are machine model kits by Tamiya. It became a trend when I was in my young age. There are also Anime adaptations from this line and somehow this has impact me and the other young audiences.

My Mini 4WD Machine is equipped with parts like dampers and rollers.

During my young days, I was able to experience assembling my own machine. However, I did not enjoy playing it too much because the machine that I bought was just a counterfeit or bootleg. Also, I didn’t have a chance to use it since we do not have any available race track in which we can try or test them. Those were only in my young days back in year 1990s.

I had been aware because my brother invited me to play with these machines one more time. In the month of September 2018, I had finally entered another hobby hell, which is the Mini 4WD racing machine. Though its parts and upgrades were just cheap, but when bought altogether, they were expensive. This new trend has become widespread and then I heard that there are some race tracks available not only just in the Manila area, but also in my nearby areas where I live.

The Tamiya Mini 4WD racing track, which was used for Mini 4WD racing, is located at The Brickyard, in Glorietta Makati, in Philippines.

I had been surprised that this trend become so trendy once again, in the past 20 years. As of this present time, I am starting to create my ultimate machine, in which I can use to join some race contests in the future. And yeah, I need a faster motor and some stabilizing parts.

Below is an another example of a Mini 4WD racing machine. (From their Twitter account)

Although trendy, but not too much, the Mini 4WD Racer has become an impact not just to kids, but also to young adult and older people. Right now, I had entered this incomplete hobby experience one more time — I want to experience it more. As I had mentioned, my machines that I had bought before were counterfeit and I didn’t had a chance to test run it due to no race course availability.

So what could be my future to this hobby? I hope it won’t affect my other hobby in which I was in right now.

Inori Donz

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