EPISODE 20: Ars Realm

This is Lierre speaking to you, reader. And we shall be heading back into the time where Takayoshi finally parts ways from the Idol Chasers.

I had finally used the potential abilities of the Digitariel in order to do double Dimension Shifts that will open the gates into the unknown realm. Takayoshi, along with Thara, has finally travelled into that unknown realm, knowing that their parents are still alive. However, the thing is that they can never return into the present Human World, unless if they found something that can allow themselves to be transported back.

And then, at my last look on my Digitariel, I saw something… What is this Crimson Sword?

And then, the unknown realm, where Takayoshi, as Teron, and Thara are in, is called as…

Takayoshi and Thara have finally arrived at the unknown realm, where the surroundings are almost empty, and they are floating in the endless space.

“Big-sis, it seems that we have arrived.”

“Yes, my brother Teron. We have arrived.”

“But then, of what Lierre has said, we cannot go back to the Human World.”

“And we believe that our parents are still alive here somewhere.”

“This odd and unknown realm… I am feeling different, and I am not going sad nor happy.”

“So as do I. I feel that I am not getting tired at all!”

“But then, there is something special in this realm.”

“Of what I had heard, this place is considered to be as the Prison of Eternal Age.”

“Prison of Eternal Age?”

So then, Takayoshi and Thara tried to fly around the endless space. They hold their hands together, just in case if they got suddenly separated.

From far away, they saw at least two people who are flying in the space. And then, this is where Takayoshi and Thara finally found…

“Father! Mother! I am back!” said Thara, and she hugs them with tears in her eyes.

“Welcome back, my daughter!” said Scarl the father.

“My dear, I thought that we can never see you again!” said Frey the mother.

“Father? Mother?” asked Takayoshi as Teron. “Are you my real parents?”

Scarl and Frey were surprised of Takayoshi’s question.

“It’s a long story to tell, mother, father!” said Thara.

And then, Scarl and Frey had listened to Thara’s story about Teron, who was once as Takayoshi Kitagawa.

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SAKI: What a week! In fact, we are now stepping closer to the “Ber” months, on what we call.
AIKA: Ber months? What’s that?
SAKI: It means that the last four months before this year ends are coming. And did you know what that means?
AIKA: Ah… Yep.
MAMI: There are lots of things that happened, in which it was never highlighted in the previous Episode for various reasons.
SAKI: This time, we should be staying frosty and keeping our eyes keen for the updates from the LoveLive! Series!
LIERRE: And what are the things to expect to encounter soon?

ALL: This is the Headlines! Stage Start!

Aqours Updates

Yohane the Parhelion – Episode 9
Let’s get into action!

SHO: Lailaps is an awesome giant dog of Yohane, who is likewise a talking guardian when Yohane-sama is doing something stupid.
GEN: So then, we are looking forward for more Episodes on this one! Of what I had heard, it is walking towards the season finale.
TAKAYOSHI: That’s right. And I believe that they were just beginning. So, let’s get ready for some possible twists for this one!

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Nijigasaki Updates

Guren no Kenki Manga is Now Serializing!

SAKI: Alright! Setsuna’s dream Manga Series is now publishing on Dengeki Bunko!
AIKA: To give you some info, the Guren no Kenki ~Flame Sword Princess~ is now publishing on Dengeki Bunko (KADOKAWA label) since August 10, 2023, as part of Team Nijigasaki’s team up collab with the said publishing label.
SAKI: To summarize the synopsis, Guren no Kenki tells about Setsuna who likes the character in a light novel that she is reading. So then, the other Nijigasaki members had decided to shoot a film with Setsuna, depicting the main character in the novel. Of course, Setsuna got her unwavering love and feelings when she depicts that character in the story.
AIKA: Who knows that it might become an Anime series or something in the future?
SAKI: Yep, and there are still more insights to learn about this one, such as the ongoing “Legend of Nijigaku”, which is floating around. If that’s the case…
AIKA: Just stay tuned at their feeds for more info!
SAKI: That’s my line!

Liella! Updates

TODAY: Liella! 4th LoveLive! Tour Series – Part 2

LIERRE: The second part of their Brand New Sparkle LoveLive! Tour Series is on! This time, the featured unit shall be with CatChu!, a unit of Kanon, Sumire, and Mei!
SAKI: This is getting intense as usual. Because their number of songs are surprisingly increasing as well, and they can differ from their previous live events.
LIERRE: Obviously, Saki.
AIKA: Their Part 2 shall be commencing today and in tomorrow! Don’t forget that there is also a paid live streaming available for fans outside Japan.
MAMI: Remember to stay tuned at their feeds for some announcements after the live!
LIERRE: And then, the last part, but not really the last, shall be in favor of 5yncri5e! It shall be held on September 9-10, 2023 JST, at Musashino Forest Sports Plaza in Tokyo.
SAKI: Who knows that there would be a “fourth” live leg tour, after those first three leg lives?

School Idol Festival 2: MIRACLE LIVE!

Nijigasaki 12 Love Song Collections & Diary Episode 1 Soon

TAKAYOSHI: Sho, had you been liking to listen some romantic songs?
SHO: A bit… But then, I stopped listening when my previous crush had dumped me.
GEN: Haha… She got a girl first than…
SHO: Shut up, Gen!
TAKAYOSHI: Speaking of Nijigasaki, their upcoming Story Diary Video will be released on September 6, 2023 at 2:00 pm JST, which is just two (2) weeks away from this Episode!
GEN: And also, the 12 new love songs from Team Nijigasaki shall be also released on the same date! I wonder on what are those?
SHO: Yeah, and let’s just find them out! More likely, they are gonna be used at their upcoming 6th Live! Series on December 2023 to January 2024!
TAKAYOSHI: Who knows? But then, let’s just look forward into their upcoming releases of these 12 new romantic songs!

Global Version To Be Likely Delayed Until 2024?

TAKAYOSHI: It seems that the Global Side doesn’t seem to show some updates there on when the Global Version shall be released.
SHO: They said it’s around this year. But no further words from them on what exact date shall it be released! I mean, this year is almost ending!
GEN: And also, the half-anniversary of the JP side is almost in a hunch. We can really tell that it might be delayed until year 2024.
TAKAYOSHI: Speaking of the half-anniversary in the JP side… If they tell a word that it is going to be delayed then…
SHO: We have to follow their official feeds for some updates about this!
GEN: Right now, I am having a bad feeling that the Global Version fans should wait a little bit longer.

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And finally, the storytelling has been ended.

“I see…” said Scarl. “So my son was adopted, and he was given the name, Takayoshi Kitagawa.”

“And then, Saki Kitagawa raised you very well,” said Frey. “I am thankful because she took care for you a lot!”

“And now, you have parted ways from your pseudo-Mother, who was once a School Idol in her younger years.”

“And don’t worry about questioning your true father! In fact, your true father is standing right in front of you!”

Takayoshi makes a statement, and said, “And it is all thanks to my friends who had trained and nurtured me. I had been along with them for a long time. And because of them, I had met these special girls, called as the School Idols.”

“School Idols…” said Thara. “That’s right! When I am walking around the town, I am seeing these girls that are singing and dancing on the stage. I once looked at them, and I am amazed at them, at the same time.”

As there is something that entered Scarl’s mind, he said and asked, “School Idols… I think I had been hearing those words from the other people, especially from the Eidonians.”

“You do, father?” asked Takayoshi.

“The Eidonians are a group of people who are only of female race. They lived in a world, called Planet Eidos, which is separate from our once fallen homeworld, Planet Crims.”

“And then, Planet Eidos is notorious in keeping their world pure from any unwanted people of any race,” added and said Frey. “Such as that, if you are not a female being, then you are being sent out, and you will be thrown into the endless dimensional space.”

Takayoshi asked, “So, how did you ended up being thrown here in this unknown realm?”

And so, this is where his father revealed everything about the unknown realm.

“This realm… It is considered as the Prison of Eternal Age. It is known as the Ars Realm.”

“Ars Realm!?” said the surprised Takayoshi and Thara.

Then, their mother added, “Ars Realm. Age Replay Space.”

Scarl did really explain to Takayoshi and Thara about the Ars Realm.

“Ars Realm is the third layer of the Timeline. The Timeline is where our time flows — one per every Parallel World. The first layer is the Parallel World, or in the sense that the worlds are put together and they run on a same Timeline. The second layer is the Interdimensional Space, where it is being used to connect the Parallel Worlds together. You have to travel to the Interdimensional Space in order to get into a different Parallel World. But then, only people who got special items are allowed to travel between Parallel Worlds.”

“So then, there is no way for us to get out here alive?” asked Takayoshi.

“If that’s the case, yes. We cannot get out from this place forever,” replied Scarl.

Frey also added herself into the conversation, and said, “The Ars Realm is very different from the present Parallel Worlds, when it comes to duration and aging. My dear, you have finally grown up to be a man, and you were once a baby! But for me, I have not totally aged yet, along with my dear husband.”

“So which means… The Ars Realm is,” said and questioned Thara.

“That’s right,” said and replied Scarl. “Ars Realm’s timespan is greater here than in the present world that you were once in, my son.”

“So which means,” said and asked Takayoshi. “1 year in Human World is equivalent to 365 years in the Ars Realm! Was my example right?”

“It’s correct, my son,” said and replied back Scarl.

And so, their long conversation is still continuing.

“Right now… We just have to rely on luck,” said Scarl. “Unless we got some item that can allow us to get out from this Ars Realm.”

“What item should we need in order to escape?” asked Takayoshi.

“I don’t know. It seems we are out of luck right now.”

With nothing left to talk about, Takayoshi and everyone else were hopeless and clueless on how they could get out from the Ars Realm.

And then, suddenly, Scarl told them about the mystery on why their homeworld got destroyed and crumbled to pieces.

“It is because of the Crimson Sword. That’s why they are aftering it!”

“Crimson Sword?” asked Takayoshi. “I know it’s a legendary weapon or something. But what does the Crimson Sword has to do with the destruction of our homeworld?”

Frey did told Takayoshi and Thara about it, and said, “The Crimson Sword is a weapon that rules over evil and good.”

“And why the enemies are aftering for the Crimson Sword?” asked Thara.

And this is where Scarl told them about the Legendary Crimson Sword War.

And so, their long talk continues within the vast space of eternity. Takayoshi is still clueless on how to get out from the Ars Realm.

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The Bonus Stage
Yohane the Parhelion (Genjitsu no YOHANE) 2nd Teaser Video

Yohane is just a loner, and was moved into a town that she ain’t used into.

What could be her thing to do in order to create a world where music do really even exist?

Yohane the Parhelion: Sunshine in the Mirror

Premiering on ABEMA TV and Crunchyroll, a week earlier before TV broadcast!

Premiering every Sunday at 11:00pm JST!

Follow your local Anime licensors for more info about release and schedule!

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