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Typewriter Diaries

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EpisodeEpisode 6: The Worst m / White Fang
Characters PresentShotaro Hidari

In those days that technology did not yet exist, we use typewriter in order to write something on the paper while hitting the keys.

Writing on the typewriter is basically the same as when we write down our own history and memories. Unlike the present computer that has the document processor today, you “cannot undo” anything when you make a mistake in writing in the typewriter. Definitely, when you got a lot of mistakes, you can literally throw away that paper, and you can put a new paper and to start all over again.

Writing on the typewriter is basically the same when we are writing our own lives in a book. We all understand that nobody’s perfect. We cannot undo everything that we had written on our history book of our own lives.

Inori Donz

Inori Donz is a blogger, video gamer, Anime enthusiast, bicycle rider, and Anime figure photographer. His favorite area of concentration is 'LoveLive! Series', where he plays its featured smartphone video games, as well as watching its Anime series counterparts. "I like Anime, toys and figures, and mostly, I like playing free-to-play video games. Definitely not your usual commoner you see everyday in the streets." He started his blogging journey since December 2013, with a free WordPress blog, named 'IemDonz Blog'. That free blog contains most of his Anime figure photography works, as well as some of his opinions and experiences in the Anime world.