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Fang of the Berserker

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Overview (Story)
“He’s pretty strong, but sometimes he can bit walk through on the wild side.”

Philip transforms into Kamen Rider W Fang Joker Form, and fights the Meganeura Dopant right away. Knowing that the Gaia Memory user have totally lost his sanity, they have finally took him down. Shotaro explains to them about on Fang Joker’s abilities to fight some enemies, aside from the fact that the form can cause Philip to lose also his sanity, in the sense that he is already driven with his anger or rage.

It seems that the Murderer who used the Meganeura Gaia Memory has never returned his own sanity. And then, this strange person, who is also a Gaia Memory user, has visited him in order to make him settle down. However, what has happened actually is…

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Episode Review and Impression! Another exciting Episode where exciting (and funny) things are happening!

Fang Joker has debuted here, as an Anime version! And then, I have remembered well his known attacks, like the Fang Strizer, and his arm and shoulder fang melee attacks. And then, to give you some other details for Fang Joker, as I have watched this TV Tokusatsu Series counterpart a long time ago, this is the form of W where Philip can go “berserk” when overused in long periods of time. I can describe that Philip can be cool and genius, but his berserk rage can eventually be called him as “wild” and “mad”. And it seems that the finishing move (I call this the “Memory Break”) has been also recreated from its original Tokusatsu counterpart.

Ryu Terui (Kamen Rider Accel) is looking badass when in Anime version, and it has reminded me of an anti-hero from a certain Anime series previously (Especially on that scene when he is facing away from the bright moon.).

Some little fanservice can be detected here, when there is a part that Tokime’s clothes (her top clothes) are almost ripped. And gladly, she got her new Stag Phone friend now, from this time on.

And then, some further character development for Philip has been detected here, due to the fact that his curiousity was at an another new level. You know it, when you saw and read some Doujinshi Manga, which feature some “Yuri” things, then this one shall be in a “Yaoi” thing that most girls do love! From the start, Philip does almost have an appearance of a girl, but a boy who is trapped inside in a girl’s body… Something like that. And make sure that you don’t spit out your sipped coffee when you read that last sentence!

There is always somebody who could eager to stop us whenever we are out of control. And then, at the end part, we should really help out each other in order to achieve for that dream. Especially whenever we are alone, and we start from scratch, there would be somebody who can tag on us along in order to start again. And that’s why Monako and Shintaro decided to form their gaming company from scratch, after they have resigned. Therefore, those are the things that I have learned from this Episode!

And then, that part where Philip has become curious about Yaoi things has finally ruined the image of Kamen Rider W, lol. And I think some Doujin artists can possibly make that parody doujin based from that scene part, sooner!

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Series Info
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Fuuto PI (Fuuto Tantei) is an Anime series which is based from the “sequel manga series” of Kamen Rider W, a 2009 TV Tokusatsu Series.

PI in the title can be either “Private Eye” or “Private Investigators”. Otherwise, it is called as “Detective”.

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