Prologue Episode: The Beginning of a Dream


A year has passed, and everything’s peaceful. No other forces of evil and good are attacking at each other. And so, both the Idol Chasers and the Black Lace Ribbons are resting from their respective activities.

One day, at the darker dimensional world, Mikako is talking to her Master, who is named as Rhadamanthus, the dark flaming cloud spirit with red evil eyes.

“Say, why did you hate School Idols that much?” asked Rhadamanthus.

“It is because…” replied Mikako, “Fate can’t really allow me to be able to reach for my dreams anymore.”

“Is that so? Then why did you decide to erase their existence?”

“I have to… It is no matter how hard I try… I still…”

“Good point. That’s why you wanted to banish them from your sight, huh?”

“Saki… It’s all your fault! I will definitely annihilate you, along with the School Idols and the Idol Chasers!”

Mikako finally leaves Rhadamanthus behind with anger. Meanwhile, the other Black Lace Ribbons members are now talking.

“And again, that old hag has screwed up,” said Eru.

“School Idols…” said Aru. “Are they really bad?”

“It’s about time to enter and participate the upcoming SIF National Tournament Qualifiers, isn’t it Seiba?” said Mitsu.

“In my opinion, I am really sure that Takayoshi will get to avenge his loss from Hyoshiro, really soon.” said Seiba.

“You guys are too slow,” said Hyoshiro at the two people.

And Mitsu and Seiba were surprised and said, “What?? That’s was too fast!”

“Soon enough, I might get to rematch against Takayoshi again. And I am ready to crush him at anytime in the finals! Nobody can stop me as a champion, even if they booed me around!”

And then, the arrogant Hyoshiro has left the other members behind.

“That Hyoshiro… Let him be,” said Eru. “He is always arrogant from the start, even if the Nega Cell has taken over him.”

“He used to be a nice guy in the past,” said Aru. “But oh well, whether a champion or not, he is always boastful.”

“It looks like we got a confirmed date of the next Fan Thanksgiving Festival Event!” said Mitsu.

“A different venue, eh?” said Seiba. “In my own understanding, that next Fan Fes shall be held on at least two days at weekends.”

“We do not know about it. We just have to find out.”

“So, as do I.”

And so, the Black Lace Ribbons are just standing by, and they wait for their chance for their next attack or invasion plan.

Finally, at the human world, in the present dimensional timeline, the girls from the Idol Chasers are finally training themselves. Honoka is their coach.

“1, 2, 3, 4!”

“5, 6, 7, 8!!”

They count as they move their bodies with the beat of their dance moves.

Their dance training is almost over. Honoka has given them some comments, especially on Chiharu who is seemingly falling behind with the other girls.

“Chiharu, it looks like you really have to work on with your stamina and endurance! If that occurs, then you will fail the live show in no time!” said Honoka.

“Yeah,” said Chiharu as she is panting with her breath. “It is really hard when you move a lot, and you have to shout out your voice!”

“I had been through with that struggle before, Chiharu. In fact, it has finally reminisced me with my teenage memories!”

Aika, Lierre, and Komari have joined the conversation.

“Whoa, that’s nice! I just really wanted to enjoy more of my youthful days!”

“This is amazing. I can tell that I am just really improving my stamina and endurance while dancing and singing in our dance lessons.”

“And to add up on what Aika said, we can’t really go back to our youthful days when we are already older. So, we just really need to enjoy our youthful days more, just before our graduation comes up.”

Saki arrives at the park where the girls are practicing. And she said, “Girls, it looks like we just need to change our venue where we should practice. Just practicing on a public park would be embarrassing, isn’t it?”

And so, Saki has told them about the gym center that the girls should go and use for their School Idol Exercise. Honoka did agree, somehow.

And on the other hand, the men in the Idol Chasers, Takayoshi, Sho, and Gen, had finally finished their work shift in the afternoon.

“Whew, call it a day, somehow,” said Takayoshi.

“That one is really busy and tiring,” said Sho.

“So then, will you ever participate in the upcoming SIF National Tournament Qualifiers, Takayoshi?” asked and said Gen. “I heard that the qualifiers are due next week. We just have to check our in-game notifications for details about it.”

“Well, I am going to end Hyoshiro’s winning streak, soon.”

And so, Takayoshi picked up his smartphone, and he has started playing the rhythm game.

And then, the evening came. Chiharu and Lierre are inside the room upstairs.

“Lierre, I think you can also go to school with me!”

“Really, I am a School Idol Ora—“

“Just drop that and be humble already! Alright, starting tomorrow, you and I will go to school together!”

“Going to school… together?”

“That’s right! And you might be changing your name as well, so that some people will know you!”


Lierre has used her Digitariel, and she has outputted her own name in Japanese.

“For this time on,” said Lierre. “I will be going as Honma Murasaki as my Japanese name.”

“Just remember to keep your real identity in secret, okay?” said Chiharu.

“Okay. Understood.”

And so, this is where a new season has finally bloomed. This is where the story of the Idol Chasers will continue through the next season!

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Short Headlines

Before we end this Prologue Episode, let’s have a very short headlines! There are some things that happened recently in the LoveLive! Series while SIFJL S3 is not yet published! Please read more below to continue!

LLSIF to End Game Service At the End of March 31; SIF2 Releases Soon

The long-running smartphone rhythm game of the LoveLive! Series, the LLSIF (LoveLive! School Idol Festival) is ending its gaming services at the end of March 2023.

Read more here!

Meanwhile, the upcoming new smartphone rhythm game, the LoveLive! SIF2: MIRACLE LIVE! is scheduled to be released around Spring 2023 (March to May). There are some things that you need to know about in this new game, and what are to expect!

Read more here!

Genjitsu no YOHANE ~SUNSHINE in the MIRROR~

So then, are you ready to step into the another School Idol Universe? Then, look forward into the upcoming release of this Anime series soon, the Genjitsu no YOHANE ~SUNSHINE in the MIRROR~!

Coming soon in July 2023! Watch the announcement video below!

TV Anime “Genjitsu no YOHANE” Trailer Announcement Video

More details from their official website below (Japanese)!

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Ending Remarks

“You are a School Idol and… a Supporter!”

So then, let us know the characters very well. It seems you had known them in the previous season, don’t you? If not, then let’s look at their profile!

Chiharu Umiboshi. She is a girl who is really searching on what are really School Idols. She is somehow an aspirant who is about to take her first step in becoming an idol who will rise from nothing to fame.
Takayoshi Kitagawa. He is a man who wanted to start from something small until it eventually becomes big. A rhythm gamer who wants to have fun in playing School Idol-related games, despite that he is winning or losing. And now, he was on his goal in winning his first championship in order to become the best and a champion!
Aika Tenkuji. A girl aspirant who wanted to find out on who really she was. She was excellent when it comes to sewing and making costumes for herself, as well as standing out very well on the live stage. Aika really wish that she wanted to become a School Idol someday, and she wanted to find out really on what was truly her goal in becoming a popular idol who is standing to sing and dance on the stage.
Sho Ukiya. A boy who is an Anime enthusiast, and he is always buying some merchandise and Anime figures of his favorite lovely girl, who appears as Yoshiko Tsushima. His fate was changed when he has finally met Chiharu and others, and has become a part of them. Sho knows and realizes that he has still an unknown future that awaits him at the end, and he has finally stopped the habit of imagining things for himself with Yohane.
Lierre. She is called as the School Idol Oracle. Lierre got an another version of herself residing within her at the time of her birth. That inner spirit is named as Inverse Lierre. While it is still unknown on where Lierre did come from, it would be revealed as time goes by. Lierre can really predict or have prophecy with some girls who will become a School Idol in the future, and she has already made predictions that Chiharu can become one.
Komari Ohara. Komari is formerly an Interdimensional Policewoman who is travelling from different dimensions to dimensions, in her mission to capture the delinquents who are attempting to alter or change the course of history, which would involve School Idols. While the death of her mother is still unknown, Komari was finding out on what has caused her mother’s death, and she continues to find it by travelling in the other parallel worlds or dimensions. Komari has kept her mother’s words at the time that she was able to see her mother’s younger self again, as a School Idol.
Gen Sakurauchi. Gen was born from Riko Sakurauchi’s own image. And at the time that he was restored and revived by Lierre, Gen finally joined Chiharu and others. Gen was treating Riko as his own shadow, in which he believes that it would serve him as a guide through light and darkness.
Saki Kitagawa. Saki was formerly a School Idol, and now she is a maid cafe manager. Saki finally revealed the truth that she was not the true mother of Takayoshi Kitagawa, in which she said that Takayoshi was just only adopted. Using all of the things that she has learned during at the time that she was a School Idol at her younger age, she can definitely guide Chiharu and others about the moral values does every School Idol has.

And so, the journey of the Idol Chasers isn’t just ending. In fact, their true battle has just begun. They must need to stop the Black Lace Ribbons, led by Mikako Kira, from threatening further the World of School Idols. And so, what other mysteries that they must need to solve further? The mysteries of the Black Lace Ribbons, Takayoshi’s real family, Lierre’s homeworld, and on the story where Chiharu will start her journey as a School Idol, are about to be unravelled.

This is the story where everything should be connected, and they all lead into one path.

The story of the Idol Chasers shall continue!

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Starting Soon!

This is it, people! The third season is starting soon! In fact, it is just only a month away!

Please look forward on what is going to happen next in the story! And be sure to read weekly the things that are happening today around the LoveLive! Series, as well as its related video games! See you soon!

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