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As revealed from the latest magazine scan source.

Featured cover image is from Episode 37 of Digimon Ghost Game.

A latest magazine scan via the forums has revealed the upcoming three Episodes of the long-running Anime series, Digimon Ghost Game. Title, synopsis, and respective airing dates have been revealed.

Information retrieved from With the Will Forums. English Episode titles may vary when they were aired and streamed to the public.

Episode Title
Airing Date
#56: Impurity

(Dec. 18, 2022)
Hiro’s classmate Koutaro Nomura is acting funny. With a blank expression on his face, he keeps saying “dirty” and repeatedly washing his face. Gammamon instinctively senses that he isn’t really Koutaro, but beyond his strange behavior, he appears to be the usual Koutaro. Meanwhile, Ruli Tsukiyono’s friend Mika Kashiwagi also mutters “dirty” in the same way and acts abnormally. Finally, even Kiyoshiro begins to act strangely. Quietly, but steadily, the people they know are changing into something else. This eerie phenomenon spreads throughout the town and…?!
#57: The Ghost Taxi

(Dec. 25, 2022)
Hiro, Gammamon, and Koutaro go to a Christmas opera held at a church. On their way home, Koutaro and Gammamon are taken by a black taxi and disappear. The two are threatened by a Digimon in the backseat to “tell them where the angel is,” and they drive through the night city, unable to get out until they answer. A mysterious fog inside the car drains Koutaro and Gammamon of their strength, weakening them. Then, as Gammamon lies in pain, something begins to happen to his body… Around this time, Hiro, who had been searching for the two, finds a priest looking as dried up as a mummy lying outside the church.
#58: Pyramid

(Jan. 8, 2022)
Kaoru, a friend from a piano class that Ruli had once attended, has gone missing. The only thing left behind is a rectangular dent on the floor that looks as if something enormous had fallen over, and her shoes. As Hiro and the gang split up to search for Kaoru, they encounter AncientSphinxmon, a legendary Digimon that existed in the super-ancient civilization of the Digital World. Hiro and Kiyoshiro are unable to answer AncientSphinxmon’s riddle and are turned to stone. As Ruli and Angoramon seek advice from Mummymon, a glittering yellow pyramid suddenly appears in Tokyo.
Notes: January 1, 2022 falls on a New Year’s Day holiday. No new Episode shall be released on that date.

Digimon Ghost Game is now airing on Fuji TV every Sundays at 9:00 am JST, and just about two hours later on Crunchyroll. See Anime Streaming Guide page for more info on how to watch this Anime.

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