The Dance Dance Revolution 2nd ReMIX by Konami Digital Entertainment was one of my first rhythm game ever played on the classic PlayStation 1 console.
The Rhythm Dance Era (Classic)

The Dance Dance Revolution series was so popular that time during the 90s and this was also featured in some local TV variety shows as contest show. I played it on the PlayStation 1 console and we have the dance pad in which we can use to step and dance with the music.

That time, I am really not used to play using the dance pad, since I am either shy or even not in the mood, even if my friends or family wanted me to step in. Instead, I only play the game using a game controller, and that time, I am just playing some songs in Basic (Easy) difficulty.

Since then, I never tried playing with just using my feet. And when I played on the arcade, I got an embarrassment trauma when I failed to clear the song at the final round. Also, my feet when stepping on the step pad, is out of accuracy or out of place. So far, that was my embarrassing moment when I attempted to play DDR on the arcade. Ever since then, I stuck playing the game with just using a game controller to land a Full Combo.

In the present, I never get to play the new Dance Dance Revolution games in the arcades or amusements. While somehow I am able to get a little information or updates from them by looking or scouting, my knowledge was just getting wider.

I know that I suck playing at rhythm games, but that doesn’t stop me from being a great rhythm gamer. My interests to them will never die in an instant.


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