The LoveLive! School Idol Festival is a rhythm game published by Bushiroad Mobile (Bushimo in short)/Bushiroad and KLab at the time when the first LoveLive! School Idol Project Anime Series existed in year 2013.
The Rhythm Touch-and-Tap Era (Modern)

At the time I had run out of good games to play, especially on console video games, I am losing my motivation to play some anymore. But somehow, my rhythm gaming was kept alive by playing simulators or emulators (i.e. StepMania). When I heard of this popular rhythm game in Japan, this is where it began. I got hooked on LoveLive! Series and its smartphone rhythm game, LoveLive! School Idol Festival.

Before LoveLive! SIF, I got introduced to the series a year before I started playing the game and become officially a LoveLive! fan. I have an existing blog post in my figure photography blog which tells on how I got to know the LoveLive! Universe, as well as becoming a fan.

I started to play the game on the day when I officially declared myself as a LoveLive! fan. However, this rhythm game is a no-ordinary one. It doesn’t use the familiar horizontal timing window to see and attack the beat notes. Instead, the timing window has a wide U-shaped interface, making it a different one from the other rhythm games that I previously played. Also, this game has 9 note buttons, or tap icons (My previous rhythm games that I played has only 4-7 note buttons).

I did not immediately jump to Expert difficulty setting, since I am just new to play that game. By that time I was playing a long time ago, I can only finish songs up to Hard difficulty. I can finish only a few Expert level songs, but then I can fail to finish them sometimes depending on the nature and the beat notes formation of the song. Though simple, but difficult to play, I am not even losing my motivation to play. A practice with dexterity and tenacity is what I needed that time. So then, I tried playing songs on an Expert difficulty one more time. So how did I manage to survive clearing them one-by-one? Practice! That’s right, an effortful practice and patience are required in order to become stronger and better playing in this game. What I did was adjusting the play speed so that I can adapt well with the beat of the song. When I can feel that I am no longer comfortable with the speed, I tried adjusting it further. It had took me months to master it until I had attained the full and faster play speed to play. With my hardwork, motivation, practice, patience, and efforts, I am able to finish any song of Expert difficulty with ease, and can sometimes land a Full Combo finish to that song. That time, I realized that patience is necessary to achieve your hard-to-reach dreams.

LoveLive! SIF has become my main online rhythm game to play regularly. As of present, I am still playing this game every single day with no declining signs. The promos and events, from the TV Anime, feature movie, and live show performances, made in the game can make me feel up and never be bored. Also, the format of each in-game events are changing, making my first online game played to be the most active and long-running. And finally, some more interesting stuff in this game can be found via social media and website updates and video livestreams.

But then, I am still playing this game. What are the possible future and fate lies ahead? I can unravel the truth and mysteries behind the School Idols and LoveLive! by continuing to play the game itself!

The characters from the original LoveLive! Anime series are cute and lovable. Their lovely movements, signatured mannerisms, cute and lovely costumes, and their cute and squeaky voices can make you feeling relaxed and powered-up.


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