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From nowadays, Arcade gaming is now a common sight, especially if going to the malls or other places like the amusement park. So how is it became essential to gamers who would start into the world of gaming? The reason was that Arcade games were the starting platform for young gamers, or to gamers who would start to enter into the world of gaming.

Arcade gaming is another genre of gaming. It can be a one-shot story video game, or even playing at a catcher machine. Also, other Arcade games require you to play physically or mentally with the machine.

Arcade Cabinets
Time Crisis II AC by Namco (now Bandai Namco)
Time Crisis II Arcade Cabinet by Namco (now Bandai Namco)

Let’s go to the one-shot story video game. Why one-shot? It is because the game can be played many times, while for the flow of the storyline of the game, it was just very short. Usually, short storylines can take less than an hour (a single episode of an Anime), and has no continuity. The continuity can be set onto the new Arcade machine. Usually, one-shot story video games are very difficult to finish for newbies, especially for experienced players. If you were already a pro of that said Arcade machine, then it was just a piece of cake to you. The only feature of these Arcade games was doing score attack (or Time Attack rather), wherein players need to beat their own high scores which were being displayed in the screen once they finished playing, or even leaving the game untouched until it shows the high score table.

Catcher Machines (or likewise Claw Machines)
Accuracy-based Skill Machine
This type of Skill Machine requires your accuracy skills, and you position the cursor to the certain spot by pressing or holding the button. And you have to wait for certain seconds before releasing the button to place it.

Catcher machines in Arcade can be a waste of your money if you don’t have enough luck in you. Catcher machines come in many forms. The UFO Catcher-type allows you to use and move the catcher claw inside, while aiming to the spot where you will get your prize. All the time, the catcher claw fails to grab your prize, and you need to try again by inserting another coin. The tip was you have to grab and grab until it reaches the exit point where you will finally get the prize, and it shall require you many coins to do this. As I had said, it requires you patience and luck to get your prize, but not all the time. Somehow, it can be a waste of time and money if you weren’t skilled enough, so be careful with these type of game. There are other machines in which they require your luck, such as positioning the cursor to the certain spot, and you have to wait for certain seconds before pressing or releasing the button to place it.

Other Unclassified Types of Arcade Cabinets

What about the other Arcade machines which require you to play either physically or mentally? Example of these were the basketball shooting and the Deal or No Deal machines.

Initial D Arcade Cabinet
Initial D Arcade Cabinet

Playing at the Arcades can be enjoying, at the same time, making your hard-earned money be wasted at some point that you don’t stop until you finish it. Just be careful, since from the start, they can be easy, but while it progressed, it becomes more difficult and at the same time painful to your wallet. They can be a waste of time, but it can help you to be mentally aware and, at the same time, help you to make solutions to your problems easily.

Just remember that playing in arcades can be a person’s stepping stone into the video gaming world.

Inori Donz

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