EPISODE 15: The Strange Live Stage

So then, how about recalling the previous Episode? My inner other self is always telling me that in whispering!

Anyway, the part of the Idol Chasers have strolled and made their exploration on the unknown land, in the Parallel World. Until, the traitor from the Eidonian Tribe, Antyla, has disrupted them. She is now a member of the Black Lace Ribbons otherwise!

With no other choice, but to escape, they are thinking on how they could get into that area, which believed that the Prism Card might be there.

That’s it. Let’s see… What’s going to happen next?

Of course, I ain’t going to tell you! If you just read there without asking, you might know what’s gonna happen next! Do you understand?

Yeah, and this is Inverse Lierre speaking to you, reader!

It was already evening, and Chiharu’s party is in the middle of nowhere, and they just rest with the bonfire lights on.

“That Inverse Lierre…” said Komari. “I can’t believe that she left us on the spot!”

“Aika is just really tired, and she is feeling sleepy in her eyes,” said Mami.

“All we need to do is to contact the HQ now!” said Chiharu, and she pop out her communication device.

At the maid cafe, Saki receives the call. Then, she is talking with Chiharu in the line.

“Are you okay, girls? Please tell us your status report on your scout!”

“We are okay here,” said Chiharu on the line. “But we got some bad problems while we are on our stroll.”

“Now, what could be some bad problems out there?”

“We had encountered Antyla, the one who is believed to be a new member of the Black Lace Ribbons. It was our first time seeing her, and Inverse Lierre already knew her!”

“Antyla… A new ally of Mikako, huh? Sounds fun.”

“And she can even summon her own powerful beast in order to keep us away! By the way, we had found somehow the place where we believe that the Prism Card is hiding there somewhere!”

“Really? But then, still, be on your guard, girls.”

“Yes, we do.”

“Just remember that when Antyla appears again to stop you, don’t use violence, even if they attack you, okay? Just leave the rest to Inverse Lierre!”

“But Inverse Lierre is not with us! And we are very powerless to even face her!”

“Okay… Just remember to be careful and be on your guard. That’s the only way that you girls can do.”

“Alright, Miss Saki. We are going to try to go to that place again!”

“Again, be careful. Over and out.”

The call has been ended.

Saki then said upon ending the call, “I can’t just let Mikako to do whatever she wants. I know that Antyla is still kind, yet she is just under Mikako’s control, I think?”

The early dawn has came, and Chiharu’s party begins to move out. Aika is finally awake, and said, “Alright! Let’s do this! Let’s show that mad oracle that we can really overcome odds, as School Idols!”

And then, when they had reached the area, they had seen the flowing aura around. They had followed it, until they had reached the area.

Meanwhile, Inverse Lierre is just walking around looking for destroyed buildings or landmarks. But then, when she saw Antyla and the monster Beteldra, she immediately hide somewhere.

“Well, I can’t seem to figure out on what’s on that stage platform which is crumbling apart,” said Antyla. “Anyway, nothing to be found here, and I will just go to the next Parallel World.”

When she sensed something, she paused a bit, and then, she said this.

“It looks like those ants are already back to my previous position! I might go back there, perhaps?”

And then, Antyla and Beteldra begin moving and they left.

Inverse Lierre felt that Chiharu’s party are in danger. So then, she decides to follow on where Antyla is going.

When Chiharu, Aika, Komari, and Mami are already on the site where the stage platform is ruined, this is where they feel that the flowing aura is there.

“Okay, so this crumbling stage has something to do with the flowing aura around us,” said Komari.

“No doubt about it either,” said Chiharu. “Let’s investigate!”

And so, the girls tried to step on to the crumbling stage platform.

They had walked around, and they seem that there is nothing on the platform.

“The aura is flowing,” said Mami. “Maybe, it’s just a decoration or something?”

“I doubt that it is just decoration!” said Aika. “But still, we haven’t found it yet.”

Their dialogues were cut short when Antyla has arrived to disturb them. And she said, “Okay, it is really expected that I can catch you up here!”

With nothing else to do, Chiharu and the others are freezing with fear.

“This is your endgame, isn’t it? Beteldra, get them!” Antyla said.

However, the attack was blocked by Inverse Lierre’s powers. And she said to them, “This is your chance to escape! Hurry!”

Chiharu is standing on the strange stage platform with the flowing aura around. And few seconds later, her mind becomes blank, and was taken over by someone else.

And so, Chiharu was standing alone in the black space, along with the flowing aura around. And then, a female voice speaks to her.

“We can’t solve anything with just using violence. Sometimes, we must need to calm ourselves down.”

Chiharu replied and said, “How are we going to solve this? What’s in this stage platform that we are standing right now?”

“All you have to do is… You just sing and dance.”

“Sing and dance? But…”

“Just do it with your friends. Is that really School Idols are made of?”

“School Idols… I understand. We will be doing this!”

“It is time to show on who you are!”

And then, back at reality, Inverse Lierre is just defending herself from the attacks of Beteldra. Antyla is just laughing at her and said, “Huh? Why don’t you fight back? I am already attacking, and yet you ain’t even attacking, haha!”

Meanwhile, Chiharu told the girls about it, and said, “Let’s use this stage platform, and let’s dance and sing our song… As Idol Stars League!”

“But then, we haven’t tried practicing with that song!” said Aika.

“We ain’t prepared, but we got no other choice,” said Mami.

“Let’s do it, girls!” said Komari. “We just need to follow Chiharu’s lead, and that’s it!”

“Are you ready, Aika, Komari, and Mami? Let’s sing, Choujigen Dash! That could be the name of our song!”

And finally, they all stood up on the stage, and they had performed the song.

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TAKAYOSHI: What a tiring weekday, guys!
SHO: I am sure there are lots of things encountered since from the past week!
AIKA: Of course, we are in an another Episode today!
MAMI: And Lierre is currently absent today. Sorry about that, people!
SAKI: Oh, and it looks like we forgot to headline Keke Tang’s birthday last week! Since her birthday was days ago, maybe we just go back to our usual celebration routine.
GEN: Looks like it.
TAKAYOSHI: And speaking of the Headlines, what has happened recently in the LoveLive! Series?

ALL: This is the Headlines! Stage Start! S.I.F. !!

Aqours Updates

Yohane the Parhelion – Episode 4
How does it feel when you got your job done?

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Nijigasaki Updates

Nijigasaki 5th Album Revealed

SAKI: They had finally revealed their upcoming 5th Album, along with the title of their new song!
AIKA: This could be exciting! The title of their new song to be released is Fly with You!!
SAKI: And it shall be released on October 4, 2023!
AIKA: The 5th album contains at least three things. One is a lottery ticket leading to their upcoming 6th Live! Series on December (Aichi Stage), a one random exclusive clear card item of a Nijigasaki girl, and a serial code for the SIF2 rhythm game!
SAKI: What else does it has to offer? Make sure to check them out!

Liella! Updates

Happy Birthday, Keke Tang!

SAKI: It seems that Lierre forgot to headline this one for us last week, so…
MAMI: We just need to do our birthday greetings for her ourselves!
AIKA: Let’s greet her a Happy Birthday, shall we, girls?

SAKI: 生日快乐(shēngrì kuàilè)! Hope that you can do better, as a School Idol, in terms of training and endurance!
MAMI: Happy birthday, Keke Tang! Can we have a milk tea drinking session party, along with us Idol Chasers?
AIKA: Keke-chan, Happy birthday! Shall we go shopping together for some casual and cute clothes for a day?

SAKI: And for some bit info, Keke Tang is of a Chinese-Japanese nationality, same as with her voice actress counterpart, who is Liyuu.
MAMI: Make sure to follow her stories by reading some stories in SIF2 rhythm game!
AIKA: Alright, and that’s it for Keke Tang, who has recently celebrated her birthday last July 17th!

School Idol Festival 2: MIRACLE LIVE!

Nico Yazawa’s Birthday Campaign!

TAKAYOSHI: Looks like collecting URs of your favorite girls are getting harder than before… And it took me at least 6 x10 Draws when I try drawing an Event UR!
SHO: That’s how harsh the reality is, Taka-Bro.
GEN: Speaking of Nico Yazawa’s Birthday UR, as well as her birthday campaign on July 22nd, right on this Episode, make sure to login in order to receive 500 Love Gems!
TAKAYOSHI: Not only 500 Love Gems… But her UR Scouting Banner begins right away! Make sure to scout, and fight for your luck!
SHO: And to end this highlight…

ALL: Happy birthday, Nico Yazawa! Nico-Nico-Nii!!

SIF2 × Link! Like! LoveLive! Cross-Collab Campaign

TAKAYOSHI: Just an another campaign, which would magnetize the players of the Link! Like! LoveLive! here…
GEN: In other words, it’s what we call as the “Cross-Collab” Event Campaign between with those two games at the same time.
TAKAYOSHI: Details are from their official website (Japanese). You can win as much as many Love Gems when you do some certain conditions if you play the Link! Like! LoveLive! game!
GEN: This Cross-Collab Event shall start on July 31, 2023. Check it out, if you are really interested!

Other Updates

Ijigen Festival: Idolm@ster & LoveLive! Uta Gassen Announced

TAKAYOSHI: Whoa! Check this out, guys! It’s a dream crossover live event!
SHO: What!? Seriously!?
TAKAYOSHI: Yeah, and it seems that LoveLive! Series is gonna team up with an another idol series brand, which is really, The Idolm@ster Series.
SAKI: The Idolm@ster Series is an another series or brand, which is very far from LoveLive! And they are gonna be crossing with them for the another time around, in history.
AIKA: Ah… If only Lierre was here, though…
TAKAYOSHI: And then, from the embedded Tweet that it implies, it shall be held on Tokyo Dome this coming December 9 and 10, 2023!
SAKI: Remember to check out their official homepage for more details of this Event! I am sure that this is going to be a historic, Grand Live Show!
SHO: This is going to be interesting!!

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When they are beginning to sing and dance, the stage platform is beginning to resonate.

“What?” surprised Inverse Lierre, “It seems that the stage is beginning to sync along with them!”

Antyla and Beteldra were seeing also that the stage is acting strange because of the girls. It seems that Antyla can’t even take her eyes out from the girls who are now singing and dancing on the stage as School Idols.

The live performance continues with the chorus of the song. Suddenly, the strange live stage platform is beginning to regenerate itself from its crumbling parts and cracks. And then, it was finally restored and made anew.

And after that, the surroundings around it are also beginning to change as well. From wall cracks and broken glasses of the buildings, they were finally restored. As if, everything around the surroundings and landscapes were finally restored.

And at the last tune of their song, Chiharu and the others were done performing on the live stage.

“So then, it is all according to my other self’s quotes,” said Inverse Lierre. “A group of girls with passion, and they never left out of their dreams unachieved. And that is what School Idols are made of!”

Antyla was somehow impressed at the girls’ live performance, and she also clapped her hands and said, “Impressive! So that’s what are the things that School Idols do! I don’t seem to look at it as a bad thing.”

Chiharu steps in and said, “Yeah, and this is what School Idols are doing! We are inspiring other people to not give up on their dreams, no matter how many times that they have lost!”

“Is that so?” replied Antyla, “Then why Mikako wants to destroy all of you?”

“We are going to prove everything. I, my group, as a School Idol Group, will try to prove her wrong! We are going to prove to you that—“

“Ah okay, enough. I had heard so much from you. But then, your spectacular live performance has made me moved, somehow.”

Chiharu and the others were glad because of that.

“But then, we are still enemies! I will be back again to stop you! But for now, I have to retreat. Just enjoy your sweet taste of your victory in a while. But the next time I will encounter you people, I won’t hesitate to eliminate you all!”

After that, Antyla, along with the monster Beteldra, have retreated, and has left everyone else around.

“What an arrogant Eidonian traitor…” said Inverse Lierre. “Serves her right in screwing her plans, knowing that it would fail instantly!”

“Hey, girls! Look at the surroundings around us!” Aika said, and they looked around that the surroundings and landscapes have changed.

It has become a city, from once being a deserted, unknown land.

“So this unknown Parallel World was once a peaceful city,” said Komari. “I had never travelled into this world before, as an Interdimensional Policewoman.”

“Whatever it is,” said Chiharu. “We can tell that this world is back into its original state again!”

“Huh?” asked Mami as she is looking up in the sky seeing something sparkling above.

And then, this sparkling object is slowly descending from the sky. When they had seen it…

“That’s the Prism Card!” exclaimed Komari.

“We probably need this card in order to get into the next Parallel World!” said Aika.

Chiharu finally grabs the Prism Card which is floating in the air.

And after that, her communication device beeped, and she answered it. She was told to have her and the other girls back to the maid cafe.

At the maid cafe, near at the place where the Digitariel is being stuck into a wall, Honoka told them about the additional message in which she had seen while the girls are gone.

“I have read that in order to find the Prism Card, some group of people must need to find the strange live stage! That strange live stage is the only place where some people, called as the School Idols, are able to sing and dance there! Once you are successful in performing your live show there, even though that there are no one watching around, you are able to find and get that Prism Card in that Parallel World! And like said earlier, it contains memories of that world!”

“We just did our live show there, and then this Prism Card has appeared!” said Chiharu.

“Alright,” said Saki. “Let’s try swiping that Prism Card to the side edge of the Digitariel! Do it now!”

Chiharu finally swiped the card to the side part of Lierre’s Digitariel. When activated, it has finally revealed the pictures that contained the memories of that Parallel World. It looks like they had seen everything.

“Wow!” exclaimed Sho as he saw everything. “Is that it?”

“So this world is called as Planet Thalos,” said Gen. “I never knew that the singing idols do really exist there. And a school where some School Idols did really come there.”

“Did they also have…” surprised Mami. “A school for School Idols, too!?”

And now, when they had seen everything from the memories of the Planet Thalos, this is where the Digitariel is acting weird again.

And so, the Digitariel has self-activated, and an earthquake occur.

In just few seconds later, the earthquake has stopped.

The Digitariel has shown some picture of the next Parallel World that they are about to explore next.

Chiharu got a glimpse out of the picture which shows a Parallel World, which is just almost similar to their original world. And she said, “Everyone, let’s find an another Prism Card!”

“Our objective here is,” said Saki to them. “We must travel between Parallel Worlds! And that is the only way in order to reach Black Lace Ribbons and Mikako Kira’s World!”

It seems that they are ready for their next mission as Idol Chasers. And again, Inverse Lierre is missing from them.

Somewhere in the streets, there is this young girl who is donned in her black and white maid costume. Her face is cute and bubbly, and she is ready to take her work shift soon.

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The Bonus Stage
Yohane the Parhelion (Genjitsu no YOHANE) 2nd Teaser Video

Yohane is just a loner, and was moved into a town that she ain’t used into.

What could be her thing to do in order to create a world where music do really even exist?

Yohane the Parhelion: Sunshine in the Mirror

Premiering on ABEMA TV, a week earlier before TV broadcast!

Premiering every Sunday at 11:00pm JST!

Follow your local Anime licensors for more info about release and schedule!

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