EPISODE 10: Honoka’s Encouragement

The live performance was put into a stop, and the music has stopped playing.

“Chiharu, hang in there! Chiharu!!” said Lierre.

“Are you okay!?” asked Aika.

“Get yourself together! It’s not over yet!” said Komari.

“Chiharu, keep on fighting! Please, stand up!” said Mami.

Chiharu can’t say anything about on what has happened. She just only said these.

“It’s really hard being popular. Just one wrong step and the blame shall be on me. Sigh, I had failed my first-ever live show to the public!”

And then, Chiharu finally steps up with her two feet, and was standing on the stage. The audiences are already looking at her.

At last, the annual Fan Thanksgiving Festival event in Nijigasaki is over, and it was already evening. The two respective groups of Haruka and Chiharu are in the front of the entrance. And then, both Haruka and Chiharu are talking.

“You had managed to finished your live show after that accident!”

“Yeah. If only I didn’t screw up with my jumps and switches, then that shouldn’t have happened.”

“Next time, just be careful with your reckless moves! They can cause further accidents!”

“Yeah, I won’t do it next time!”

“Chiharu, I do really like your live show and your song with your group!”

“Really? Thank you for appreciating it, though it didn’t capture the hearts of fans very well.”

“That’s fine for starters! And then, our group will going to LoveLive! and win this year!”

“Really? Good luck to you and to your group!”

“Thanks. But for your current state now… I don’t think you could stand up in the LoveLive! qualifiers.”

“Is that so? Well, we are just starting to bloom—“

“LoveLive! isn’t easy as you think! Well, if you are going to join, good luck! We shall be waiting at the top!”

Chiharu can’t say anything more, and she suddenly became quiet.

“Alright, Chiharu! See you around!”

And then, Haruka’s group has left Chiharu and others around.

“Her head did really grow big when she talks like that!” said Aika. “Well, call it boasting!”

“Enough for now, Aika,” said Komari. “I know that she can be arrogant, but she is a type of little sister who literally cries like a baby when she loses someday!”

“Unbelievably, their live performance are amazing,” said Mami. “We can’t just pit ourselves into their level that we aren’t able to match against with.”

“For the meantime, let’s head back to the Idol Chasers HQ,” said Lierre, as Honma Murasaki. “Saki and everyone else are waiting for us.”

And so, the girls walked back to their home base in the maid cafe in Tokyo.

It was already nine in the evening, and the maid cafe is already closed. Inside, the HQ is still open, and the Idol Chasers are having a talk and meeting.

Honoka was talking with Aika, Komari, and Mami about on what happened to their live performance, in which an accident has occurred in between.

On the other hand, Takayoshi, Sho, and Gen are playing the Scouting Draws in the rhythm game.

“Alright, I got a UR member in a solo draw!” said Takayoshi.

“How lucky of you. In fact, I got at least two of them in my Scout 11 draw,” said Gen and Takayoshi can’t even believe it.

“Huhu…” cries and said Sho. “I didn’t get any UR, and all of my 200 Love Gems are used up!”

Chiharu was looking at them, and she is sad and blue. Saki finally sits next to her.

“Well, you just have to depend on your luck.”

“My luck?”

“Of course, not all School Idols can able to reach for their dreams. It’s just life, after all.”

“So then, what’s the purpose of trying, if I am just going to fail at the end?”

“You just need to keep trying—“

Chiharu finally stands up, and said, “Guys, I need to go home now. Enjoy yourselves and good night.”

She finally turns away while having tears in her eyes, and she leaves the HQ. And Lierre also notices it, while pausing herself reading something in her Digitariel.

Honoka got distracted when she said it and left. As the girls are calling her, she responded back and said, “Oh, shall we continue the story?”

At Chiharu’s house, in her bedroom, she is crying in tears. She finally jumps and lies herself in her own bed, and she continued crying in the night.

And finally, Chiharu has said, “How stupid I am. I want to quit being a School Idol.”

The weekday morning has risen, and Chiharu is ready to go to school and she is eating breakfast with her mother and Chinatsu, her little sister.

“My dear!” said her mother. “I saw your live performance yesterday!”

“But then, why did you trample yourself in the middle of the song?” said and asked Chinatsu.

“Well, mistakes do really happen,” replied Chiharu to them. “That mistake of yesterday cannot be undone.”

“But my dear, you just need to try again!”

“Big-sis! Don’t just give up on something that you had failed for the first time!”

“I gotta go now, Mom! Nacchan! Thanks for the meal.”

And so, Chiharu has left the home, and she heads to the school for class.

Chiharu doesn’t seem to look so good in her face now. The girls in the hallway are just noticing her different, unusual self.

“Umiboshi doesn’t feel great today, as compared from the last week.”

“Does it have something to do with the live performance accident during the FTGF yesterday?”

“Maybe talking to her to give some encouragement is the only way to cheer her up.”

As the girls are approaching to Chiharu to talk, Komari blocks their way and said, “Wait and STOP. Chiharu needs some mind clearance and silence, for the meantime, okay? Let me just talk to her, by myself about this.”

And then, later on, Komari has failed in talking to Chiharu and said, “She just snubbed me as well.”

“We just need to do something in order for us to reinstate her School Idol powers!” said Aika.

“I just don’t want to waste Chiharu’s effort. But then, she mustn’t give up yet!” said Mami.

“It seems that the flow of her own story is really changing after all,” said Lierre. “Her own stardom is…”

“Wait, I think there is only a way that we can do in order to get into Chiharu! Let me just call her.”

Komari then pops out her smartphone, and she calls somebody. When her call is answered, Komari said on the phone, “Hello? This is Komari. I just want you to meet up with Chiharu after her class here in Shinonome Academy.”

That afternoon came, and Chiharu was sitting down on the bench at the park alone. While watching people come and go, and some children who are playing, she is feeling the sadness again in herself.

The sun is already setting. Finally, Chiharu hears a voice from somebody nearby her, and said, “Being young is so reminiscing, isn’t it?”

It was none other than Honoka who is standing near at her.

“Honoka, why are you here?” Chiharu asked.

Honoka sits down on the bench next to her, and said, “That’s what School Idols are. You just have to accept the fact that you can still be lacking.”

“I am still… lacking.”

“Chiharu, I am also a School Idol in the past. And I have some powerful and popular rivals, too. Some greater and popular School Idols like me have faced these powerful rivals, and we have lost to them before.”

When Chiharu heard those words, she finally replied and said, “Yeah. And that accident that I had made during that live performance, I had made an embarrassment to my fans. Maybe it’s impossible to correct my mistake after all. And I just wanted to quit.”

When Chiharu stands up from the bench, Honoka thought that she might be leaving. And so, she also stood up and she went to Chiharu’s front.

Honoka then said, “Chiharu, I do really adore your School Idol Spirit very much! And you are a Supporter of them, right?”

Chiharu was really surprised of Honoka’s facial expression. But not until Honoka suddenly changed her expression, and she became angry.

And so, Honoka attempted to do a hard-slap on Chiharu’s left cheek. But then, it was just a fake slapping. Her right hand is almost touching the left cheek.

Chiharu did really open her eyes wide, and she is looking at Honoka’s angry face with nervousness.

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SAKI: There are so much to learn when you are a School Idol, don’t you, Lierre?
LIERRE: Of course. You will learn through struggles and conflicts!
AIKA: And don’t forget about on what we call “bonds”! It is really important to know each other!
MAMI: All about friendship, despite conflicts… But then, no matter the odds, these School Idols are ready to take new challenges!
SAKI: And speaking of the Headlines… I had heard that Team Hasunosora has announced and done some live events recently.
LIERRE: What’s next afterward? Well, what has happened recently this week on the LoveLive! Series? Stage Start!

μ’s Updates

Happy Birthday, Nozomi!

SAKI: Lierre, I think your School Idol Sign is Nozomi, don’t you?
LIERRE: Well, can’t even deny it more, since it was in my official profile.
AIKA: Alright girls! Let’s not make it longer!
MAMI: Let’s greet Nozomi Tojo a happy birthday!
SAKI: Happy birthday, Nozomi Tojo. Could you ever predict on what could be my future?
AIKA: Non-tan! Happy birthday! Wishing that I could be as curvy as you! What kinds of food do you usually eat to stay like that?
MAMI: Stay happy, even though that you are always away from your friends. Happy birthday, Nozomi!

ALL: Happy birthday, dear Nozomi Tojo! We Idol Chasers love you!

Aqours Updates

Mari Ohara’s Birthday!

LIERRE: At last! Next week is Komari’s Mom’s birthday!
AIKA: Oh! Shiny!
LIERRE: … Cool impression. Anyway, her birthday shall be on June 13th! Our birthday messages for her shall be on the next Episode!
AIKA: And don’t forget about her incoming Third Solo Concert Album CD to be released also on her birthday! You can listen to her new song by backreading the previous Episode!
LIERRE: Also, incoming Birthday Campaigns for her in the SIF2 game! Look forward into that!

Nijigasaki Updates

Nijigasaki OVA Theme Song Revealed

SAKI: Of course, the Nijigasaki High School Idol Club: Next Sky theatrical OVA is just around the corner!
MAMI: And then, they had released a preview of their new song to be bundled for the Blu-Ray release of that said OVA.
SAKI: The title of their song is Waku Waku Monday Morning! It shall be sung by some of the members!
MAMI: Namely, Kasumi, Shizuku, Rina, and Shioriko will be singing for the OVA’s main song.
SAKI: The release of this song shall be on June 23rd! While the bundled version shall be on August 30th, along with the Blu-Ray version of the OVA!
MAMI: LoveLive! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club: Next Sky! In Japan theaters, on June 23, 2023!

Liella! Updates

Liella! Livestream: The Two New Members!?

LIERRE: This is it, ladies and gentlemen!
SAKI: It seems that this headline is all yours now, Lierre.

LIERRE: Let’s celebrate! On June 11, 2023, at 8:00 pm JST, we welcome the new members of the Team Liella! They are Wien Margarete and Tomari Onitsuka! What else does Kanon and her friends has to encounter, when they meet with these new girls on the spot? Be sure to tune-in to their livestream for some new info — their live events, merch, and some content updates for the SIF2 rhythm game! Look forward into this livestream by Team Liella!

Shiki Wakana’s Birthday! Messages Next Episode!

LIERRE: Shiki Wakana is a cool-type girl who likes science. She is someone like Rika Kamiya!
AIKA: Her birthday is on June 17th, which is somehow next week from this Episode!
MAMI: Shall we do the same thing as we did on Kanon’s birthday, for this time?
SAKI: Yep, we will! And if you are reading this highlight now, make sure to participate on our next birthday greetings, this time for Shiki Wakana!
LIERRE: Use the Japanese hashtag, #若菜四季生誕祭2023, and tell your birthday messages for her!
AIKA: We would be featuring at least three of them! One from Facebook, and two from Twitter!
MAMI: So then, give your birthday messages for her, for the chance to be featured in the next week’s Episode!
SAKI: What are you waiting for? Be sure to write your birthday messages for Shiki Wakana for her birthday!

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SHO: That Yohane the Parhelion Anime is really captivating! Thank you for the heads up, Aika!
GEN: Nothing too much to spot for an update, except with some newer songs that are added in the Hasunosora Side.
TAKAYOSHI: Sho! I think that the theme song, Genjitsu Mysterium, for the upcoming Yohane the Parhelion, is now live on SIF2! Go check it out!
SHO: !! I am really excited to play with this along!
GEN: Let’s get ready… For a new challenge!
TAKAYOSHI: And to wrap up this spiel, what are the things to look forward to soon on the LoveLive! games?

ALL: S.I.F. !!

School Idol Festival

The Memories of LLSIF – Mini-Episode 9

Previously, we had tackled about the Event, in which it was only used for a year. But since when Event Story Episodes were introduced on some Events, like Score Match, the Adventure Stroll Event was never used, and was removed from the current Events rotation.

Mini-Episode 9: The Skill Repeat Meta Team

This time, we shall be talking about the known meta-team, in which it was commonly used in some competitive Events, like Medley Festival and Score Match.

So how is this meta-team formed? Of course, the careful selection of some URs and other Limiteds should be a thought. But how about forming it as a team?

This meta-team consists of these following members in a team, with a total of nine (9) members or units.

  • 5 Skill Repeats with same Rhythm Icon counts
  • 2 Score Ups which are having a common denominator with the 5 Skill Repeats
  • 1 Skill Level Booster (Level 8 boost maximum)
  • 1 Skill Chance Booster (At least 40% boost or more)

After acquiring all of these required members, you just need to arrange them according to your liking. Such as that, the scorers are placed at the rightmost of the team formation. And the Skill Level Boosts and Skill Chance Boosters are placed at the leftmost part.

You just need to max out the Skill Levels of these members for the strong scoring effectivity. But then, your timing and rhythm skills are required in order to score higher. Especially when you are playing on MASTER difficulty, it is really important to get a higher Combo Chain in order for your unit skills to trigger efficiently.

Of course, you can look at this last team formation below for some example!

Also, your Skill Repeat members are efficient in triggering some skills that activated last. Therefore, a supplication of Skill Chance Up member is a must, especially when you got a scorer UR that has only about 20% chance to trigger a 32,000+ score on every 90 Rhythm Icons.

So that’s how some players are able to reach these kind of tremendous and insane scores, especially on MASTER difficulty!

SHO: I can’t believe how Taka-Bro was able to form his powerful meta-team! I can’t even top a 2 million score on any MASTER difficulty song!
TAKAYOSHI: And that’s how a top player in LLSIF does. I couldn’t even surpass him.
GEN: So, Master Kougi has taught something to you before he retired being a player, isn’t it?
SHO: Yeah, I never thought that these might exist. I should have never focused on my best girl, Yohane.
TAKAYOSHI: Someday, I will surpass my Master!

In the next Mini-Episode, this could be my favorite one in LLSIF.

Next time, “Live Arena“. See you next time!

School Idol Festival 2: MIRACLE LIVE!

The Hasunosora Sides

TAKAYOSHI: Sho, Gen! Have you been checking out the Hasunosora Sides for some newer songs? I had heard that they had added some newer ones there!
SHO: And there are so lot of them! So many that you can’t really tell on which song should you try to land an FC next!
GEN: Why not? It is because I am eager to try them in one go! Not unless if I try to listen to some of them before I play with them.
TAKAYOSHI: So people, try playing with these new songs on the Hasunosora Side! It is because, they are counted towards to your Songs Cleared profile!
SHO: It is either I can land an FC or not on harder difficulties, so as long as I could enjoy them a lot!
GEN: Alright! Let’s get ready for our next live show play!

Tips for Playing and Grinding in Future Events

TAKAYOSHI: Do you want some tips on how to play and grind efficiently in Events, without losing more of your ranks?
SHO: Tell us how, Taka-Bro!
GEN: I am not really an Event grinder. But, will you tell us some tips?
TAKAYOSHI: First tip here is the LP usage. During Events, I always set my LP usage multiplier to maximum setting (LP x 10) before playing any song.
SHO: Okay. And that’s one of the ways in order to gain EXP faster, and to increase your Player Rank easily!
GEN: Now, I know how.
TAKAYOSHI: And also, avoid using your Love Gems when you recover your LP to maximum! Love Gems are meant to be used as emergency when you had run out of your LP recovery items. Especially when you are defending your higher rank and to maintain it, you should have used some LP recovery items, like Live Show Candies, instead.
SHO: I am saving more Love Gems for the next scouting banner. But it seems that the Love Gems usage is costly! I can’t even save more. What should I do?
GEN: Well, and your only chance was playing in the Free Tour pre-event, where you could get some consumable items for your Event needs, like those Skip Tickets!
TAKAYOSHI: I think this should be it. We hope that you could somehow use these tips in order to survive in the Event Points Rankings!
SHO: I think there should be more? Will there be a Part 2?
GEN: Who knows? We can’t just give them to you in just one go.

To be continued… In the next future Episode?


Channel Weekly Bulletin
Let’s find out the School Idols who made it to the top ten rankings this Episode!
JP #114
GL/EN #101

SHO: !!
TAKAYOSHI: I don’t think that the birthday-girls-top-one strategies would work anymore.
GEN: Especially when this game is closing in its end.
SHO: No… There should be a way!
TAKAYOSHI: If that’s the case… Then this would be an all-out play for your best girl!
GEN: That’s right! Do you wanna know who’s going to top-one next time? Then, tune-in next week!

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Honoka changed her expression again, and she finally touches Chiharu’s shoulder, and said, “I can’t use violence to solve things out. But then, when I do, it can really hurt hard. But that slap isn’t really as powerful as my friend’s slap to me before.”

Chiharu is already shedding tears from her eyes.

“You are a School Idol, a Supporter… And an Idol Chaser! Am I right? There’s nothing wrong if you keep trying. And when you stopped trying your best, then that’s the time that you are going to quit! Chiharu, let me be your fan, and let me support your School Idol activities!”

Chiharu finally cries, and she hugs Honoka.

“Like I said, being hugged doesn’t really make me old!”

And out of nowhere, Komari has arrived and said, “Don’t forget about us as well!”

Aika, Lierre, and Mami have also arrived along with Komari, talking to Chiharu as well.

“Hey, we got our own dreams which is not fulfilled yet! It’s not yet the time to give up the good fight!”

“We just need to join the LoveLive! competition. And we are here in order to make our dreams come true!”

“I have also my own dreams to fulfill as well!”

“Everyone…” said Chiharu as she saw them altogether. “Thank you, and you are all here for me!”

Lierre finally steps in and said, “People, I think it is now the time for us to decide on what could be our School Idol Group name, from now on!”

“Idol Chasers could be our group name when we are School Idol fans,” said Aika.

“The question is…” asked Mami. “What is our School Idol group name?”

“Yeah, and this could be the toughest thing to do when we start a School Idol group,” said Komari.

Honoka then speaks to Chiharu, while holding her hands, and she said, “Chiharu! Let my encouragement empower you up! It’s now the time to decide your School Idol Group Name!”

Chiharu finally speaks out the name of her new School Idol group. And she said, “Our group name shall be…”

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The Bonus Stage
Yohane the Parhelion (Genjitsu no YOHANE) 2nd Teaser Video

Yohane is just a loner, and was moved into a town that she ain’t used into.

What could be her thing to do in order to create a world where music do really even exist?

Yohane the Parhelion: Sunshine in the Mirror

Premiering on ABEMA TV on June 25, 2023, a week earlier before TV broadcast!

To be followed on July 2, 2023, on Japan TV related networks!

Follow your local Anime licensors for more info about release and schedule!

Official Website | Series Info

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