EPISODE 02: Becoming a School Idol

Recorded in my Digitariel is the adventures of the high school girl, named as Chiharu Umiboshi. In her adventures, she was on her way to stardom after she become a School Idol in order for her to reach for her dreams to be the best. Along with the other girls from the Idol Chasers, they are about to form a School Idol group, in which they were about to step into the world where only School Idols can able to make their dreams come true.

Chiharu has met a new girl in her own school, and she was named as Mami Murahoshi. So then, will she become a School Idol just like Chiharu, and join her? Or will it be a destiny that they may become rivals at each other?

There are many possibilities can happen, in which it can alter the direction or flow of this story. And I am Honma Murasaki speaking at you. Well, in fact, I am Lierre the School Idol. The name Honma is just my temporary name that I had used when I am going to school. Oh well, time to attend my class…

“Eh!?” said and exclaimed Mami when she heard it from Chiharu.

And then, there goes Aika, Lierre, and Komari positioned together with Chiharu. Then Chiharu said, “That’s right! We are going to perform today, right here, right now!”

And so, this is where Mami saw their live performance — at the center part of the maid cafe!

And then, these four girls are now singing and dancing.

In just few days ago, on that time in the weekend, Chiharu and the other girls are having briefing with Saki and Honoka.

“Honoka shall be teaching you some dance moves that she has learned when she was still a School Idol in the past,” said Saki.

“I wanna learn more!” said Chiharu.

“But then, in order for us to maintain our voice qualities while dancing on the stage, we just need to train our lungs by exercising and doing some voice lessons!” said Aika.

“Aika is right,” said Lierre. “This is a thing that most idols need — exercise and training!”

“And we just don’t simply jump right in to the performance proper right away!” said Komari. “Sometimes, we need some proper warmup so that we don’t suddenly break our bones in no time!”

“You girls are well high-spirited!” said Honoka. “Alright, let’s do our best! Let’s train!”

As the boys from the Idol Chasers are taking their shift in the mornings and in the mid-day, the girls are taking their training lessons from Honoka.

Everyday, the girls are doing their morning exercise. Komari is ahead of them, while Aika being the last, when they did their morning jogging on the other day.

At the time of their final practice, Chiharu has finally learned a new dance move trick from Saki and Honoka.

And then, back at reality time, she then used that dance move as a finishing dance move on her live performance together with the other girls on the stage.

Their live show has ended, and people inside the maid cafe are amazed of their live performance, and they clapped their hands. And finally, Mami was finally amazed at their live performance, too.

Meanwhile, outside of the maid cafe, somebody is looking at the windows. It was none other than the mysterious girl. She was somehow amazed of Chiharu’s live performance, together with the other girls. But then, a few seconds later, she finally turned away and she has left.

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AIKA: Hi everyone! Welcome to the new edition of the Headlines!
MAMI: We have been scrambling through with some relevant information in the School Idol World.
SAKI: Speaking of the Headlines, what are the things encountered in this week on LoveLive! Series?
LIERRE: That’s it! Let’s check out the Headlines! Please read more below to find out what are those!

Aqours Updates

You Watanabe’s 3rd Solo Concert Album Coming Up!

Please do check out the upcoming release of You Watanabe’s new song in the Third Solo Concert Album Series by LoveLive! Series! It shall be released on her birthday, April 17th!

Please, listen to her new song, and the title is Ao no Aurora!

海空のオーロラ (Ao no Aurora)
Click or tap this link, if the time jump in the video above does not work.

AIKA: That song…
LIERRE: That means the endless waters are all blue. You know what that means, right?
AIKA: Yes. And on that night when I meet and talk to her, I have learned something that can help me in sewing beautiful and cute costumes!
AIKA: Well, it is a fact that both Kotori and You-chan are my senpais now! So then, I just need to become better!
LIERRE: Then, show to them that you can overcome your odds! You must create your own stage costume to impress them!

REMINDER: Aqours Livestream (April 18, 2023)

And hey, as a reminder, if in case you missed it…

There would be an upcoming livestream from Team Aqours, scheduled on April 18, 2023 (Tue), at 8:00pm JST! It shall be hosted by the Aqours 2nd Years, namely Anju Inami (Chika), Rikako Aida (Riko), and Shuka Saito (You)! Tune in to get latest info about their merch, upcoming live shows, and many more — like that You Watanabe’s Third Solo Concert Album CD and song! And other than that, what else shall they talk about?

MAMI: Yeah, and it’s the Aqours Sophomores this time around.
SAKI: So then, I am really getting old when I see these girls grown up.
MAMI: And they have no plans yet to graduate, it seems?
SAKI: They are just enjoying themselves at their youthful days until their graduation. For the meantime, let’s look forward at their new Anime project!
MAMI: Yohane the Parhelion?
SAKI: And we shall be looking forward into that.

ALTER Scale Figures You and Yohane Announced

Do you like collecting Anime figures of your favorite Anime characters, not just only LoveLive!?

Then, ALTER Co. Ltd. has announced the preorder dates for the upcoming scale figures of You Watanabe (LLAS – Miracle Voyage ver.) and Yoshiko “Yohane” Tsushima (LLSIF – Halloween ver.).

Pretty cute and hot, isn’t it? If you wanna get them in their hands, you can place your preorders via its related partner shops and outlets!

Both of these beautiful scale figures will open for preorders, starting on April 17, 2023, at 12:00pm JST. Release dates of these figures are on February 2024.

More details from their official website.

LIERRE: Keh keh keh… You and Yohane… You know what that means, right?
AIKA: I know. You-senpai is basically her birthday on the April 17th! And for Yohane… Hmm…
LIERRE: Obviously, Yohane is for her upcoming Anime on July 2023. What a coincidence, isn’t it? Keh keh keh…
AIKA: Eh?! Are you having that Yohane impression? Since when?
LIERRE: Just joking. And I, as a School Idol Oracle, can sometimes mimic a School Idol’s mannerisms!
LIERRE: And for that Yohane figure, I am really sure that Sho will love it!
AIKA: I totally forgot that Sho is an Anime figure collector, as his hobby! Oh no… I think I am also fazed by You-senpai’s scale figure…
LIERRE: Remember to spend wisely your money on these luxury figures! Since these prices are a no joke.

Nijigasaki Updates


And we got some live and fan meeting events coming up from the Team Nijigasaki! Of course, they shall be using the “Nijiyon” elements here!

The NIJITABI! TOKIMEKI FAN MEETING TOUR Series shall be commencing on at least six (6) venues across Japan in a series, almost at every weekends.

Refer to this table below for details, or you can visit their web page for more info!

HiroshimaHiroshima City Cultural Exchange HallNatsumi Murakami (Ai)
Coco Hayashi (Setsuna)
Maria Sashide (Emma)
Akina Homoto (Lanzhu)
April 22-23,2023 JST
TokyoLINE CUBE SHIBUYAHinaki Yano (Yu)
Aguri Onishi (Ayumu)
Kaori Maeda (Shizuku)
Coco Hayashi (Setsuna)
Maria Sashide (Emma)
May 6-7, 2023 JST
AichiAichi Prefectural Art TheaterAguri Onishi (Ayumu)
Natsumi Murakami (Ai)
Coco Hayashi (Setsuna)
Shu Uchida (Mia)
May 13-14, 2023 JST
FukuokaKitakyushu Soleil HallMayu Sagara (Kasumi)
Coco Hayashi (Setsuna)
Chiemi Tanaka (Rina)
Shu Uchida (Mia)
June 17-18, 2023 JST
OsakaORIX TheaterKaori Maeda (Shizuku)
Miyu Kubota (Karin)
Akari Kito (Kanata)
Coco Hayashi (Setsuna)
July 1-2, 2023 JST
HokkaidoSapporo Cultural Arts Theater hitaruMayu Sagara (Kasumi)
Coco Hayashi (Setsuna)
Moeka Koizumi (Shioriko)
Akina Homoto (Lanzhu)
July 16-17, 2023 JST

Meanwhile, the first one in the series shall be commencing next weekend! And overseas paid live streaming versions are now available for people who are living outside of Japan!

AIKA: Six of them in a series… Will my funds be able to watch at least one of them?
LIERRE: Of what I had heard, the serial codes obtained from the Blu-Ray boxes of the “Nijiyon Animation” series can be used for your lottery entry, in order to get and to win a ticket to their fanmeet tour.
MAMI: And the hosts for each fanmeet are different from one another! Will you able to watch them all?
SAKI: But then, who knows that there might be some random announcements to appear in any of those fanmeet events?
LIERRE: Until then, we shall be finding out on when you are able to attend at least one, or all of these!

Liella! Updates

Happy Birthday, Kinako Sakurakoji!

Starting with Kinako Sakurakoji, and in the future succeeding Liella! members, we shall be celebrating their birthdays! And you know, we have been doing that with the other groups and members as well, right? You must know that drill!

Kinako Sakurakoji is a pretty, shy girl. She debuted as a new member of Team Liella!, and in the first Episode of LoveLive! Superstar!! SEASON TWO. She also debuted along with the others, like Mei Yoneme, Shiki Wakana, and Natsumi Onitsuka!

Kinako’s hobby is to plant some vegetables in the garden, as well as making some homemade bread. She doesn’t like doing too much physical work, and she is always being left behind with Kanon and others. However, with her hard-nosed courage and motivation, Kinako struggles to improve. It doesn’t matter whether she fails or not, so as long as she is always enjoying herself with everything.

She is voiced by Nozomi Suzuhara, and her birthday is celebrated every 10th of April.

Alright, time to celebrate this character’s birthday, which was done since April 10th! And let the Idol Chasers celebrate her birthday!

AIKA: I know that you are a country girl, but you are still so cute and elegant for me! Happy birthday! What nick shall I be calling you? Ah! Happy birthday, K-chan!
SAKI: Happy birthday, dear Kinako Sakurakoji. Just stay strong, and always eat vegetables!
MAMI: Kinako! I hope you are doing very well at Yuigaoka, as well as being a School Idol in your journey! Happy birthday!
LIERRE: Even though nobody remembers you a lot, we Idol Chasers are here to celebrate your birthday! Happy Birthday, Kinako Sakurakoji! You got still a long way to go.

Other Updates

Hasunosora’s “Link! Like! LoveLive!” Game System Requirements Posted

Are you one of the players in Japan who is interested to try out and play this new LoveLive! Universe game? Then, Team Hasunosora SIC (School Idol Club) has posted the system requirements in order to play their new “Link! Like! LoveLive!” game.

Of course, you need some better and high-tier spec phone or device to play! And here is the recommended specs below!

Apple iOS

  • iPhone 12 and above
  • iPad 8th Gen, iPad Air 5th Gen, and iPad Mini 6th Gen and above
  • With iOS 14.1 and above


  • Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor 888 Series and above
  • Android Version 11 and above
  • For best results, it is recommended to buy a high-end tier device that is capable in handling higher Android versions (Google Pixel or others with Snapdragon processors should work).

Hasunosora’s “Link! Like! LoveLive!” game shall be released as an “early access”, beginning today at April 15th, 2023.

MAMI: Are those kinds of games usually played by our big boys in Idol Chasers?
LIERRE: Maybe Sho does really play these kinds of games. I don’t know about Takayoshi and Gen, if they are really interested to play this one.
MAMI: It’s a game about School Idol progress, isn’t it?
LIERRE: This time, it’s rather a “visual novel” styled storyline.
MAMI: But then, maybe I could try budging myself to play with it. However, I must need to buy a new device!
LIERRE: So, for people who got high-end-tiered devices, you can try this one. But then, this app is only available within Japan.

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TAKAYOSHI: It’s been a great week! Let’s go out on a party with Games Updates!
SHO: Yeah! And it will be talking about SIF2, LLAS, and the original LLSIF games!
GEN: Speaking of Games Updates, what are those that were found in the entire week?
TAKAYOSHI: Make sure you guys read these below until the very end!

ALL: This is the Games Updates! Please check it out!

School Idol Festival

The Memories of LLSIF – Mini Episode 1

Instead of the usual updates and highlights for the LLSIF rhythm game, it shall be talking about the reminiscing memories and moments of this game!

They shall be talked in this mini-Episode series! Right now, let’s begin!

Mini Episode 1: Glitches, Bugs, and Hacks

The first thing about LLSIF is the weird glitches, bugs, and other hacks. Speaking of these abnormalities, they are one of the things that players would never forget.

Of course, there would be an account banning, if they try to abuse these exploits!

What are those examples?

The first example is the sudden occupying of the top spots in the Event Points Rankings. Such as that hacker is just exploiting everything, like he can able to manipulate his own Event Points Rank! And do you even call that justice? It basically tells that the game developers should be more aware of their security patch features. Otherwise, if the hacker doesn’t like it, he will just eventually manipulate everything, like this one below!

Many other examples are the other exploits in the game, such as the uneven distribution of Score Match Points or SMP, or even displaying some incorrect LP usage when you begin your live show play.

First place? How come did I get nothing?

Any other that I can mention? Of course, there’s more! If players don’t get what they want, they will just hack randomly the game. But the price is that his or her account will be banned.

TAKAYOSHI: Those are the days when the gameplay experience is annoying to play because of hacks and other exploits.
SHO: How come did I never get any SMP? I am at first place, but I gained NOTHING?!
GEN: And as usual, rankings in both points and score are calculated after every Event period. And if their system finds out that you cheated in the rankings, you will be removed from the rankings.
TAKAYOSHI: I had never incurred a ban anyway. But I got some rivals who got banned because they cheated. And some of them are banned in placing in the Score Rankings, too.
SHO: I can lose many live shows a lot of times. But cheating to win? Then, you always lose!
GEN: That’s why you compete because you wanted to become stronger! But those exploits and hacks… They make them weaker.

In the next Episode, titled as “School Idol Talks and Innuendos“, we talk about School Idols, when they were touched in the Home Screen while playing! Look forward into it!

School Idol Festival 2: MIRACLE LIVE!

Happy 10th Anniversary! SIF2 Launch Commencing Now!
And this is the moment that we have been waiting for..
The Mainnnnnnnnn EVENT!!!

LoveLive! School Idol Festival 2: MIRACLE LIVE! is now officially launching later afternoon! Please follow their related SNS accounts of this game for some upcoming updates and contents!

And also, Happy 10th Anniversary to the original LLSIF rhythm game! Yay!

So far, only the JP Side is launched as of this moment. Sorry, Global Side (EN) players! You just have to wait a little longer!

And finally, there would be a special livestream from the LoveLive! Team later on YouTube, at 8:00pm JST, which would commemorate its release! Please look forward into that stream for some sudden announcements!

GEN: This is it, ladies and gentlemen.
TAKAYOSHI: That’s right. And the successor is finally carrying on the Baton.
SHO: Well, that’s all for the SIF2! There’s more to look forward into, like URs and other features!
GEN: And I had heard that there are more new songs for us to challenge into, such as the songs that previously appeared in the original LLSIF as B-Side songs.
TAKAYOSHI: If that’s so, then this is really the game that we are really looking forward into!
SHO: Alright! Taka-Bro, Gen, let’s do this!


Channel Weekly Bulletin
TOP or FLOP? Did your best girl win in the rankings this time?
Find out in this new edition of the Channel Weekly Bulletin this Episode! Here we go!
JP #106
GL/EN #93

And now, let us have the Idol Chasers to comment on these results this week!

TAKAYOSHI: It seems that the average rally points per channel has increased greatly, since from the past few months when it is just only 4 digits per channel! Now, it’s already five digits per channel!
GEN: Not only because of the ongoing campaign event now that increases your items drop rate. But the improvements in the training mode has slightly improved your gathering of those Rally items!
SHO: I see… That’s why the average is not lowering than five-digits anymore!
TAKAYOSHI: At least, my Chika has made it to the top ten in the EN side!
GEN: No wonder that You Watanabe is the next one to top one here…
SHO: And Maki Nishikino is next, right after You-chan has claimed the top one rank!
TAKAYOSHI: Know your School Idols very well. It is because they are just like your little sisters!
GEN: And this ends our weekly report!
SHO: See you next Episode for the next set of rankings!

Dream Live Parade 2.0
* This image is a past Dream Live Parade Event.

Duration: April 14, 2023 3:00pm JST ~ April 22, 2023 2:59pm JST
Same time and contents as in the JP Side.

And so, LLAS is now going pay-to-win here with their newest Dream Live Parade! Why pay-to-win? Not only because you have to clear all of the stages in order to get Parade Medals and other rewards! But you have to compete with the rankings to be the best, and to get better items and rewards!

Starting with this new Dream Live Parade 2.0 this month, they are going to introduce the ranking feature, which would place you in the rankings depending on your Voltage Score, and many more! Higher Voltage Score means better rewards! Higher Voltage Score means you have to defeat any Expert or Challenge difficulty songs in order to be the best! You have to fight for your honor!

Please refer to your in-game notifications for additional info on how to play with this Event!

SHO: My goodness! I can’t believe that this game is also challenging players like me to compete for the rankings!
TAKAYOSHI: And yet, I can’t beat any single songs in the Challenge difficulty.
GEN: So then, are you ready for this new chapter of LLAS, Sho?
SHO: In order to get higher Voltage, let’s see… You just need some higher tap score without wasting too much energy or Stamina!
TAKAYOSHI: I know that upgrading your School Idol’s Bond Boards are your keys in winning these kind of competitions. But other than that, what else can you do?
GEN: Those are just one of the tips… or secrets, rather! The rest? You just need to find them out for yourself from the trade secrets!

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It was already closing time in the maid cafe, and the Idol Chasers are saying goodbyes to each other while heading back to their homes. When they had splitted, it was only Chiharu and Mami are walking and talking to each other.

“It was fun! Being a School Idol to perform on the stage is cool!”

“Your live performance is amazing. I like it!”

“Thank you, Mami! You just watched our live performance! How was it?”

“It was… good.”

“Oh… Finally, you are one of the people who finally liked our live show! Again, thank you very much!”

“Chiharu, this has made me thought if I could become a School Idol, just like you.”

“Of course, you can! Tell me. What are your dreams?”

“My dreams?”

“Every girls become School Idols because they have a dream. They have a dream because they wanted it to make come true!”

“My dreams… I have a dream, and that is…”

This is where Chiharu finds out on what Mami’s dreams are.

And one mid-evening came, and Takayoshi was finally finished playing on his smartphone rhythm game. And then, he was tired, so he decided to go to sleep on his bed.

On his dream, he encountered somebody. That somebody is a woman, while carrying her own child in the carriage. Takayoshi wondered on who is that baby on his dreams.

And then, the woman said, “Teron, you can have a bright future. You can be a man, when you grow up, who could love and protect the people whom you adore.”

Seeing everything that he saw, Takayoshi might find out the missing piece of his own memories.

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The Bonus Stage
LoveLive! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club Episode OVA: Next Sky Promo Video

This Episode OVA shall follow the events right after the SEASON TWO of the Anime. What else does the School Idol Club has to encounter, right after Ayumu’s arrival from London?

LoveLive! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club: Next Sky

Premiering on June 23, 2023 in Japan theatres! Blu-Ray release announced!

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