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Today’s featured character is… Philip!

Character Info
SeriesTV Series / Anime
Kamen Rider W
TypeHuman Spirit
Hair ColorBlack (Original)
Melon Green (Anime)
VoiceMasaki Suda (Original TV Series)
Koki Uchiyama (Voice, Anime)
Full Info

Philip is a mysterious human who is a partner of Shotaro Hidari in their detective missions. He is also the other half, wherein he transforms along with Shotaro in order to become Kamen Rider W (Double).

Philip got his ability in searching for some information in the vast space, called as the Gaia Library, for him to help Shotaro in finding clues to solve complex crimes or cases.

Aside from transforming into common forms of W, Philip can also act as a host, and uses a powerful Gaia Memory, called the Fang Memory, in order to transform into Fang Joker Form of W. Though Philip can be cool and calm in his current state, transforming into that form can eventually make him go mad and berserk.

Philip belongs to a group or family in the past, which was known as the Sonozaki Family, or known as the Museum. It is said that Philip was actually used as a human experiment, during at the time where it all begins, and he is always referring it as the Begins Night.

Philip is somehow like a walking Internet search system. What comes into your mind, and what kind of thing would you like to search?

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