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As Revealed from the Latest TV Guide Scan

Cover featured image is from Episode 36. This Anime series is now streaming on Crunchyroll and other related streaming networks.

Episode Overviews for the following new upcoming Episodes of Digimon Ghost Game TV Anime series has been revealed via a magazine scan.

The following contents may vary from the actual airing, and some contains spoilers.

47: Eternal MemoriesOctober 16, 2022One night, Shadramon’s life was about to come to its end. Shadramon feared turning back into a Digiegg, the egg form that Digimon hatch from, and losing their memories. They hear strange laughter in their ears and the words “I’ll leave your memories alive.” The next day, at a university laboratory where they are collaborating in research, Kiyoshiro Higashimitarai notices that his friend Tamotsu Ihara is acting strangely. Tamotsu runs away as if to avoid being seen, and Kiyoshiro chases after him to witness a shocking scene- some unidentified liquid grows out of Tamotsu’s body like tentacles and wriggle eerily.
48: The White BrideOctober 23, 2022Hiro Amanokawa and friends arrive at a wedding venue in the highlands to help out Ruli Tsukiyono’s friend Akane Kubota with her wedding. Ruli models for the wedding venue’s brochure and puts on a wedding dress for the photo shoot, but suddenly strange spores start falling from her body. Ruli, exposed to the spores, starts to grow weird mushrooms out of her body. It was the work of the Shamblemon. The Shamblemon use happy brides to grow mushrooms that they eat for sustenance. Hiro and Gammamon chase after Shamblemon, but they too are exposed to the spores and grow mushrooms. Kiyoshiro rushes late to the scene, and he too falls prey to the spores. Just when they’re in mortal peril, the Shamblemon show a surprising reaction when they eat the mushrooms growing from Kiyoshiro’s body. Will Kiyoshiro and Jellymon be able to save their friends?!
49: The Crimson Harvest FestivalOctober 30, 2022On Halloween, people who dressed up as witches are turned into actual witches by Witchmon’s spell. What’s more, the turned witches also join in turning others into witches to increase their numbers. Those who are wearing non-witch costumes are changed into mice, chased by witch cats. Like last year, Hiro and friends are helping to prepare for the Halloween party at the culture school. There, Ruli’s friend Aoi Utagawa, who is dressed as a witch, falls under Witchmon’s spell and turns into a witch. To stop Aoi and the others from filling the town with witches, Hiro and the gang rush out into the town. What they witness outside is an eerie black cloud hanging low in the sky, and an eerie gathering of witches!
50: The Return of FavorNovember 6, 2022Hazakura Academy’s first-year Fukazu recently moved from Osaka in the spring. He wasn’t used to life in Tokyo and feeling lonely, when Pucchiemon arrived in Fukazu’s room. Pucchiemon gets very chummy with Fukazu and helps him out a lot. Thanks to that, Fukazu gradually opens up to the other students in the dormitory, and Hiro and Kiyoshiro, who watch over him, are happy that human and Digimon can get along with each other so well. However, Pucchiemon does act strangely once in awhile, which escalates as they grow closer with Fukazu. Hiro grows somewhat suspicious. It isn’t long before Pucchiemon evolves and makes an outrageous action.


Magazine TV Guide Scans (JP) via With the Will Forums 

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